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Molly Williams was moving clear across the country to start a new life, but fate had other plans. She meets an arrogant guy that she can't help but loath and lust equally, learning eventually that he's her new next-door neighbor. Hoping to be adults about this, Molly gets into a casual relationship with him but soon realizes it's much more than just sex. When she learns what his profession is, she's forced to walk away. After all, it isn't every day that you learn the guy you're falling in love with is a pornstar. Staying away, however, is far more difficult than Molly ever thought it would be.

Erotica / Romance
Lulu Waters
4.9 344 reviews
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Chapter 1: Molly


----M O L L Y----

Struggling to keep my phone between my ear and shoulder while tugging my luggage down the airport terminal had my temper flaring. I overslept this morning and now I was rushing to catch my plane, all while talking to my best friend Pierre on the phone.

“Babe, I really need to go. You’re not making this easy on me.” I shifted the phone to my other ear, picking up the speed. “I’ll call you when I land.”

“Happy flying, you crab ass.”

I chuckled, knowing he was being both serious and joking. This kid was amazing and I’ve really grown to love him, even if he got under my skin sometimes.

Hanging up the phone, I shoved it into my back pocket and stormed faster towards my gate. I was Florida bound for work and if I missed my flight I could kiss my new job goodbye.

My terminal gate came into view and I sped up, watching the dwindling line get smaller and smaller, knowing that when the last person went through, they’d shut the gate. My little feet, sporting stilettos, walked as fast as they could. Why in the hell did I decide to wear these shoes out of all the ones I had at home? Smooth, Molly.

The overhead speaker system came to life, calling last passengers for flight 377 to Miami. Anxiety rushed through me as I began to run.

“I’m coming!” I shouted, hoping the gate attendants could hear me.

But as I rushed through the sitting room, someone stood up from their seat, causing me to slam right into them. My luggage and purse went flying and I fell to my knees. Irritation swam through my veins as I felt my cheeks burn from anger.

“Holy shit! You okay?”

I turned towards the man’s voice and glared up at him. He was a younger guy with dirty blond hair and a strong jawline. He reached out to help me up but I swatted his hand away, standing up on my own.

“You moron!” I scolded, straightening my pencil skirt when I glanced over at the gate attendants. They were watching the scene and the gates were still open. I held my hand up to them, in which I received a nod. Thank God, I won’t miss my flight after all.

The young guy chuckled, grabbing my purse from the airport floor before handing it to me.

“You should really watch where you’re going, beautiful.” His eyes gave me a once over, clearly approving of what he saw as I rolled my eyes.

“Me?! You’re the buffoon who stood up and got in my way!” I tore my purse from his hand and that’s when I noticed a few people were standing near him. One of them was a woman and she was strikingly gorgeous. Her curled blonde hair framed her face that was perfectly decorated with makeup, her lips plump and glossed. She was watching me intently, almost judging me. The other guy standing just behind her nearly stole my breath away. He had dark brunette hair in a pompadour style atop his head and piercing blue eyes. His jawline and neck tattoos made me gawk, my mouth parting. His shoulders were wide and strong and because he was wearing a t-shirt, I could see that his arms were covered in tattoos as well. It was then that I realized all three of them were gorgeous. Were they models or something?

“I’m sorry for getting in your way,” he stated, clearly trying to hide a chuckle. “Here, let me help you with that.” He reached forward to grab my luggage but I swatted his hand away again.

“I’m perfectly able to roll my own luggage, thank you.” I pulled my gaze from him, looking into the piercing blue eyes of his friend as a blush crept into my cheeks. It wasn’t often that I became this affected by a man, but it was hard not to be when a guy like him stood in front of me, looking at me like that.

The dirty blond guy swept his arm in front of him. “After you.”

Glaring, I turned and headed towards the gate terminal, handing my ticket to the attendants. A moment later, I was boarding the airplane. My nerves were all over the place and I was trying to settle down. I made my plane, no need to be freaking out anymore. Taking my seat, I pulled my earbuds out and a book and settled in, clicking the seatbelt around my waist. The seat next to me was vacant and I prayed nobody would take it before take-off. I always enjoyed having the spot next to me open so I could stretch my legs out when I needed to.

But I wasn’t that lucky.

Or, maybe I was.

