Dirty longing

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Meet Sarah, a woman solely driven by lust and passion. But what happens when the hottest guy she ever laid her eyes on, happens to be her sister's fiance? Will she resist his devilishly arousing charms? Or will she let her carnal desires take over? Find out in : Dirty longing .

Erotica / Romance
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It's just sex

"You did what!?" I exclaimed. "I know right , it's insane. I can't believe I did it."

"What would you have done if he didn't accept your proposal? ""Probably curl up and die" she giggled. "Classic Amelia " I said, unsurprised.

My sister Amelia had just proposed to her boyfriend. And from what i heard he didn't reject. Of course he wouldn't, she called him, her one true eternal love. I mean she only knew the guy for a few months and according to me, that's way too early to declare that he's the one. Fuck it! For me, a whole lifetime may not be enough. But she was happy so I kept my mouth closed. Her life has definitely gotten along well enough without my advice before, so why give them out now? She was amazing in her own way. She always longed for her Prince Charming. A husband who would love her and care for her. The one with whom she could have a family and a little house in the suburbs filled with kids of her own. She wanted a guy with whom she could spend the rest of her life.

Me on the other hand I wanted a guy with a long thick dick so he could fill me up , sufficient skills to make me drip, average wits for the after sex talk, a muscular body to cuddle with, a husky voice so I'd enjoy him groaning and growling as he pounds me and a fucking dirty mind to be kinky as fuck and explore more than what meets the eye.

"Sarah, you have to meet him. We'll be flying to Yorkshire tomorrow, you know a little off city, family time before the wedding. And guess who has to pay us a visit! " she practically squealed over the phone.

"But I can't...I've got work." I frowned.

"Oh come on. We haven't seen each other in forever, plus the whole family is coming together. Everyone's so excited.… I wish you were too."

"I am but…" she cuts in before I could even finish. "It'll be just like old times. Please. …pretty please. Some on little sis" she chuckles as she begs.

"Fine. Two days" I said.

"What? No way . You have to atleast stay for week."

"A fucking week? What for?" I asked curious. "I heard that the neighbors are smoking hot. And there's a new sex club close by. You'll sure have a lotta fun." She said teasing me.

"Fuck! You got me. Okay one week." Now I was interested.

I totally wanted to get down and dirty with some new guys. Random strangers to be precise. My pussy needed variety, it needed something new, something kinky. Not that I wasn't receiving my daily dose of hardcore sex with whomever I deemed worthy. It's just that I needed guys I wouldn't be bothered with again. Absolute sex with no strings attached whatsoever. And I had a feeling yorkshire was my lucky ticket.

"I'll text you the address. Drive safe. Love ya" she said as she blew me a kiss over the phone.

"Love you too . Don't get pregnant just yet. You have to fit into the wedding dress remember?", I giggled.

"Ha ha very funny." I could feel her narrow her eyes. It only made me laugh louder .

"Bye sis . See u soon." I said with a smile.

"Take care." She said back.

I called Lisa my secretary and asked her to cancel all my appointments scheduled for the next week. Now my work being sorted out i decided to call Ethan Allen.

" I can't make it tonight. " "What? you fucking agreed last week. Baby do you even know how many strings i had to pull to get us in?" He said annoyed. I could sense a surge of anger build up.

"I know . But I've got other plans tonight." I said.

"Fine." Now he was pissed.

"Daddy?" I teased.

"Yeah baby?"

"What can I do to make it up? What would my daddy like?" I practically purr.

"You know what your daddy loves, don't u baby? "

"Yes daddy but I want u to tell me" i teased on.

"You naked in my bed with your delicious pussy dripping for daddy." Fuck, now He was turning me on.

"Not today. I'm going shopping."

"Then baby let me join you." He chuckled.

Ethan was one of my usuals . He did everything i expected from a friend. And more than what I expected from a lover.

He was well built with strong muscular arms and an alluring face that I could sit on whenever I felt like. He had an average cock nothing too huge but good enough for the weekends. And boy , did he know exactly how to please me. We met at a nude beach in Miami. And he has been stuffing me up ever since.

The evening went peacefully. Ethan accompanied me to the mall. It had been a long time we hadn't spent time together, specifically with all our clothes on, and It felt good. I told him all about my little trip.

"A week?!" He asked almost stricken.

