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Heartbroken that she still doesn’t has a man in her life almost 27 years old and still a virgin who is gonna believe that right. Going on a trip to Paris may change your life forever, it may get the real dirty freak out of you the one you never tought you had.. But what about the promises you made to yourself no boys till you al figured it out, but maybe is this what you need? This is the story of Katienne a hardworking New York City architect who never got a man in her live, she takes a trip to Paris just what she needed no drama no work just herself and some champagne but maybe this little virgin needs some more in her life than just that.

Erotica / Romance
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“Finnaly some vacation after all this hardwork” Kattiene sighed she deserved it though after al she works 6 days in a week just so those buildings can have a nice design. She finnaly got 2 weeks vacation after begging her boss he saw that she really needed it she is the most hardworking women in the office.

“Katie can you just come and sign these documents real quick than your free to go on youre trip” Ben asked when he saw her walking searching for her keys. He was a alright boss you just do what he asks and you on good terms with him. “Alright boss and it’s Kattiene I don’t like to be called Katie you know that” she says with a annoyed face. Ben is okay he is like a 100 years (okay not really but he’s verry old you know” sometimes he flirts a little bit with the women around the office but just on a playfull way he loves his wife verry much and actually never did something weird to the other women working here.

“Finnaly Kattiene what took you so long girl” Megan asked. They had been bestfriends since high school always been there for each other. “Yeah i know sorry Ben asked me to sign some papers and after that he called me Katie again” Kattiene’s fiancé always called her Katie sad thing is he died just one week after their engagement, a car accident. She never really got over him even if it’s almost 2 years ago. After all she is also very sexually frustrated she never made love or get fucked because she believes in no sex before she got married, her abuela lived by that and wouldn’t forgive her if she had sex before her wedding.”You need to get over him Kattiene there are many man who would kill for some good sex with you”. Megban always sayin stuff like this because she wants Kattiene to losen up a little bit. It’s not like abuela will wake up from her grave and lecture her about her having some good sex. “You know i just don’t have sex with random people Megan it’s nothing for me, now move youre ass before we miss my flight i need to get out of New York”. She already packed her bags before she went to work, Megan is her ride she really wanted to go but her husband can’t live without her.

All i want is a relationship like they have so pure and perfect like they are. Im happy that she found her prince, maybe I’m ment to be alone but she really want to expirience mindblowing sex before she is to old and tired.
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