I looked up into the piercing blue eyes of the tattooed man as he looked dead into mine, not looking pleased at all. He slumped down in the empty seat next to me, making me feel squished between him and the wall. I know he had big shoulders and was an impressively fit man, but damn! Move over!

Shifting in my seat, I bumped into him several times and received a disapproving scowl in return.

“What? You’re like a gorilla! I can’t move over here.” I shifted in my seat once more, situating myself until I was comfortable but his arm was still crowding me. If he wasn’t so good looking, I’d ask to be moved once the aircraft was up in the air, but something told me to stay right where I was.

A small, amused smile tugged at his lips before he went poker-faced again. “You good?”

“Yes,” I hissed out, trying to keep my eyes away from him. The artwork on his arms was mesmerizing and I couldn’t stop myself from gawking at it. “Did those hurt?” I finally asked after a few moments of silence, pointing at his tattoos.

Groaning, he looked over at me. “We’re not going to do that.”

Confused, I scowled at him. “Do what?”

“Small talk,” he explained. “Let’s not ruin this,” he waved his hand over my face, “with annoying small talk. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. We’re going to fly in silence, ignoring each other’s presence, catching a glance here and there because let’s face it...” he turned to really look at me before adding, “you’re a very beautiful woman and by the look you’ve been giving me, you’d agree that I’m just as attractive for you.”

I felt my mouth fall open as I gawked at him. “Are you always this arrogant?”

Laughing, he leaned away from me as he pushed his head back into the seat. “Arrogance can mean many different things.”

“So, you admit that you’re arrogant in every sense of the word?” I let out a small, incredulous laugh before shaking my head. “Real nice.”

He turned to me again, really glaring into my eyes for intimidation when he said, “I’m only arrogant because I can back it up.” His eyes swam over me. “Are you always a heinous bitch, sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong?”

Again, my mouth fell open but a scoff came out this time. “Are you serious right now? You don’t know me from the next stranger on the street and you just called me a bitch?”

His eyebrow lifted. “Aren’t you?”

“You’re an asshole,” I grunted, turning away from him the best that I could in this tiny seat. Damn these airplanes! Why are their seats so incredibly packed in? I feel like I can’t breathe!

Chuckling, he shifted back away from me and when I looked over at him he had his eyes closed but a smile of victory tugged at his lips. What an arrogant asshole!

Shoving my earbuds into my ears, I drowned the airplane and him out, closing my eyes to get some rest. But when we were up in the air, pockets of turbulence kept knocking me around and right into the handsome arrogant asshole sitting next to me.

I heard him mumble something so I pulled an earbud out. “Did you say something?”

He glared at me. “Yeah, I said: Do you mind?” The irritation in his voice was evident.

Scoffing, I shook my head at him. “Like I can control this? It isn’t my fault you’re so big that you can’t fit,” I growled out, shoving at his arm.

A brazen look cascaded over his eyes as he leaned in toward me. “You have no idea how big I actually am...but I’m pretty sure I could fit.”

Oh. A familiar ache traveled down between my legs as I squeezed them shut. Even though this guy drove me insane and irritated me to no end, I couldn’t deny how unbelievably sexy he was. I had been sexually frustrated for the last six months and being near this guy who was all gloriously male did things to me.

“You’re unbelievable,” I replied, shoving at him once more.

“That isn’t the first time I’ve heard that,” he rasped out, dangerously close to my ear. “But usually it’s in different circumstances.”

My eyes went straight to his crotch as I saw a bulge there. I just couldn’t help myself. Clearing my throat, I shifted in my seat and stared out the window. This guy was seriously messing with me right now, wasn’t he? First, he tells me not to speak to him and now he’s saying things that clearly have a double meaning. Was he medicated?

I needed some air and some space from him. Unclicking my seat belt, I began to push my way past him, but the turbulence had other plans. Knocked off my feet, I landed right in his lap and his hands gripped my waist tightly.

“You good?” He rasped against my ear again, sending a new wave of chills down my spine.

Shifting in his lap, I actually felt him. The color drained from my cheeks and my nipples reacted immediately as they pressed against my bra and made them ache for attention.

“Do you need help getting off?” He mumbled and there it was again; his double meaning words. Every hair on my body felt like live wires, sending shock waves through me.

I seriously need to get laid. I shouldn’t be this affected by a guy I don’t know and can’t stand, stuck sitting next to on an airplane. He was making me feel like a horny teenager full of angst that no amount of making out or dry humping could ease.

