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When you catch your boyfriend cheating on you what do you do? Have a breakdown? Get revenge? Replace him? How about all three? Fayth is about to find out that life doesn't always go to plan no matter how well you follow the rules and sometimes, good girls are just bad girls that haven't been caught. Feelings?... Well they rarely stay the same... how will she handle her new found feelings for someone close to her? Someone she was never meant to develop feelings for? Drama & heartbreak await... but will there be a happy ending?

Erotica / Romance
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Just for tonight

Music was thumping through the house party giving a wild freedom to the place. Alcohol was flowing. All of my senior class is here along with Blain's friends. They were all dancing or playing games. Having a great time.

Thank god our parents aren't here to see what Blain has done. We would never be left alone again if they knew he threw a party while they are gone. Actually, they would probably kick him out. He's only living here to finish college since it was so close and much cheaper than staying on campus.

I'm not really much of a partier usually, but it's not all bad. My loving boyfriend is here... somewhere.

"Hey, cutie." Ren's husky voice met my ears and his large rough hands wrapped around my hips. Internally I roll my eyes. This boy will never learn.

"Hi, Ren. Mind taking your hands off me before..." I started with a smile before being rudely interrupted.

"REN! What the fuck have I said about touching Fayth?" Blain yells out when he catches sight of his hands on me.

Exactly what I wanted to avoid. He's extremely over protective considering our parents only met 3 years ago. They got married after only knowing each other for a couple of months. He's been like this since we first met. It's like that big brother gene kicked in on the spot or some shit. It's annoying as hell, but I know he's just looking out for me.

Ren releases me holding his hands up in mock surrender "I was just messing around, dude!" He chuckles.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Mess around with someone else. Hands off of her." He points to me glaring at his best friend.

I decided I'm not drunk enough to deal with their arguing that always happens when Ren gets a little too flirty with me, and slip away to find the boy I was most interested in seeing.

"Hey, have you seen Toni?" I ask his group of friends. They shake their heads 'no' and advert their eyes not bothering to even look at me.

What the hell was that about?

I continue looking through the house for him for a good hour, but he's no where to be found.

Fayth: Did you go home already? I hope you made it safe. Call me in the morning. Love you!💋

As soon as I hit send a loud crash is heard upstairs. No one was supposed to go up there. We're going to be in serious shit if someone messed with our parents room.

I ran up the stairs following the commotion to... my room?

It all happened so fast.

"I knew it! I told her not to date your worthless ass!" Ren is pulling a very pissed off Blain off of Anthony, AKA Toni... my boyfriend. He threw another punch catching Toni in the jaw. "You're lucky I fucking found you instead of Fayth" and another punch "In her own fucking room?! You piece of shit!" Blain gets out of Ren's hold and rains punch after vicious punch.

And what was Toni doing? Looking like he was about to piss himself under the monstrous attack of my step-brother.

"Blain!" I yelled out to grab his attention hoping to stop him from whatever the hell he thought he was doing.

His eyes turned to mine and quickly the rage turned to sympathy.

"What the hell is going on?! You can't just-" I was cut off by a pleading Toni blood dripping from his nose and lip. That beautiful face bruised to hell.

"I'm so sorry Fayth. I didn't mean t-"

A quick right hook from Blain halted his words. "shut the fuck up!" He spat.

Blain is a beast when he fights, but he never fights without a reason and right now, he seems livid about something.

Finally, I take in my room and froze. There in my bed was my best friend Ashley... naked and that's when I took in Toni's appearance.

"You..." I said coldly looking between Ashley and Anthony. "Both of you... are dead to me. Get the fuck out."

I was in shock.

Anthony wasn't just cheating on me. He was cheating on me with my best friend I've known since kindergarten.

"Fayth, I'm so sorry please." Ashley cried, fat ugly tears streaming down her face, but I ignored her.

She doesn't deserve my sympathy.

Toni... Anthony reached for me before Blain grabbed his wrist twisting his arm behind his back and marched him out of my room in just his boxers. Ren following behind.

"Grab your shit and all of his and leave now." I spoke as calmly as I could. No emotion breaking through. I felt nothing. I was numb. My best friend and boyfriend of 8 months were fucking in my bed.

I'm going to have to burn my whole room down just to get rid of the memories of this night.

She sat in my bed naked and crying and soon the numbness trickled into rage. I grabbed a picture frame off my desk by my door looking at the image of Ashley and I when we were 6 years old playing in the sand box.

The frame bit into my tight grip as my heart broke a little more and I screamed throwing the damn thing at her. "I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT! I HATE YOU! I NEVER WANT TO FUCKIN SEE YOU AGAIN! GET OUT OF MY FUCKING BED, OUT OF MY GOD DAMN ROOM, AND OUT OF MY MOTHER FUCKING HOUSE YOU BACKSTABBING SKANK!"

I threw one thing after another from our childhood at her as she swept the clothes into her arms and ran out of the house. Wolf whistles and crude name calling following her as she ran through the party to leave.

Was it my proudest moment? No. I could have and should have handled it as the adult I'm about to be in a week, however, that's not me. Sorry not fucking sorry. She's lucky I only threw shit at her. What I wanted to do was beat both of their asses.

I fell to my knees in the wreckage that is now my room and cried into my hands as sobs wracked my body.

I don't know when the music was turned off or when everyone went home, but after crying for what seemed like forever, Blain was there. Holding me tight trying to sooth me with gentle circles on my back and kind words whispered into my hair. I just let him hold me for a while. I couldn't be bothered to deal with anything at the moment.

"Fayth, you need to get some sleep. We can clean all of this up tomorrow." He said brushing his hand through my hair with my face buried in his chest, his shirt soaked in my tears and snot.

Yes, I'm an ugly cryer. Get over it.

"I-I don't want to sleep in here tonight. I c-can't, Blain." I hiccuped.

He nods his head in understanding. "You can sleep in my room. Just for tonight. We will go get you new stuff tomorrow." He spoke gently like he thought I would break, but you can't break what's already shattered.

I nod and followed him to his room. He paused in front of his attached bathroom handing me a t-shirt and baggy shorts to change into. "You won't get much sleep in that." He points at my tight jeans and glittery tank top. "And I really don't want my mom asking if I brought home strippers while they were gone. I'll never hear the end of it." He joked which made me do a very unlady-like snort.

After I changed into what I now realize are Blain's way too big on me t-shirt and basketball shorts that I had to tighten and roll down a couple of times, he was waiting already changed in some sweats and no shirt. Not like it matters he walks around like that every day.

He led me to his bed and tucked me in before crawling in and pulling me to his chest to hold me while I broke down again.

He didn't say anything this time. Just held me and let me cry until I fell asleep while he stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head.

Tomorrow is going to suck, but in the moments just before I fell asleep I made a promise to myself. From now on I will not let one tear fall for a stupid boy who broke my heart or a horrid ex-best friend who shattered me to pieces.

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