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Derek and Catherina have been friends since Kindergarten. Derek is a melodramatic womanizer, who tends to date older women. While his best friend, Catherina is quite the opposite. In fact, she's a perfectionist who's comfortable with being single. To the world, they are just friends but the real question is, what type of friendship do they share? In their final year of college they faces trials that threatens to destroy their friendship. Too bad sometimes things aren't what they seems. Warning: Contains harsh words and sexual contents.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One


Playing with the cool air I sucked in a lung full of it's oxygen then released it out in short puffs.

Stretching out on the wooden bench I tilted my head to the sky while continuing my relaxing assault of the slight wind.

I've always loved mornings, in fact it's the best time of the day. It's the time when the sky transform from a endless blackness to a blend of red and orange then finally decides on a pure blue with fluffy white clouds.

It reminds me that no matter how bad the past may be or how yesterday was every morning you get a chance at a fresh start. A start to do what ever you wanna do then before you know it your future is filled with happiness.

Smiling at my philosophy I tilted my head to the side and noticed a blonde jogging up ahead.

Her tan skin was glowing in the morning light. She had sandy blonde hair that was bonded at the top with a pink scrunchy while the remaining was like a waterfall ending in her back. It bounced with pose and elegance while she jogged.

Her ears were plugged with a pair of white ear pods.

A pink sports bra was the covering that clothed her top half. It hugged her breast pushing them upwards showing off her cleavage.

My eyes trailed down her obviously soft flat stomach passing over her button navel.

Her pink and black Jordans was like a second skin enabling her curves to be prominent. It ended midway down her legs.

Her pink and white sneakers were the last touch to her outfit

This girl reminded me of a supermodel cruising down the runway. As in one of those popular movie where the hot girl performs in slow motion at her entance.

Yep definitely like that.

Involuntarily I whispered, "Amazing!"

"Nah I give her a seven," was the lazy response I heard.

I tore my eyes from the blonde to glare at my best friend. "What! Seven? Seriously!" Shifting I looked back at the beauty. "Look at her Derek, she's so much more than a seven. She's more like a....a...nine...ah nine and a half if you ask me."

He frowned, "That's why I never asked you."

Letting out an audible sigh he explained, "Besides look at her, she's so coordinated in her pink. Girls like those only wants perfection and another name for a perfectionist is a crazy bitch."

Turning to give a rebuttal but he hastily continued, "Plus Greg from our team crash with her a few times and boy did he have stories."

An eye roll was expected for that one. Those damn jerks!

My attention was brought back to Miss Number Seven Blonde. Staring at her a murmured escaped my lips before I could catch it back, "But sometimes I'm a perfectionist."

"Yeah! Hence the word crazy bi—"

I shoved him before he could complete that preposterous sentence. Chuckling he slid of the bench and stood above me. Just in time to catch category seven blonde showing off her cute plump pink lips that was curled in a sweet smile.

Ugh! Gagging...

"Hi McKenzie," she cooed in a sing song voice.

Sadly Derek only shrugged nodding in response as she jogged pass.

Now I just couldn't help the eye roll that followed.

"One day when you do that they're just going to roll right out of the socket," he stated matter of factly.

Flipping him off I stood beside him. "When you stop giving me a reason to do it then you won't have to worry about my eyes falling out."

Shaking his head he stared a head at the sea. "Maybe later we could get together and ride some waves."

"Ah no you can't. You have a sex date with Ms. Hooks".

"Lisa," he corrected.

"Sorry...still her name is Ms. Hooks. Even if she's your girlfriend she's still years older than you are. You know the term called cougher." I smiled sweetly.

He groaned walking away. "She's just a few years older."

Trying to keep up with his pace I added dryly, "You mean like sixteen years older..... that's not NORMALLY classified as a few years."

Now was his turn to roll his eyes. "Whatever she sure as hell don't act like she's that age," he grumbled.

Holding back a shudder I stated sternly, "Just remember your play date today with Ms....ah Lisa."

"Yes Mom," he replied sarcastically.

Rolling my eyes yet again I started jogging.

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