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Nora wants to fight. She wants to become a warrior. She gets enlisted into a pack to train. with the strongest wolfs. But little does she know, she will also find her Mate. Cole doesn't care about anything. He only cares about running his pack, and of course keeping the members in it safe. But he has yet to find his Mate- his Luna. (Not that he's actually searching.) Training day starts, and he spots her. His wolf gets so excited, he wants to devour her, right on the spot. He wants ALL of her. And she does him too. Yet things won't be so smooth. A few people wanna piss on their happiness and try to tear them apart. Will Cole and Nora let them? Or will they push through it, and come out holding ha-paws. ;) That was fruity. (I'm not very good at descriptions, but I promise you the story wont be bad!

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Nora!” My mother yells from downstairs. “It’s time to get up!”

I mumble a “No.” and pull the covers over my head, turning on my side. “I need more sleep.”

“Nora!” Now my father is yelling.

Great. Just fucking great.

I lay there for a moment, waiting for them to shut up.

One minute goes by, nothing.

Two minutes go by, nothing either.

I start to doze off-

“Nora!” My mom comes in my room and yanks the covers off of me.

I sit up quickly. “Mom, what the fuc-”

“Don’t you dare curse at me, Nora Ann Harper.” Raising her voice a bit, she puts her hands on her hips and sighs. “You wanna fight? Or do I need to call Doctor Martin and tell him you wanna just work for him.” She has a smirk on her face.

Shit. She knows I don’t want to work at the damn hospital.

I let out yet another sigh.
You win this time, dear mother.

She stands by my bed, and begins speaking again. “Nora-”

I tune her out and get up, stumbling towards the bathroom, wiping the sleep out of my eyes.

Blah blah blah blah, ok.

She huffs when she realizes I’m not even listening.

I love you mom, but it’s way too early for this.

She finally gives up and marches out of my room, like she’s five.

I let out a small laugh.
Jeez, she’s like a kid sometimes.

Anyway; I’m moving to the Red Moon Pack house today.

I’m gonna train with them to become strong.

NOT that I’m weak or anything.

I’ve taken out my dad and he was a lead warrior.
Counts for something, right? I think so.

All in all, I’m going for one thing and one thing only.

And that’s to prove I can keep up, and kill rouges.


“All packed up and ready to go.” I stuff my last suitcase in the trunk of the car.

I give my parents a grin. “Don’t miss me too much.”

“Oh, my Nora is leaving.”
Pfft. It’s like she just now realized.
Good one, mom.

She tears up. “I’m so proud of you!” She grabs me and hugs me tightly.

Jeez this woman has some muscle.

She finally pulls away from me, smiling ear to ear.

My father clears his throat and looks at me. “Nora; be good. And listen. I know you don’t like taking orders, but please try. You know you have to pay attention. And also, remember me and your mother are always here if you want to come back home. We are no less than 45 minutes away.”

“Well, 25 if I shift.” I give him a genuine smile, shaking my head, “I know dad, I got this.” I reach out and hug him tightly.

“I’ll call you guys when I get settled and stuff.”

I hop in the car.
I seriously wish I didn’t have to bring my things.

My wolf wanted to run, she wanted to feel the mud, and dirt between her paws; she wanted to feel the wind brushing through her white coat.

But It’s better to drive with luggage.
I can’t necessarily strap it to my back.


I pull up to the pack house, parking in the grass.

Shit I don’t see a space, so this will do.

Obviously nobody drives.

Why would you though if you can run free-

I cut my thoughts off, feeling my wolf come forward, and my eyes shifting to a lighter blue.

My nostrils flair out, and my nails dig into my palms.

My whole body is warming up- especially between my legs.

‘Mate’, My wolf purrs.

I look around from inside of my ride, sniffing.

I sit still for a moment before getting out of the car.

Heading towards the trunk, I hear footsteps.

Doesn’t smell like a threat- then again who would be dumb enough to cross this territory.

They’re the strongest Wolfs out here/there.

“Hi!!!” A tall blonde girl dressed in some light jeans and a tank top, comes bouncing towards me.

Well aren’t you a bubbly one. haha.

I turn around and open my trunk about to pull my suitcase out. But I stop because I feel how close she is to me.

Her face is literally inches from mine. “Hi, you must be the new recruit Nora Harper! I’m Jazmine, but everyone calls me Jazz or Jazzy.“ She gives me a once over and gives me a toothy grin.

Use your manners, Nora.

I turn around and smile, holding out my hand. “Yes, I am. Hello, Jazmine.”

She looks at my hand and shoos it away, “Silly girl!” She wraps her arms around me hugging tight.

Can’t breathe.

She lets me go. “Come, I’ll introduce you to the pack- but first you have to meet Alpha Cole, and the Beta, Sam; Sam is my Mate.” The last words come out rich and blunt.

Don’t worry, I definitely won’t be going after your man, darling.

I go to grab a suitcase, but she stops me. “Oh! Don’t worry about your stuff, someone can get it in a bit.”

She grabs my hand and pulls me along with her towards the backside of the all white house.

My eyes widen in awe as I see over 40 wolfs fighting- well, training.

My wolf howls inside of me. ‘Mate Mate Mate.’

