Rosalee and the CEO

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At 19 Rosalee leaves her small town in Missouri and moves to Seattle, Washington. Her whole world changes when she meets Jason Peters. The CEO of a Major company and her new boss.

Erotica / Romance
Valencia Marie
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The City

I took a deep breath as I walked out of the airport. I had done it, what I had been dreaming of for the past nine years. I had left my home town and moved to Seattle, Washington. Seattle wasn’t my dream city to live in but it is far away from Forester, Missouri which is all I cared about.

By the age of ten, I was bored with the small-town life that Forester offered and it is a small town with only 180 people everybody knows everything about everyone. No way around it and you sure don’t want to end up on the gossip mill because you’ll end up ground into dust. There are no secrets in that town which leads to a lot of fights and if it happened a Sully’s the local diner at eight then the whole town would know the entire story by ten. I never had the discomfort of being on the mill but I’m sure they’re all talking about me now. Moving out in the middle of the night is not taken kindly to, but that was my only choice. I couldn’t live in that place anymore.

My parents and I have very different views of my future. We got into a big fight the night of my graduation. I knew going to college was out of the question because for some reason social evolution never reached Forester and higher education was meant for men only. My parents wanted me to marry a boy who lived in town and become a housewife whos only jobs were to cook, clean, and have babies. No way in hell was that happening so, I took all the money I had saved up over the years of birthday cards, allowance, and babysitting money. I bought my self a plane ticket, I had already lined up an apartment. I wrote a note and stuck on the fridge and I left.

After an expensive cab ride to the apartment building, I grabbed my bags and headed into the front office to my keys from the super. Once I’m inside front office is a generous term to describe the small basement-like room with papers strewn about and singular flickering light. I knock on the half-open door.

“Yeah,” said the disgruntled man.

“Hi, I'm Rosalee Phillips I called the other day about the vacant apartment?”

“Yes, the girl who can pay in all cash. Do you have the money for the deposit and first and last month’s rent?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I walked into the dark room and paid for the apartment. The man took me to the apartment. It was a one-bedroom that had a Murphy bed even though it wasn’t the prettiest place to live it was a place to live. I put my bags down and he handed me the key. I began unpacking. I also made a list of stuff that I needed to get while I was out tomorrow looking for a job.

The next day I went out into the city to look for a job and a grocery store along with some other things I needed for the apartment. While out I find an ad for a receptionist job that pays fifteen dollars an hour no qualifications needed. I hail a cab because I bought too many things to carry all the way back to my apartment. While I’m putting my things into the cab a man runs dead into me as if I’m invisible as reach to pick up the last of my things. We both get knocked on to our asses. Once we both got to our feet I look him. He had short dark hair and blue-gray eyes that looked like a stormy ocean. He was slim but muscular from what I could tell from underneath his expensive-looking suit. He was very good looking. I didn't realize I was staring at him until he spoke.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there,” he said with a half-hearted smile.

“It is okay not too much harm done,” I said hoping he didn't notice that I was staring.

“Here let me help you with those,” he reached for the bags

“Oh that’s okay I’ve got,” She reached down to get them at the same time and they collide yet again.

Ow, we said at the same time.

“Well if you won’t let me help you with your bags at least let me pay for your cab.”

“You don’t need to do that.

“I insist especially since I ran up the meter with the collision.”

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out this wallet before I could refuse he handed me a $100 bill and I was stunned. Then he just walked off. I hopped into the cab and told the now irritated cab driver my address. Once I was back home I called the number listed in the ad for the job to set up an interview for Friday which was three days away. I put away all the things I bought and made myself dinner. After I finished my dinner a took a shower and went to bed thinking about the handsome stranger.

I thought about him all night and I couldn't sleep every time I closed my eyes I saw his gorgeous face as it collided with mine what a fool I was. First I stared at him as if I've never seen a man before and then I smash my big ass four head into him. He must think I'm an absolute idiot. At that moment I was a good thing this is a big city and I'll probably never see him again. I sighed at the realization that the chances of me seeing him again were only in my dreams. So, I let myself dream about the handsome stranger.

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