Raising the Mafia’s Child

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Kyle is trying her harsest to adjust to mafia life while Max and Dimitri do whatever it takes to keep their family safe

Erotica / Drama
Avery Law
4.7 25 reviews
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Chapter One

”Alright, the crib is set up, is there anything else that needs to be done?”

”I just need to find a rocker.”


Max walked in, bringing a glider with him.

”Max and I got one for you. We knew how much you wanted one.”

”Thank you guys so much.” Kyle kissed Max and Dimitri and started to leave the room. Max grabbed her elbow. ”Where are you going?” he asked her. Kyle knew what he wanted, and she thought it would be fun to tease him.

”I was just going to go sit down while you guys clean up.”

”Oh no, little bee, I think we need to make you dirty.”

She was seven months pregnant, and she felt huge, but the guys always made her feel beautiful. In the beginning, she had a hard time being intimate with them, she felt like damaged goods after what Cannin did you her, but Max and Dimitri kept reassuring her by telling her how much they loved her.

Max started kissing Kyle’s neck while Dimitri was paying attention to her breast; he loved how sensitive they are.

”Seriously, is your kid's room?” Ryan yelled before walking out.

Kyle was embarrassed that her brother walked in.

”Don’t you know how to knock?” Dimitri asked as they followed Ryan to the living room.

”I never had to.”

”Well, you don't live with us anymore so that a warning would be helpful, and you're lucky we didn't have your sister fully naked.”

” Let's change the subject.” Ryan didn't understand how his sister could be with two guys, but he realized that she was happy, and that's all he cared about. ”We took care of Carter and got the money he owed us; I was also hoping that I could ask for some time off. I would like to take Varina on vacation.”

”Of course, just make sure Anatoli has the help he needs.”

”I already have that covered.”

Since Kyle has been back, Max and Dimitri turned over the leadership to Anatoli and Ryan, with the baby coming they thought it would be nice if they were there for Kyle. While they still owned everything, they didn't have to work.

”I’m finally going to ask her to marry me.”

”Congrats, but if you hurt her, I will kill you.” Max threatened.

”I know it's the same with Kyle.”

”I’m happy for you, Ry.” Kyle hugged her brother and went to get food. She felt like the baby was keeping her hungry all the time.

Max and Dimitri carried on a conversation with Ryan, revealing that they wanted to marry Kyle but would wait a while after Ryan asked Varina. They also realized that she probably didn't want to be nine-months pregnant and dealing with wedding festivities.

”I’m going to the store, do you guys want anything in particular?”

”No, Myshka. Remember the rule, Ellis has to go with you.”

Kyle hated having a bodyguard, but she like Ellis. Ellis gives her space, and she trusts him.

”Are you sure you should shopping?”

”It'll be good for me to walk around.”

”I’ll keep an aisle away, so if need me, just tell.”

”I know the routine.”

Kyle walked in front of Ellis and started heading towards the meat section. She wanted to have a big cookout this weekend, so she needed some ground beef. She was looking over the meat when a gentleman came up next to her.

”You’re studying the beef awfully hard.”

”I’m just deciding on the amount.”

”Well, you'll need more than food to keep your baby safe?”

Kyle was shocked at what she just heard and went to look at the guy, but he's back was already to her, and he was walking away.


Ellis quickly walked over to her. ”Did that guy do anything. We need to get home,” he said, I need more than food to keep my baby safe.”

”Let’s get you home.”

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