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Previously titled: One Shot Collection This is a growing collection of erotic short stories, “one shots”, written by myself, MyOwnWorstCritic. These stories contain graphic sexual content & are not suitable for young readers. Topics may include, but are not limited to: - DD&LG (these are consenting adults. Not minors.) - Brat - MFM - Rough Sex - Bondage - CNC- consensual non-consent, otherwise known as forced sex or rape play. In scenes such as these, all parties are aware, consenting, & can opt to use a safe word to stop any activity at any time. [sexual assault is a true issue & should not be taken lightly, however, in scenes such as CNC, all parties stick to the rules of BDSM (safe, sane, & consensual).] - Mystery Romance - Supernatural - Knife Play - Gun Play - Teacher/student - BDSM * All stories in this collection are of my own creation. * No content may be copied, recreated, or reposted without my written consent. * Requests are always welcome.

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Daddy’s Kitten (a daddy dom&little/brat one shot)

This is a Dom/Daddy Dom & Little/Brat one shot, not an incest story. I hope y'all enjoy! 💋

His big strong hand massages my right ass cheek. Gripping it roughly, making a quiet moan escape my lips.


"One, Sir" I say biting my lip as he rubs my other cheek in turn


"Two, Sir" heat pulling at my core making my words come out as more of a whisper


"Three, Sir" I full on moan from the hot tingles spreading through my body.


"Four, Sir" I whimper in need.

"Have you learned your lesson yet, Kitten? Or should we continue?" His voice is deep and gravely. It hits my veins like a smooth tantalizing caress.

A smirk plays on my lips before I turn my face to his. I look him directly in his eyes seeing nothing, but lust laying in them and put on my best innocent look.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. Whatever could you mean? What lesson?" I purr.


His big hand comes down harder on my ass covering both cheeks.

I moan loudly, nearly screaming.

"Mmm I like it!" I winked back at him. Biting my bottom lip.

"If you're going to be a brat, Kitten, I'll treat you like a brat." He growled into my ear. His voice held so much promise that I just couldn't help myself.

"What are you going to do?" I wiggled my ass slightly as my stomach lies across his lap. "Spank me?"

He quickly picked me up in his arms and threw me on to the bed. Taking off his belt slowly, letting the sound of leather slipping through belt loops linger. I looked up at him with wide eyes and a big smile when I saw his tongue draw across his lips.

"Call me Daddy again, Kitten."

I bat my eyelashes at him feigning innocence. "But Sir... that's against the rules and I'm a good girl." I slid on to my knees and elbows arching my backside up into the air pretending I needed to stretch and let out a soft moan.


The leather of his belt bit into the skin of my rounded ass cheeks causing a moan to escape.

"Mmm yes, Daddy!"

He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him. Licking one round cheek and then biting it and then the next. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second as my body reacts to his tongue on my skin. I wiggle my hips pushing my core towards his tongue. Goddess how I needed that tongue on my sensitive folds right now. He pulled back just slightly and blew on my pussy. My inner walls clinched begging to have him.

"Now now, Kitten you didn't want to behave. So you will take what I give you and not take what you want. Is that understood?"

I gave a pout and pushed back again still missing his lips on my lower set.


He spanked.... my pussy?

I gave out a gasp at the contact and tried to compose myself.

"I said, is that understood?" He growled running his nails down my rounded cheeks.

"Yes" Breathlessly I respond closing my eyes.

"Yes... what?" His hand rubbed where he had just spanked me between my thighs.

"Yes, Daddy." It came out as a surrender to whatever he may bring. At that moment I no longer cared I just wanted him inside me.

"Good girl. Now don't move."

He grabbed restraints and attached them from my wrists to the bed and then some to go around my lower thighs, just above my knees, connecting to my wrists... making sure they were tight enough that I couldn't move. I was stuck. Trapped in a face down ass up position that gave him all the access he wanted to my begging body.

His hands dragged across my back starting from my neck down to my ass in a lazy slow torturous line.

He slid his hands down my hips kissing and biting my back and hips as his hands traveled around my lower stomach and up to cup my breasts.

Soft sighs were all that could be heard coming from my lips. Until he pinched my nipples hard at the same time and dove his tongue deep into my wet pussy. Making me scream and moan.

"Fuck! Yes, Daddy!"

He growled against my pussy lips spreading me apart with his hands and ate me out like he was starved and I was the best thing he'd ever have on his tongue.

He slid two fingers inside me not even bothering to take it gently. Curving them to hit my g-spot and carried on finger fucking my pussy while he licked and sucked on my clit.

My walls gripped his fingers almost immediately making me want to cum.

"Is this what you wanted baby girl? You wanted my fingers fucking your tight little pussy and making you cum?" He said it in a deep lustful voice against my quivering wetness and it made me want to cover his tongue in my juices.

He slid another finger inside me picking up the pace. Pounding his fingers into me harder and faster.

