The Bullet Proof Alpha

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There are only a few Proteans left in South Korea, and those that are face constant fear of the Annihilist sects quickly taking hold in the cities of Seoul, Guanju, Degu, and Busan. One of the two largest packs in South Korea, with one of the most respected Alphas, Jung HoSung's pack is quickly raising on the list of potential targets for Annihilists. With pack members from some of the strongest lines in South Korea, they stand a fighting chance. But for how long?

Erotica / Fantasy
Meagan Shupe
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It is very important that you read all the way through this. Otherwise you won’t understand the story.

Introduction to the Protean Species

At the beginning of time, there were several species encompassed under the genus ‘Homo’. According to human science all but one died out. This is untrue. There are, in fact, three more branches to the genus Homo by the name of Homo Protea, Homo Protea Aquatus, and Homo Protea Amphibious. Known in legends as Lycans, Merfolk, and Selkis.

We will be focusing on the species Homo Protea.

Below we will cover the basic traits of Homo Protea including appearance, vocalization/language, mating, hierarchy, and spiritual practices.

Homo Protea:

Homo Protea (Proteans) are a species of dual souled humanoids that evolved alongside Homo Sapien. Originally, Homo Protea were the natural predators of Homo Sapien but over time, and through the leadership of the High Alpha, they have long since stopped hunting Homo Sapien, and instead share food sources.

Homo Protea are a highly sexual race that live in family groups called packs. Packs consist of anywhere from 4+ adults and their offspring. The adults will use sex as a way of bonding, relieving stress between pack members, and simple recreation. Because of their highly sexual nature, they are immune to communicable illnesses.

Sub Species and Hierarchy

The species Homo Protea is a multifarious species of shape shifting humanoids, which are broken down into three separate groups or sub species.

Alpha, broken into three subcategories


2.)Beast Alpha

3.)Pack Alpha

Beta, broken into three subcategories


2.)Beast Beta

3.)Alpha Beta


There is only one pack in which Shamen have more than one category, and therefore it is not considered to be the norm.

The Alpha male being the leader of the family group, or pack, followed directly by his Beta and in the case of Pack Alphas, their Shaman who stands on equal footing with the Beta. The female counterparts following the same structure, though still slightly below the males in pack hierarchy. The Beta and Shaman play different rolls within the pack which will be explained in greater detail below.

A pack may consist of as few as four adults; an Alpha and Beta, and their mates; or in the case of a Pack Alpha, may consist of an entire town of sub Alphas and their families in addition to his own sextet.

Appearance and Anatomy

The outward appearance of Homo Protea has evolved to mimic that of Homo Sapien by way of color changing eyes and retractable fangs.

The eyes of Homo Protea have two separate colors known as Primary and Secondary eyes. The Primary eyes may be anything from soft brown to blood red or pink, and look glassy when shown, while the secondary eyes are a muted tone of browns, blues, and greens to mimic that of Homo Sapiens. The eye color of Homo Protea may be changed through a hard opening and closing of the eyes referred to as ‘blinking’, or in heightened states of emotion the color of a Protean’s eyes will change, without the hard blink, to their primary eye color.

Homo Protea’s retractable fangs vary in length with the male’s fangs being considerably larger than their female counterpart. The retracted fang is still razor sharp and looks slightly more pointed than the cuspids of the average Homo Sapien.

Homo Protea have a considerable difference in size between genders, with males standing at least six inches taller than their mate and are far broader.

A Protean male can be identified by the tattoo like symbol of either a sun, moon, or solar eclipse located on the left side, towards the back of the ribs. No two Protean males have the same mark. The female sports a matching mark to her mate, located just beneath her left ear, which appears upon meeting and truly connecting with her mate, generally via a very heated kiss.

Young Homo Protea are incapable of controlling their appearance and frequently switch between Primary and Secondary eye colors, and retracting and showing fangs at random. This changes close to the age of puberty, between ten and twelve years old. Until they reach sexual maturity, the Primary eyes will retain a muted tone similar to the Secondary eyes, with Beast males having the eyes of a wolf pup or big cat cub. This changes at sexual maturity, around fourteen to sixteen years of age, when the Primary eyes will turn to their glassy tones, and Beast eyes will become that of an adult wolf or big cat. Young Proteans do not possess a mark, which will appear at varying stages depending on the type of Protean.