I look around and finally, my gaze falls on a tall, muscular, sweaty, fine, mouth watering man.

Keep your girl boner down, Nora. Sheesh

His eyes were so gold, and he was looking right at me with his jaw clenched.

Jazmine looks at my line of sight and smiles. “Oh, you already see Alpha Cole?”

I inhale deeply without her hearing, my legs pushing together.

He’s doing something to me, what the actual fuck.

He notices something and narrows his eyebrows together.

She pulls me further into the action. “He doesn’t have a mate yet. Matter of fact, I don’t even think he’s really looking.” She shrugs before facing the sparring wolfs.

“Everybody!” The pack stops and looks over at her, and then at me.

“This is Nora Harper! She is here to train!”
I get a few waves, and a few hellos.

But honestly? I wasn’t even paying attention to her.

My eyes are on the Alpha.

And his are on me.

I pull my legs together tighter, squeezing my thighs.

Ugh, this is actually painful.

I feel like my core is swirling with heat, and my wolf won’t stop purring and trying to pounce on him.

Stop acting like a whore, goodness.

His gold eyes fall on the front of my skirt, and then back up at me.

He lifts his eyebrows, licking his lips.

Damn, he looks so good. Quiet literally, ha.

That’s our mate! That’s our mate! Go to him!′

Shut up!

He has a bunch of tattoos, but not too many. His ear is gaged, he has sweatpants on that hang just below his waistline. His jet black hair is tousled everywhere. His delicious chest and stomach flexing under the sun.

And I swear I just witnessed his one eyed python grow in his pants.

Oh sweet Moon Goddess.

He keeps his eyes locked on me, not showing any emotion.

“Oh here comes my Beta!”

Look away Nora Just look away.

But it’s so hard to-

“Hey there.”

I jumped a bit at the deep voice popping in front of me. “I’m Sam, the Beta, and I see you met Jazmine.” He shoots out his hand, wanting to shake mine.

I reach out my arm.

Dad always said a handshake says a lot about you.

So I firmly shake.

“Come on lets go meet the Alpha. Then we can have Jazmine show you to your room.”

He looks over at the other wolfs for a moment, “Practice is over!” And continued walking . “Everybody back to your duties.”

I follow behind the two.

The pack scattered all over, and then they were gone.

“Do all of them live here in the house?” I shoot my thumb behind me.

The Beta shakes his head. “Nope. Just Cole, me, Jazz, you, and a few others.”

I suck in another breath. “Where does everyone sleep? I thought packs stayed together?”

“Some do. But, Cole would go crazy if he had a bunch of people staying in one house. We have sort of an ‘apartment’ complex a few ways down, so everyone is close enough.”

“Oh I see.”

Why am I getting hot?

Why do I feel a pool of excitement between my legs.

“Cole. This is-”

“Nora Harper.” His eyes turn gold, his jaw clenching again. “I know EXACTLY who you are.”

Tossing a clipboard and pen on the table in front of him, he moves insanely close to me, causing me to take a step back.

He’s like 6′3, and I’m only like 51-52.

Oh come on man.

And he won’t stop giving me that look.

That 'Well I'm just gonna eat the fuck out of you right now, and bend over' look.

I bet he can pick me up and slam me against the wall easy.

My cheeks flush just thinking about it.

“Isn’t she pretty?” Jazmine perks up, smiling brightly.

Gah, thanks for embarrassing me more then I already am.

No matter, we aren’t really paying attention to her.

Our eyes are locked on each other.

Beta Sam looks back and forth between us, his eyebrows raising. “Ah. Okay." He grins at me and looks back at the Alpha.

He turns towards Jazmine, who is looking at us in confusion until she finally realizes the heat blazing in our eyes. “Ohhhhh. I see too!”

“Come on Jaz, I need help inside.” He pulls her away quickly.

Now it’s just the two of us out here.

My heart is pounding so hard.

I avert my gaze, trying look anywhere but at him.

Fuck I’m starting to sweat bullets.

He closes his eyes, and inhales deeply, opening them back up. “Ah, you’re wet.”



Fuck me sideways.

Well, he isn’t wrong- but still.

“W-what.” Why are you stuttering Nora.

Don’t be scared, and don’t back down.

I straighten my back and look up at him, crossing my arms. “I don’t think so. I don’t have any reason to be wet.” I shrug my shoulders.

I’m such a liar.

He and I both know it.

His jaw clenches again. “It smells so good. My wolf is literally drooling right now.”

Oh. My. Moon. Goddess.

I feel electricity all through my body as his big, hungry, and beautiful eyes bore into my soul.

“I smelled you all the way over there when you first got here. My wolf wanted out; he wanted to immediately stake his claim.” He brings his mouth closer to mine, causing me to inhale. “Why do you think that, Nora Harper?” He tilts his head, holding a stern expression.

I shake my head slowly, and gulp. “I uh, I d-don’t know?”



“I think you know why.” His golden eyes move down to my neck, right on my soft spot, his canines fighting to come out and play.

“You, Nora Harper, are my Mate.”

Mate! Mate!′ My wolf agrees.

Obviously so do I.

But come on man!

I had no intentions of finding my Mate; let alone an Alpha Mate at that.

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