Dominant Intimacy

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WARNING—This book is an extremely DARK and INTIMATE fantasy/erotica, not a romantic’ lovy-dovy one. So, kindly keep this in mind and only then dare to read it, at your own risk. Since, the book is pre-reviewed at the personal level, nationally and internationally, as’ DARK, RESTLESS AND SUPER SENSUAL. Not at all recommended to’ amateurs or first-time dark fantasy or dark erotica readers. (The places where logics can’t reach, fantasies can reach easily) The plot and settings are extreme fantasies, so don’t try to drive logics on it. Feel free to review it Wish you an ecstatic journey while reading DOMINANT INTIMACY. . . Synopsis:- (Aman Verma is determined to get Priya’s complete submission to him) Aman Verma is a well-known business tycoon who is known for his arrogant, dominant, manipulative, and ruthless attitude. He always gets what he desires for, either by hook or by crook. He never cares for a good or a bad deed, the only thing he cares for, is a result. When his gaze falls on Priya, he sees his oblivion in her, but finds out that she is engaged and about to marry in a week… Find out, how he made her’ his, within 48 hours. And not just that’s it, he is determined to make her’ his, in all possible ways, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. He is determined to get her complete submission to him.

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Priya is a 23-year-old young girl, who has just completed her studies. She is the only daughter of a well-known billionaire businessman. She has the most exquisite barbie doll sort of personality with the height of 5ft 6inch, long hairs to her waist, white creamy skin like butter.


Priya is getting ready, as it’s her cousin’s Reception party tonight…..

Her mother is forcing her to wear Saari because her fiance and her’ would-be in-laws, will also be there ……

But Priya prefers Salwar suit more instead of saari….

Priya argues with her mother by saying’ it’s modern times now mom, nobody wears Saari nowadays...

But her mother is giving her a hard time by saying’ you do and wear whatever you want to’ at YOUR home i.e. at your in-laws, but hear, right now, you will wear this Saari and I won’t hear any other word from you on this...

Her mother further says with love and then with determination’ In just a week, is your wedding, till then you will do and hear whatever I m saying to you...

With angry and annoying heart, Priya wears that Saari...

Seeing her in Saari, her mother becomes so happy, that she complements her by saying’ see you look so elegant, beautiful and sexy….

Hearing that Priya blushes and quickly stops her mother to say further no more by saying’ “MOOOOOM”…

Her mother further says with love’ Tonight Ronak can’t get away his eyes form you( Ronak Jaiswal is Priya’s fiance), and they both laughs….



Ronak Jaiswal is a handsome hunk, a billionaire business tycoon, with the height of 6ft, sharp jaw-lines, brown eyes, and strong build up muscles, …

His father and Priya’s fathers are business partners and close friends. They both have many businesses in all over Asia.

Both fathers have worked hard to build their business this far. It’s there 50 years journey to reach this far.

Ronak is a very kind-hearted gentleman, who loves and cares about his family the most.

Ronak was never very much interested in his father’s business but when he saw Priya on an occasion, he instantly falls in love with her. So, Ronak convinces his father to propose Priya’s hand for him(an arrange marriage practice) and for that, he is ready to join the business….

Now Ronak Jaiswal is a well-known business personality, who has many successful deals in his sleeves. He is known as hardworking, sincere, kind-hearted and the best employer any employee would ever wish for. Now, he enjoys his father’s business very much.

It’s been two years since he joined the business. And it’s been three months’ he got engage to Priya. They talk on the phone and seldom go on a date.

Ronak is a romantic kind of guy. He always tries to make Priya feel secure, warm, and happy with him.

Ronak and his family are also getting ready for tonight’s party and he is very much excited to see and meet Priya there.



Aman Verma is a very dominant kind of handsome hunk with the height of 6ft, sharp jaw-lines, jet-black eyes, strong buildup muscles.

Aman Verma is a well-known business tycoon who is known for his arrogant, dominant, and ruthless attitude in the business world.

He always gets what he desires for, either by hook or by crook. He never cares for good or bad deeds, the only thing he cares for, is result …

Aman has a sister name- Rashi, who he cares the most….. He has made his sister, his true copy….. Aman smokes, drinks, gambles, uses women as an object, …. Despite, women dream to sleep with him….

Aman is 27 years old and in just 9 years he has become a millionaire from mediocre…. His father had a small grocery shop below their house. But Aman finds it miserable……His goal has always been to become so huge that nothing and nobody seems like a god to him. For this material world, he is that god whom everybody fears and loves at the same time.

At the age of 19, he starts doing his own business and learns from each experience, the rules of the business and so as the world. To him, everything is dirty here and nothing is fair, gentle, and justified. And humane ideologies are just the fake mask, a makeup over the face of this dirty world, which illusions the weak minds’ as reality.

He does believe in love, as to whom he cares the most and can’t lose them at any cost...

To him, everything is knowledge, and’ feelings like guilt and grieve are self-imposed misconceptions of the weak minds.

Aman’s father and mother stay with him in his mansion. They feel proud of their son but have very little knowledge about the ways of his work.

Rashi is a spoiled brat, their parents always worry for her. But Aman never worries for her a little, Instead, he believes in spoiling her more.

Aman and Rashi both are getting ready for the same reception party, as the host of the party is one of his company’s business partners. Aman wears a black tuxedo and Rashi wears a super fashionable and ultra-modern designer lehenga.

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