The Darkness

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A creature finds what they lack in the darkness. *adult content* *18 & up*

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time in a forest long forgotten by the world of man. There was a small cottage, near a stream of the clearest waters. Legends have been told about the powers of the water and the monstrous creatures who protected it. It is said that water can heal or break a persons heart. So naturally all of the broken hearted women and men of the world came with the purpose of possessing it.

One night when the sky was as black as the hottest tar and the stars burned as bright as suns. A small fairy found her way into the woods. You see she was running from the horrors of the world and all the cruelties of man. As she was running through the forest she sensed eyes watching her. Staring into the depths of her soul. Yet she kept running for fear of being caught. She ran until her lungs burned. Eyes overflowing with tears.

Suddenly she came to the small cottage. Not thinking anything off she ran inside and locked the door for fear of them busting in the door. Soon the forest became still and quiet unlike anything she had ever heard.

Then she heard footsteps coming from behind her. She couldn’t move no matter how hard she tried. She was glued to the spot. Shaking in fear. Wings shaking with such force you could hear them. “What do we have here?” Said the voice from behind her. Before she knew it a hand with long black claws grapes her waist from behind. Quickly turning her around.

At the sight of her her breath caught in her throat. For the demon had never laid eyes on such a beautiful creature. Nothing of the sort ever comes to her part of the woods. The fairy still stuck begins to cry, dark tears falling down her cheeks. The demon sees this and releases her hold on her. For seeing her cry began to break the demons heart.

She had the urge to hold her and keep her safe until the end of days. And with that she grabbed the fairy and help her close. The fairy lets out a yelp, but quickly falls into the demons body. Cradling her head right about her breasts. The demon whispers in her ear “it’s alright I won’t hurt you, my love”. She takes the fairy upstairs to her room and lays her down to sleep.

The demon not needing sleep leaves her and walks outside to her porch and stands guard. Her mind racing as to why such a beautiful creature is here so deep in the dark woods. She made a note to ask in the morning. But she remembered how it felt to hold her. Her warm smooth dark skin under her hands. The smell of flowers and earth on her skin. She began to get aroused.

So she sat down on her step and spread her legs. She hasn’t felt this feeling in over a thousand years. As she slips her hand inside her legs her finger are met with wetness. She slowly starts to circle her clit, small moans exscaping her lips. She slips a finger into her wet slit and slowly moves it in out. Bucking her hips into her hand and gripping her breast with the other. Her orgasm rips through her like thunder through rain.

She stands feeling unsatisfied and angry. “ I need her. I need to make her mine.” With that she hops down and walks to the side of her home to the river. Wading into the warm water she washes herself unaware that her fairy has seen and heard her.

Hearing her moans the fairy got up to the window. What she saw shocked her. She didn’t know what to think. Or feel. This demon was pleasuring herself to her. As she watched her she began to notice her features. The were so much clearer in the moonlight. Her height which had to be over six feet, her large breasts and rounded out thighs that lead to a large round ass. Her skin was the darkest of blacks almost blue. Her horns swirled around her ears. The fairy began to get aroused watching her.

When she heard the demon say” I need to make her mine”, her heart jumped in a way it never had before. I’m her soul she knew that she wanted to be hers, needed to be. She had never felt these feelings before. She was a virgin after all. She felt that the demon wouldn’t want her. That she wouldn’t be able to make her happy. And with that she went back to bed and cried herself to sleep.

...............Next Morning...........................

As the blood red sun came sneaking through the trees of the forest, all the animals began to stir and go about their day. The demon fearing that the fairy wouldn’t eat what she does had went out to find something that she could eat. The fairy hearing the front door close began to wake up. As her feet hit the ground she felt the heat of the earth through the floor. The ground was so much hotter here then the land outside the forest. She began to walk downstairs. As she did this she was able to finally see the home for the first time.

She thought to herself if I can’t please her that way I can at least clean and cook for her. She went out of the house and spread her wings. Flying overhead for something she thought a demon of the night would eat. To her surprise she came across a large deer. She stretched her claws out and dived towards it. Grabbing it and snapping it’s neck in one quick movement. Then she began to make her way back to the cottage.

As the demon made her way back home the most delicious smell invaded her nostrils. When she realized where it was coming from she took off running. Coming to her door she slams it open earning her a small cry from her fairy. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you my love.” The fairy confused turned red at the way the demon spoke to her. She didn’t want her to see just how much she wanted her. Wanted her to take her right her and now. “It’s ok, the foods almost done”.

They ate in silence. While the fairy cleaned the dishes the demon watched her move. She noticed the swell of her hips and breasts on the small fairies frame. She could feel that she knew she was being watched and could smell her arousal. She got up and walked behind her gripping her waist. Grinding her sex into the fairies ass. Small moans escaping the fairies lips. Which only made the demon growl low. The demon begins to kiss her neck nipping and biting at the skin. Her hands slowly sliding up her body to grab both of her large breasts in her hands. Gently playing with her nipples. The fairy grinding her ass into the demon moaning loadly at her touch.

The demon turns her around and their lips crash together in a wave of heat and passion that neither of them have ever felt before. Tongues fighting for dominance and hands gripping and grabbing each other. The fairy moans into her mouth causing the demon to growl deep into hers. Picking her up she takes her upstairs and lays her on the bed. Kissing down her body. Biting and sucking her nipples. Causing the fairy to let out small cries and whimpers.

Then without warning the demons tongue wrapped around her clit causing her to cry out. She had never felt such pleasure before. When she slid her tongue inside her that’s when she felt it. She realized that she was a virgin. She smirked and continued to lap up her juices until she was soaking wet. She slid back up her body kissing her deeply so that she could taste herself. Suddenly the fairy felt something hard and warm against her thighs. Shock written on her face she stares at the now smirking demon. “But how”? She asked. All she said was “I’m a demon love.” And with that she positioned herself at her entrance. She looked down when she felt the fairy tense up. “Are you a virgin?”

The fairy slowly nods her head as tears fall down her face. The demon kisses them away. Grabbing her throat slowly she bends down to kiss her deeply while at the same time sliding all the way inside her. Her screams muffled by her mouth on hers. The pain ripping through her. She slowly starts to slide in and out the fairies pain turning into pleasure. As she starts to moan and buck her hips under her the demon picks up speed. Starting to slam herself in and out of her. Growling every time her virgin pussy squeezes her dick. Laying her head in the curve of her neck she begins to pump harder and faster. The fairies claws digging into her back as she screams and cry’s our for more. She feels her orgasam building. The demon feels that she is close. She pulls her body up and grabs her waist. Thrusting deeply moaning each time she slides and hits bottom.

As she nears her peak she lays her body on top of her and bites her neck sinking her fangs into her soft flesh. And with that the cum together in a wave of pleasure. Pumping all of her seed into the depths of her warmth. “Your mine”. She whispers. “Always.” Says the fairy.

The End

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