Due to their highly sexual nature, both male and female Protean produce a natural lubricant, though the males cannot bare offspring. This is purely for pleasure. The anatomy of a Protean male differs from the female not only in reproductive organs but also in the rectal area. Similar to a monotreme the Protean male’s anus is a dual duct system separated by a valve. One duct being defecatory and the other purely for recreational purposes.

*In lemans terms: Their ass gets wet when they’re turned on, but the M-preg thing doesn’t happen here.

Females are born, like males, either Alpha, Beta, or Shaman. Unlike males, females do not always stay what they are born and will instead morph to the subspecies of their mate upon mating. As soon as their mark is brought out the female will begin the transition from one type to another allowing her to speak the language of her mate. This change will be completed upon fully mating.

The various types of females experience heat, or estrus, after or before mating. Should the female begin estrus before mating, it is certain that her mate belongs to the same subspecies of protean as she does. Should this occur, the female will begin regular heat cycles upon reaching sexual maturity, around age 14-16.

During heat the female’s vulva and vagina become heated to the point of pain and almost excessively lubricated. They desperately crave intercourse and only their own mate can truly sate them. Each type of Protean female goes through this in varying degrees of severity and at different times. Heat will end upon the end of the ovulation cycle, or when conception occurs.

In Alpha females this happens twice a year, until they conceive their first child. After which they will go into heat once a year, the first happening one month after their first child is born. During heat, an Alpha female emits pheromones which cause her pack to go into a sort of sexual frenzy, spending the duration (typically 3-5 days) in near constant sexual intercourse.

A Beta female will enter heat every 6-9 weeks with every ovulation cycle. It is not nearly as severe as an Alpha female’s heat, though, is still incredibly uncomfortable and requires the near constant presence of her mate to sate her.

Shaman females go into heat, exactly two weeks after their Alpha female. It is far less severe in terms of pain, though the female does become extremely dependent on her mate.


Proteans practice their own set of religious rituals, using magic, called ‘The Old Rights’ that enable several things within the species, including the ability to shift into an animal form, and better communication with their second soul. These rights are conducted by a Shaman, and there are several throughout life, starting from a birth right that takes place shortly after birth that allows them to shift.


Proteans speak in a series of growls, yips, yowels, and hisses known as ‘Protean’ as well as their own sub language corresponding to the type of Protean.

Alpha - Wolf

Beta - Cat

Shaman - Bear

Each sub language can only be understood by the specific type of Protean.

*Note: The High Alpha (King of Proteans) is the only Protean able to speak and understand all three languages, though his primary language is wolf.

A Closer Look At the Types of Proteans

Alpha (Homo Protea Lupas)

The leaders of the Protean family groups called packs. They take the form of a wolf, and break down into three subgroups


- Most common form of Alphas leading the basic four adult pack.

Beast Alpha

- The strongest and most animalistic of the Alphas, this mutation only occurs in males, causing their senses and physical strength to be heightened and secondary eye color to appear as a wolf’s eyes.

-They are venomous and the most volatile of the Alphas. A Beasts venom is multifaceted. It can be lethal, and kill an adult Protean or human, or can function to turn a human into a protean; this results in a Created Beta, and the soul will go on to become a second soul after the death of the current body. This venom can also change a child, protean or human, into the Beast’s own biological offspring. If a Best were to bite a pregnant female the baby would become his. As a result, Beasts are far more territorial than a normal Alpha, or even pack Alpha, and though they will occasionally join a larger pack, they do not engage in partner swapping.

Pack Alpha

- Leader of a larger pack consisting of the Alpha pair, Beta pair, and a Shaman pair. The most even tempered of the Alphas.

- Their packs may range from a simple sextet to an entire town, depending on the strength of the Pack Alpha in question.