"I know, you'd probably miss my pussy" I chuckled.

"Fuck no! Sarah I'd miss you. The whole you, not just your pussy." He said taking my hands in his. Now this definitely made me feel special. I loved attention. I loved men falling for me, that is , as long as I don't reciprocate those feelings. I always felt I'm too young to fall in love. Too young to settle down. But I definitely would want to belong to just a single man one day. But fortunately today was nowhere close to that day.

The next morning I bid him adieu and drove all the way to Yorkshire.

The traffic was sparse and the weather blissful and I reached sooner than expected. I checked my make up in the rear view mirror as i approached two large black gates. A guard in his early thirties walked up and asked " Can I help you?" " I'm Sarah Anders . I'm here to meet my sister, Amelia. " I said .

"Oh! Miss Anders. I've been told to expect your arrival. Please come in" he says opening the gate.

I gave him a warm smile as i drove past, until I reached a mansion. It was huge . Probably the biggest I've ever seen. I was sure enough my sister hit the jackpot.

My sister stood at the entrance in her, all time favourite swim suit, that i always felt covered too much . Next to her stood a man who looked like he walked right out of a magazine. He had such chiselled features that they made me want to drool. His body looked exquisite, a perfect package that I wanted to plunder. He stood there almost naked, with just a pair of black shorts to hide his manhood. His body was beyond compare, strong and muscular with broad shoulders and ripped abs , all narrowed down to spot that I wanted to explore the most.

My sister stood there beaming a smile while holding his hand. Although I suddenly felt a surge of jealousy, I brushed it off as I reminded myself that she loved him and according to what I heard from her, he definitely reciprocated those feelings.

At the threshold of the house stood a delicate marble fountain, the soft gurgling of the clear water melodic as it resonated in the surrounding silence.

The house was large, certainly, almost intimidatingly so. On climbing out of the car, it took a more detailed form, natural grey stone with all the hues nature could provide. The paintwork on the trim was brilliant white, flawless and the path wound to a double oak front door . The windows weren't that large and were covered by transparent white curtains. But that's where all the old world charm ended, once across the threshold was minimalism and modern design all the way. The floors were polished concrete and the furniture Scandinavianm

The only compromise for comfort was the plush velvet carpet on the floor, so clean it was hard to believe anyone had ever stepped on it.

The banister was a twirl of a branch, tamed by the carpenter's hand, it's grain flowing as water might, in waves of comforting woodland hues.

It lead to a tall galleried room with a cream rug spread out over flagstones and a fireplace big enough to park a car in. A long polished wooden table had been set for three.

"You must be hungry " my sister said interrupting my thoughts.

"I'm starving" I replied.

"Let's get you freshened up then," she said, leading me to my room.

Like rest of the house the room was royal.The couch was white but inlaid with a fine yellow silk; leaves embroidered so delicately that they might have landed there in spring and just sunk in, but I know they took hundreds of hours to sew. The white curtains were linen, the kind of white that is untouched by hands and devoid of dust. A cursory look to the right shows me the almost hidden cords that were used to open and close them. There was no television but a extravagant bookshelf loaded with books I ached to read. A small table with two chairs arranged in the balcony and a small couch around the bespoke fireplace completed the ensemble. The paintings were beautiful with vibrant colors all arranged professionally. The floor was a highly polished wood, dark and free of either dust or clutter. And the bed was big enough to have an orgy in and yet perfectly comfy to cuddle with just one guy.

I took a shower and accompanied my sister and her fiance for supper.

I sat down at the dining table still admiring my surroundings as i couldn't believe she had found a place like this. Adam sat down right opposite to me . He was dressed in a white t-shirt with grey shorts . And my sister sat beside him dressed in one of her modest blue night gowns. My mouth fell open when the servants started to bring trays upon trays of food, including all my favorites. I began munching on roasted garlic potatoes and sliced a chunk of meat, dipping it in spicy sauce. I totally forgot my manners in that moment and began stuffing my mouth with other delicacies. The food tasted too good to resist. While I was busy with hoarding food in my mouth my eyes darted to Adam.

