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Look what happens in Sawley Tomber's life once she has an encounter with Mr. Ghusher Alford ,a billionaire who loves s*x , being correct it has to be said who lives for it...... One encounter changes beautiful life of Miss .Sawley to Mr.Gusher's .......

Erotica / Romance
Poorvisha Vasanth
Age Rating:



" I fucking love you Gusher " Sawley cried

I pulled her close and embraced her into a hug

I did not let my ego hold back my tears

"Say again " I pleaded

"I fucking love you Gushy bear " she said , Making us both chuckle

I pinched myself I felt numb

Of course it's a dream , because it was too good to be true

I don't deserve her


Guys thank you for your time reading the story and I actually am warning you ,that is Matured content Romance ,and I hope you know what I mean and I please wanna make sure that this is the first time I am trying to write this kind of book so sorry for all my flaws and errors .......

Encourage my efforts though....

Just joking.....cause I know you all actually do ....

And Definitely A Big sorry for the words used ,it is not meant to hurt or something ,but it is just to keep it real....

And all the places and names are created just for the story purpose....


Here we Go!!!

This is actually raw copy , this will be revised soon .

Read at your own risk

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