The Alpha female is called the Matriarch and is the only member of a pack immune to the Alpha tone of her mate. Like her male counterpart she has a Beta, and in the case of the Pack Matriarch a Shaman, the mates of the Alpha’s own Beta and Shaman.

The mark of an Alpha male, a sun, appears along with his connection to his second soul; or Alpha; which begins to make itself known between the ages of twelve to fourteen years old. This is a difficult time for a young Alpha male and can be both painful, and confusing, especially if a shaman is not present to preform the proper rituals and rights.

The Alpha is the second most volatile of the three subspecies of Protean, following the Beta. They are the smallest in stature, but physically the strongest, and highly territorial with territory ranging as far as an entire city in the case of some Pack Alphas.

Beta (Homo Protea Pantherinae)

The Beta is second in command of the pack and takes the form of a big cat. Like the Alpha, Betas are broken down into three subgroups:


-The most common and the counterpart to the basic Alpha.

Beast Beta

- The largest, strongest and most volatile of the Betas.

-They are the counterpart to the Beast Alpha, and their secondary eye color appears as a big cat’s eyes. Like the Beast Alpha they are venomous, and their venom functions in the exact same way.

Alpha Beta

- The second in command of larger packs, he is the counterpart to the Pack Alpha, and the calmest of the Betas.

It is the Beta’s job to protect the Alpha and Shaman, and act as a sort of decoy should a threat arise so that the other four to six members of the pack can escape. Betas as fiercely loyal and will do anything for their Alpha who they love nearly as much as their mate, and in the case of a sextet their Shaman sits on equal footing with the Alpha in terms of amorous feelings. The Beta mark, a moon, appears upon meeting his Alpha and is heralded by a slight burning sensation beneath the left arm.

Shaman (Homo Protea Ursidae)

The Shaman is the spiritual leader of the pack, and equal to the Beta in terms of hierarchy. They take the form of a bear, and in addition to an animal form posses an innate magical ability allowing them to manipulate certain elements and in the worst case scenario stop an Alpha in his tracks. They are the physically weakest of the three subspecies, though still far stronger than even the strongest of Homo Sapien.

In addition to acting as religious leaders, Shamen are also doctors, historians, and teachers and play a vital role during heat cycles. The Shaman male is born with the mark of a solar eclipse and already connected with their second soul to some degree. This connection will deepen upon reaching puberty, and upon reaching maturity the soul will become more of a conscience than a separate being.

A fully mated shaman male’s ejaculate acts as a coolant to the irritated vaginal walls of the Alpha female in heat, while the Shaman female’s lubricant acts as a sort of salve for the Alpha male’s member.

Despite being physically the weakest, the Shaman is the largest subspecies of Protean, with males typically standing well over 6′ tall. Females, by comparison, are far smaller than the males generally standing around the same height or smaller than their Matriarch.

Mating and Bonding

Mates are an essential part of Protean hierarchy and social life. Certain parts of pack bonding only being able to take place after all members of a pack have fully mated with their eternal mate. The second soul of a Protean is fated to one soul throughout eternity and will continue to find said soul over and over though every reincarnation of that soul.

There are times when the souls do not find each other, and this can be problematic, especially for Alpha males. Should an Alpha male not find their mate by their 26th birthday, he will ‘fade’. Fading, is the Protean term for the death of the second soul. Fading may begin a year to a year and a half before the 26th birthday and presents itself in various ways.


2.)Loss of appetite. (a sign for concern in young Alpha males)

3.)Loss of muscle tone and strength.

4.)Tiredness Shortness of breath

5.)Dulling of the eyes

After the 26th birthday, if he has not found his mate, the Alpha will lose his mind, slipping into an irreversible state of psychosis. Most Alphas, rather than putting their families and packs through this, will take their own life when they feel the death of the second soul, or beg for a Shaman or another alpha to do it for them. Rarely if ever will a Beta be asked to do this, as it is a Beta’s nature to protect their Alpha and would not be able to live with the guilt. Unlike with the male counterpart, the Matriarch will not experience this effect, but will instead never connect with her second soul, or her Beta and Shaman. It is a lonely existence, though most females who go through it simply stay within their home pack and help tend to the children of siblings and friends, or will take an unmated Beta or even a mated Beta pair and produce children.