He licked his fleshy lips and grabbed a spoonfull of oily h’ors d'vres. They were little shrimps, fried to a crisp. He placed a pile of shrimp on his plate and drenched them in creamy, sweet sauce. His licked his lips, smeared with cream and oil. He then selected a large steak and saturated it in the same sauce and slipped a small chunk of it into his mouth. He ate with such class that it made me want to worshipp him. He finally dabbed his lips delicately with a napkin before speaking.

"So Sarah are your enjoying the meal? It was made according to your likes."

"I loved it Mr Wane" i said with a warm smile hiding my lust for him .

"I'm glad. But please call me Adam ." He says placing his hand on mine . And I nod in accord. "Tell me what is that you do Sarah?"

"I'm a therapist." I said nonchalantly.

"A sex therapist? " he asks with an incredulous twinkle in his eyes.

"Oh yes." I nodded.

"And I suppose your line of work is quite interesting." he said with a smirk

"You have no idea" I chuckled.

The rest of the dinner rushed on with us constantly flirting with each other while my sister just laughed along without a clue. It was clear she trusted both of us but I surely didn't trust my pussy. It has a mind of its own when I'm horny. And I'd be too overpowered by lust that I won't mind riding my soon-to-be brother-in-laws cock.

After supper we all retired to our rooms where I unpacked my g spot vibrator and switched it on and laid down on my bed, I was incredibly horny as I imagined Adam having his dick deep in my pussy. The guy was worth lusting after and I had no shame in doing so. The vibrator slid inside me and the outside of the vibrator sat gently on my clitoris. Even on the lowest settings I could feel it stimulating me inside and out.

The vibrations were taking it to a whole new level of pleasure. My clitoris was in heaven, throbbing more with each second I kept my vibrator pressed on it. The combined pleasure was something really new to me and I was completely unaware of how much noise I was making.

My legs were now spread open, the vibrator as deep as it could be inside of me and both my clitoris and g-spot totally succumbed to the vibrations on this sex toy. I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me and I let myself squirt , the sensation was so overwhelming that I actually held my breath whilst my body allowed me to cum harder than I ever had before.

I was shaking and moaning as I finally took a breath and switched off my new vibrator, it was so insane that I didn't notice Adam standing in the doorway with a mighty bulge. God, I had just made my soon to be brother in law hard. Better yet, he was watching me naked with the vibrator in my pussy, moaning and cumming , while calling his name in divine ecstacy.

I had no intention of covering up now. He had seen it all, so why hide? Instead I bit my lower lip and pinched my nipple. "Wanna join me? " I asked as i rubbed my pussy.

"Fuck yes!" He exclaimed as he walked in, shutting the door behind him. "You gotta do this, unless you want someone joining in on us hoping for a threesome," he says locking the door.

"And what if I say I want a threesome?" I say crawling over to him.

"Tonight you are mine. Just mine. And the next time you want a threesome, I'd be more than happy to join in along with whomever you deem worthy" he says walking over to the bed. He stands in front of me. I'm now eye level with his crotch.

I rubbed his cock through the fabric , feeling his massive manhood. "Ever since your sister showed me your pictures, I wanted to be balls deep in you. And when she introduced you to me, I fucking wanted to rip your clothes off and fuck you then and there. Right in front of her. And now I have you locked up in here with me, your beautiful body on display. Trust me baby, I'll be fucking your brains out tonight," he says taking off his shorts and giving me that devilishly arousing smirk.

I found it hard to even believe this smoking hot hunk who my sister said was the pure definition of an ideal man, wanted to be in me. He fucking wanted to fuck me despite the fact that he was engaged to my own sister.

But I was so sexually aroused, I just wanted him in. I wanted him eating out my wet cunt like his life depended on it. I wanted him pounding me. Hitting his cock hard and rough, deep into my pussy. And the very fact that he was my sister's fiancé was a rather unexpectedly astounding turn on.

I hooked my fingers in the waist band of his boxers and pulled them off.

His dick stood hard and erect in all its glory. I was marveled at how huge he was. He had an exquisite dick. The best I had ever laid my eyes on. His cock was not just prodigious and robust, it was exceptionally shining.

It had prominent veins and looked monstrous. The head was pink and well rounded in perfect proportion to the shaft.

In one swift move i took his dick in my mouth. With one of my hands on the base and the other massaging his balls, until I hear him let out a soft groan and put his head back in pure pleasure.

That was my cue and I started sucking harder. Working my way from the base to the tip as i sucked and licked every inch possible, swirling my tongue around his head.