"Cum for me, Kitten. Give Daddy your cum."

His voice alone could hold so much power over my body that it came as no surprise that I squirted all over his tongue.

He leaned up over me, pulling my hair to make me face him and smashed his lips to mine in a heated demanding kiss. His tongue wrapping around mine like they were in a fight all their own causing me to moan in his mouth.

"Damn, I love the way you taste." He said pulling from our kiss. My chin covered in my cum from his face.

He smirked at me as he pulled away and walked off to his large dresser. Only to walk back with a mischievous glint in his eye holding a blindfold.

"I think you've seen enough. Now Daddy's going to have some fun."

I giggle, not at all uneasy of what is going to happen. Daddy takes care of his Kitten. He wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.

He slipped the blindfold over my eyes and I was surrounded by pitch black. I hear his foot steps as he walks away and then the sound of his door opening and shutting.

Wait! Did he just leave me here?

I whimper feeling alone in his room.

I waited. It was probably only a few minutes but it felt like forever.

Waiting in silence.

My need for him building by the second.

A pout graced my face as I stuck my bottom lip out and felt abandoned for the first time with him.

A whisper of a touch dragged up my left side from my hip to the side of my breast. I sucked in a breath as I gasped. Then there was nothing. I was waiting again... but now I think that he's there with me. I couldn't be imagining heat radiating from someone's hand on my skin could I? Then the same action repeated on my right side. It gave me chills in a good way and made me shiver in anticipation.

Hands stroked my hair from my face softly and then gripped it tightly. Without warning he slammed his hard throbbing cock inside my wet needy pussy and buried him self deep inside me making me scream in pleasure and surprise. Holding me there to let me adjust to his full length and girth.

"mmm so fucking tight" he growled into my ear.

I was panting trying to catch my breath when he slid a hand around to my throat and left his other hand tangled in my hair.

He squeezed my throat gently. "Hmm... What am I going to do with you, Kitten?" He moved his hips back and forth so slightly that it was a tease.

"Anything you want, Daddy. I'm yours." Was my only reply as I gasped at the small movements causing my body to heat up.

He pulled out so only the head remained gripped by my walls. Then slammed into me again harder, faster, and picked up the pace over and over again until the only sounds were his animal like growls, skin hitting wet skin, and my uncontrollable screams of pure unabashed pleasure.

Quickly my walls grabbed his cock harder letting him know I was close to another climax. He pulled my hair harder and roughly spoke in my ear "Don't fucking cum yet." I whimpered at the pain for my hair and the pleasure he refused to allow me to seek solace in. Each stroke of his hard length dragging me deeper to loosing my self control.

"Please.. please Daddy m-may I c-cum?" I begged. I begged like it was the only thing I needed in life. At that moment it was. The only thing I needed.

"NO" his one word answer was more of a growl and then he gave a sadistic kind of laugh to himself.

"This pussy is mine! You are mine and whatever pleasure I give you is MINE!"

He pounded into me harder every time he said the word 'mine' and it had my legs shaking so much I was sure he felt the vibrations between thrusts.

"Y-yes Daddy" holding back from release made my eyes water and my voice quiver.

"Say it, Kitten! Tell me this pussy is mine! " it was a command and I needed to follow it. I needed it like I needed my next breath.

"It's yours, Daddy. This pussy is all yours!"

It was a scream I couldn't hold it back much longer. I was tumbling over the edge and I couldn't handle it.

He squeezed my throat harder, enough to cut off oxygen. Slamming into me as hard and fast as he could. "Cum for Daddy, Kitten. Cum on Daddy's big fat cock." He growled into my ear and came in an earth shattering, soul snatching, ground breaking orgasm while he filled me up with his hot sticky load.

I was panting. Still stuck with my ass up in the air when he pulled out of me. He gave a sound of approval as he ran his hands up and down my swollen lower lips and then shoved 3 fingers inside me making me buck my hips.

"Hmm always ready for more of me, Kitten." He teased curling his fingers and hitting that spot again with his thumb on my clit. Working his way back to another orgasm from me with a come hither motion of his fingers. "Come on baby. Give Daddy what he wants." There was a tone of amusement in his voice, but I wasn't amused. I was coming undone wrapped around his fingers. "Cum for me, Kitten. It's mine! Give it to me." And at that... I came again. Our mixture of cum pouring from my greedy little cunt into his hand and down my thighs.

He came around the bed rubbing his fingers along my lips. "Open up." He commanded. I took his fingers into my mouth and sucked our cum off his digits, moaning in appreciation.

He unhooked my wrists and thighs and laid me down on the bed crawling behind me in a spooning like cuddle with his arms wrapped protectively around my hips. He kissed my shoulder to my neck up to my ear. "Good girl" he whispered. "Now get some sleep. I want those sexy, fuck-me lips wrapped around my cock when I wake up."

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