“I’m perfectly capable of getting off myself, thanks.” I finally pulled myself up from his lap, steadying myself in the aisle before making my way back towards the bathrooms. I could play the double-meaning game as well.

This guy was seriously getting under my skin and that wasn’t like me. How could one man make me feel so turned on and hate him all at the same time? Images of angry sex consumed my thoughts and I gripped the edge of the counter before I stared up at myself in the mirror. My long brunette hair was still in its perfect bun at the base of my head and my makeup applied early this morning was still intact.

“You’re a grown-ass woman, Molly, don’t let this guy win,” I repeated a few times to my reflection before I left the bathroom and returned to my seat. But what I saw when I returned only fueled the rage for this man even more.

He was leaning across the aisle, flirting with a pretty blonde woman sitting one seat up and over from ours. She was in a fit of giggles and totally eating out of his palm. He had reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and even though this guy meant nothing to me, I couldn’t help but feel the tinge of jealousy run through me. Here I thought he was trying to be all sexual with me, picking me out personally, when that clearly wasn’t the case. The guy seriously had issues.

Reaching our row, I knocked into his arm so hard that he smacked his friend in front of us.

“Excuse you,” I growled out, crawling back over him to get to my seat. He was glaring up at me with a scowl on his face as I watched his hands try to grab me again, but I swatted them away. “I’m good!”

He held his hands up in surrender, letting me pass by him. “Someone didn’t have a good trip to the bathroom, obviously.” When I was seated again, he turned to me. “Didn’t get yourself off back there, did ya?”

I felt a growl rumble through my chest as I shoved my earbuds back into my ears, glaring into his piercing blue eyes before I completely ignored him and shut him out. I could feel his eyes burning a hole into the side of my face but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of looking over at him. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t exist to me. The flight would be over soon and I would never have to see this prick again.

When the plane finally landed, I grabbed my things and shoved past the arrogant asshole, needing to get away from him as quickly as I could.

But as I walked through the airport, making my way toward the exit, I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder a few times. The arrogant prick was with his friends, walking just a few paces behind me and every time I looked, he was grinning at me.

“Asshole,” I mumbled under my breath.

“What was that?” He stepped up next to me, grinning.

Groaning, I looked up at him. “I called you an asshole if you must know.”

“Me? How am I an asshole?” He was clearly amused, trying to play this out as long as he could. Did he get off on tormenting me or something? What is this guy’s problem?!

“You’re following me,” I stated, thinking about all of the other reasons why he was an asshole but keeping them to myself.

“Don’t flatter yourself, honey.” He sounded annoyed and when I looked back up at him, he looked pissed. Did I strike a bone? Good.

My eyes scanned the front doors that were coming into view and that’s when I saw my best friend. He was standing just inside with a sign in his hands and the closer I got to him the clearer it became. It read: Bitch-face from Seattle.

Hiding my laugh, I glared back up at the arrogant prick. “I would say that it was nice meeting you but I’d be lying.”

He snorted. “At least we agree on one thing.”

My rage consumed me once more and I wanted to scream out my frustration, but instead, I ignored him the best that I could and took off running towards my best friend.

“Pierre!” Dropping my luggage at his feet, I nearly jumped into his arms. He lifted me in his embrace and laughed. “I’ve missed you so much!”

“Who’s the guy you were walking with?” Pierre asked, setting me down to stare at the tattooed man. I noticed then that he was nearly standing right next to us, his friends standing nearby as well, talking on their phones.

“Nobody,” we both answered in unison, which gained a glare from me.

Pierre laughed. “Well, nobody, it’s nice to meet you?” It was a question and one that made me chuckle into my arm.

The tattooed jerk seemed to roll his eyes at me before walking around us and toward the curb out front. His friends were in tow, climbing into the fancy Cadillac parked just behind Pierre’s car. Pierre helped me bring my bags out, tossing them into the back seat of his older and well used Honda Civic.

I couldn’t help but look at the asshole once more, his eyes on me as well. There was something about him that pulled me to him like a magnet, yet the rest of me was screaming to run fast and far.

“Asshole,” I mouthed to him, gaining a smirk in return.

“Bitch,” he mouthed back and then disappeared into the Cadillac before it pulled away from the curb. Thank God that’s over with.
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