He grabbed my hair in a ponytail and pushed my head down his lenght. He held me down his cock for a couple of seconds until I started gagging, before setting me free. I went forth to grab his cock again, but he held me back. I looked up at him puzzled.

"On your back. Now." He said with a stern voice and I found myself obeying. I laid down and looked at him, waiting for his command. "Spread " he said licking his lower lip. I slowly parted my legs giving him complete view of my already dripping cunt. He got on top of the bed and made his way closer to me. He trailed his finger along my clit all the way down to my entrance before slowly pushing it in. "Looks like someone needs to be loosened up" he said with a smirk while adding another finger as i let out a soft moan. He pumps his fingers in and out of me, while giving full attention to my g spot. And rush of sheer pleasure floods my mind. I was riding on the edge of my orgasm when he suddenly stops. " Fuck! Why ?" I asked sitting up .

"You liked that, didn't you? " he whispered in my ear, teasing me more than i could bear. "Answer me " he says with a rough hit on my pussy. The pain felt unbelievably good.

"Yes " i moaned out.

"Baby, you cum only when I allow it. Not a second sooner." He said pressing his lips against mine in a hungry yet passionate kiss. His kisses were so intense i almost turned to mush.

He slowly laid me down not breaking our kiss . And laid his body on mine as he balanced his weight on his arms careful enough not to crush me under him.

His lips found mine and our tongues danced together in unison , exploring all that they could.

His lips moved lower as he placed soft yet burning kisses on my neck. He nipped and sucked on the skin making sure I was marked as his. And i did nothing but wrap my arms around him pulling his body close to mine.

Once satisfied with the numerous hickeys he gave me, he moved lower to my boobs . Groping them and pushing his face between my ample bosom. He licked the valley of my breasts before blowing lightly on the skin, making me shiver in desire. I moan out his name as he took my right boob in his mouth while fondling the left.

He harshly sucked on my nipple while occasionally bitting and tugging on it before giving the other the same treatment. His lips left my chest and went down to my belly, trailing scorching kisses along my torso.

He flicked his tongue in my navel making me shudder in response as my core throbbed with need. He slowly places my legs on his shoulders and kisses my pussy. Hot lust coursed through my veins as he latched onto my wet cunt and circled my clit slowly, his tongue lapping at my juices, devouring my cherry.

"Mmmm. …baby, you taste so good " he says pushing his tongue into my hole. It made me moan in sheer pleasure and I grabbed his hair and pushed his head deeper between my legs in response to the exceptional things he was doing with his tongue. I held him down, he obliged and continued his ethereal worship, making my heart hammer away in my chest as i rode on the cusp of my orgasm. He sensed it and didn't stop, instead he increased his pace making it impossible for me to not cum in his mouth. I grip the sheets and moaned out in plenary revelry as i found my release .

He licked me clean making sure none of my juices go to waste. "Wanna taste yourself? " he asked once he was done." I nodded, licking my lips. He pushed his lips on mine letting me taste my cum on his searing hot lips.

And he was right , I really did taste good.

His hands trailed down my body one reaching my pussy and the other rested on the crook of my neck . He rubbed my dripping cunt and circled my clit slowly without breaking our kiss before rubbing it hard. Hard enough to put me on the edge. He keeps a steady pace and suddenly pushes two fingers in my needy core.

"Fuck….Adam. " I moan into his mouth as he continued pumping in and out of me. Each thrust going deeper and harder.

"You like that baby? Want me to go faster?" He hummed as he bit my lips. I could do nothing but nod." Answer me Sarah. " he says placing an open mouth kiss on my neck. I threw my head back and bit my lips stopping myself from moaning too loud. His slows his pace when I was so close. This was too much to bear. I needed to cum , I needed to have my well deserved orgasm. I wanted to gush out and coat his fingers . "Adam….please don't " i managed to say breathless. " Please don't what , my love?" He asks teasing me. " Please don't stop." "Oh trust me sweetheart, I won't." He said bitting my earlobe. He pumps in harder and faster until I could take it no longer. The now-familiar rush of divine pleasure floods my mind and I let myself go as i squirt out.

I lay there panting under his gaze anticipating what else I had in store for the night. A sensual night with my sister's hot fiance.

Who was all mine. Well all mine atleast for tonight.

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