Daddy's Little Monster

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Hearing their screams,their please,them begging for their life,their fear is what I feed off of. Their delicious blood is what I crave to taste and feel on my hands. I saw this girl today her pale skin was shining with her dark brown eyes was dancing with the light. She looked free and innocent but I looked closer and I realized she wasn't happy she was upset outraged heartbroken because she couldn't fix. She couldn't be cured, She was trapped inside her self while somebody else was in control of her body. I want to ruin her last innocence and turn her into her real self

Erotica / Romance
Liliah E😋
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Jack . N

Today I had talked to my therapist about my demon side he said I could be cured but I don't think so. He's not like my old therapist though I will say that. She is more passionate about curing me. She said she have hope for me I told her that I can't be cured an I don't want to be cured I reached the most dangerous stage. I kill for fun I love how I put fear into people's eyes I love how they run from me. I am who I am and no one can change me. I will ruin this world and who ever wants to stop me from making the world mines I will not hesitate to play with them in my play room. Hearing their, they're please, them begging for their lifes their fear is what I feed off of. The delicious blood is what I crave to taste and feel on my hands.I saw this girl today her Carmel skin was shining with shining with the sun her dark brown eyes was dancing with the lights. She looks free and innocent but I looked closer I realize she wasn't happy she was mad upset outrage because she could it be fixed she couldn't be cured she was trapped inside herself while somebody else was in control of her body she was jus like me trapped couldn't be set free.

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