In addition to their mate, Proteans have a near identical bond between Alpha, Beta pairs and Alpha, Beta, and Shamen sets. These bonds are both sexual and emotional and often occur before mating. The pairs or trinities spend time together in the same way that a mated pair would and act as parental figures to each other’s children. Females going so far as to occasionally nurse one another’s offspring should the actual mother not be available to do so. This tends to happen between Matriarch and Shaman more often than Beta and Matriarch or Beta and Shaman due to the fact that Shaman female’s go into estrus exactly two weeks after their Matriarch and almost always produce offspring at the same time.

The initial bond between a Protean Alpha male and his Beta, or Beta and Shaman, begins the same as any sexual relationship. It is purely loving with only a slight dominance asserted by the Alpha. This changes when mates are introduced. Alpha males are feircly territorial and will not allow an unrelated male to touch his mate unless they have been dominated by him first.

This leads to a domination ritual that must take place before a heat cycle in order for the Shaman to assist. In this ritual, the Alpha will force his Beta, or Beta and Shaman, to ejaculate either through physical sex, or manual stimulation. After which he will copulate with the mate, or mates, thereby taking them as his own. After copulation has occurred the Alpha will then give the female back to their mate and the two will re-bond through copulation. Once this has occurred the foursome or sextet will partner swap several times between them to strengthen bonds.

*Note: partner swapping does not occur when dealing with a Beast pack. They are far more territorial and will not allow it, though a domination ritual does still occur.

Bonding between a Pack Alpha and his Sub Alphas is crucial, and follows a similar pattern to the sextet bond should the Sub Alpha want to be bound to the Pack Alpha. If it is a case of two pack Alphas sharing the same territory, the weaker of the two will submit to the stronger via a sexual act such as oral stimulation, allowing for him to be within the territory though not bound to the Alpha. These are unbound pairs or unbound packs.


Annihilists are a group of humans that began to hunt down their natural predators, Proteans. Despite the fact that the Protean species has long since stopped viewing humans as food. To the point that the consumption of human meat has been ordered by the High Alpha to cease indefinitely.

It has become a story of cult, bent on the destruction of the ‘vicious abominations’ that used to hunt them. They will stop at nothing to end Protean society including killing small children and even infants.

About The Pack

One of the two largest packs in South Korea, with one of the most respected Alphas, Jung HoSung’s pack is quickly raising on the list of potential targets for Annihilists. Their pack is strong, with members from the strongest and most respected lines in the country; The Jungs, Kims, Parks, and Jeons. They stand a fighting chance. But for how long?

Pack Alpha: Jung HoSung

Height: 5′10.5"

Primary Eyes: Grass green

Wolf: Chocolate-brown with white chest

Alpha-Beta: Kim JunSeo
Height: 6′

Primary Eyes: Sky blue

Cat Form: Amur Leopard

Shaman: Min YooGun
Height: 5′8.5"

Primary Eyes: Crimson

Bear Form: Golden Moon Bear

Sub Alpha: Park MinHyuk
Height: 5′9"

Primary Eyes: Baby Blue

Wolf: Grey

Beta: Kim TaeHo
Height: 5′11"

Primary Eyes: Amber

Cat Form: Strawberry Amur Leopard

Beast Alpha: Jeon JaeKi
Height: 5′10"

Primary Eyes: Amber wolf eyes

Wolf: Black

Beast Beta: Kim JinYeong
Height: 5′10.5"

Primary Eyes: Golden-green Leopard Eyes

Cat Form: Melanistic Amur Leopard


If this species has intruded or inspired you, I welcome you to use the universe. However, I do ask that you please refrain from attempting to write about the High Alpha. He and his family have a very specific role, which will be written by me, and only by me. You are welcome to use his name, and the names of the rest of First and Second pack, or even to use the Sons and Daughters of First Pack, which will be explained later in the story, but not the First Pack themselves.

Thank you again for reading, and I hope you enjoy this story and universe.

Safe Travels,


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