The Affair

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I didn’t mean for it to happen. It was never my intention to cause all this damage. I didn’t want to hurt her and tear apart my family. I just got in too deep and couldn’t get out. My name is Jake and I am an asshole. Jake has the picture perfect life. Sexy wife, teenage daughter, big house, secure high paying job and his prized Aston Martin. So why would he get caught up with another woman?? Short story.

Erotica / Drama
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The Affair

I didn’t mean for it to happen. It was never my intention to cause all this damage. I didn’t want to hurt her and tear apart my family. I just got in too deep and couldn’t get out. My name is Jake and I am an arsehole.

“Harder Jake!” Izzy moans as I am pounding my dick relentlessly into her pussy. I take her leg and throw it over my shoulder because I can go deeper in this position.

“Fuck yes, that’s it babe. Keep going.” Izzy grunts underneath me. I am thrusting in and out of her so hard that the bed head is most likely making the existing dent in the wall bigger. My heart is pounding and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep going.

“Don’t you fucking stop Jake.” She sternly tells me. I place both hands on the top of the wooden bed head and drive my knees hard into the mattress. I slam into her pussy over and over again as hard and as fast as I can. I am grunting now and at this speed I know I will come in no time.

“Izzy, babe. I’m going to come. You gotta hurry up.” I tell her through gritted teeth. She slaps me on the arse and then begins to play with her clit. She is moaning loudly and I’m sure we can be heard throughout the house. I let go of the headboard with one of my hands and place it loosely over her mouth so that her cries are now muffled.

“Shit, yes. Oooohhhhhh.” I can feel her pussy walls clenching around my bare dick and I know we are both about to come. Her finger moves faster on her clit and all of a sudden she begins to slap it repeatedly. I love it when she does this, it means she is about to squirt all over me.

“Fuck yes Izzy, squirt all over me.” I tell her. With a loud but muffled scream she finally lets go and I am soaked on my tummy and thighs with her release. Seeing her squirt and feeling her juices spraying all over me and the bed are enough to bring me over the edge.

“Can you feel my seed shooting inside you Izzy?” I ask her while grunting as I fill her up with my thick, white semen. With the end of my release and Izzy’s release slowing to a trickle I collapse on top of her absolutely spent. I lay there while my heart rate slows and my breathing returns to normal.

“Ah another great start to the day. Thanks husband.” She kisses my shoulder and I take that as a cue to get off her. I roll out of the bed and scan the mess. Our bed is completely soaked and Izzy has a pool of liquid underneath her sexy arse. I make eye contact with her and she shrugs her shoulders “Babe, you love it when it hits you. Usually you lick it up, not hungry this morning?”

“Cheeky! Is that a challenge?” I raise my eyes and waste no time in crawling back on the bed and licking her thighs before moving to her wet swollen folds. I lick softly and can taste my own come as well. I begin sucking on her red clit, I insert a finger into her warm core and love the sounds that are coming out of her mouth. I remove my finger and cover her whole dripping pussy with my eager mouth. I use my tongue to open her pussy lips and see how far I can push my tongue in. I pretend it is my dick and thrust it in over and over. I take it she is enjoying it because she pushes my head further down and I am struggling to breath. Her grip on my head is so tight it’s like she can’t get enough of me. I whip my tongue around in circles and graze my teeth over her clit. She wedges my head in using her thighs and suddenly I feel her whole body tighten and into my mouth trickles more of her release. I lap it up and swallow it greedily. When she loosens her tight hold on my head I raise it and take a big gulp of air. I kiss my way up her naked body and shove my tongue straight into her mouth ensuring she can taste herself on my tongue.

“You’re wild Mr Etcher.”

“Only for you Mrs Etcher.” I say and get off the bed for the second time. “You take the sheets off and I’ll take them down to the laundry after I shower.” I tell her.

“Of course. I should have time to put new ones on the bed because I have a late start today.” Izzy yawns.

“Lucky you. Did you organise the delivery from the hardware shop? I need it by Saturday.” I ask her while I turn the shower taps on.

“Oh shit, no I forgot. Sorry babe, I’ll put that on the very top of my to do list.” She shouts back. I shower quickly because I don’t want to be late today or I won’t get a car park at work. I scrub my body thoroughly washing away all the traces of sex and then turn off the taps. I grab my towel from the heated towel rack and wander back to the bedroom. Izzy has rolled over and is softly snoring. I guess I won’t be washing the sheets just yet. I pick out a navy suit and crisp white shirt, selecting a black tie before heading back to Izzy on the bed. I bend down and leave a kiss on her cheek. She grunts and mumbles to me “Don’t forget you need to pick Ellie up from soccer practice this afternoon. I won’t be home until 8 as I have dinner with a client.”

“Yes, I remember. I’ll take Ellie out for pizza since it’s just the two of us. Love you baby."

"Love you too." she whispers.

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