Forbidden {BWWM}

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Ebony tasted like the sweetest fruit, her smooth chocolate skin was glowing, her long brown hair flowed in the wind. She was definitely forbidden, she was my babysitter before she became my mistress This is our story (18+)

Erotica / Romance
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{mature scene}


“Eden your kids are asleep” She whispered trying to pry my hands out of her lace panties.

“Good, they can't hear us anyway” I said rubbing my fingers up and down her folds, slightly rubbing her clit.

“Eden… please” she moaned

I used my other hand to pin her arms against the wall. I stared into her hazel eyes as I continued to tease her, her body shaking slightly. I picked her up, tired of teasing her. I wanted to taste her, feel her on my tongue, her juices dripping from my mouth.

“Eden, this is wrong..” she whispered, fighting back her urge to moan.

“It wasn't stopping you earlier from teasing me, my wife is never here” I groaned sucking and kissing on her neck.

She smelled so good, her vanilla scent was invading my thoughts, I wanted her just as she wanted me. I pulled her tank top up, sucking on her nipples, then got up and pulled her shorts off, ripping her underwear.

“You're so wet,” I groaned, seeing her wetness sliding down her thigh. I pulled her towards the edge of the bed, placing her legs on my shoulders as I licked her slightly, her back arching off the bed.

I sucked her clit slowly, moving my tongue up and down her folds, her hands in my hair.

“Fuck Edennnn” she moaned as I sucked and sucked on her clit, her moans getting louder, her body arching more off the bed, her pussy getting even wetter. I rubbed two fingers at her entrance, wetting them with her juices.

“Look at me,” I growled, climbing on top of her, running my hands through her hair. Her hazel eyes looking into my blue ones, filled with lust.

“Fuckkkkk Yes!”she screamed as I fingered her hard, hitting her g-spot. Her eyes struggled to stay on mine, her breath was shaky, her body shaking, her hands pulling my hair. This my pussy most definitely. I sucked on her nipple, thrusting my fingers faster, her pussy clenching around my fingers.

“Fucking cum for me Ebony” I groaned going faster, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, her moans loud.

“Fuck Eden!!! YESSSSS” she screamed as she came hard, my fingers still thrusting into her tight warm pussy. I pulled my fingers out, tasting her, groaning at how good she tasted.

She tasted like heaven and this won't be the last time I tasted my forbidden fruit.

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