Sawley - My toy

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Rough or Gentle

Gusher Alford

I picked her up as she fell down and placed her on couch

I loosened my tie and removed my watch as I walked towards my room and got refreshed wearing my sweatpant.

I grabbed drinks and glasses from bar for both of us

She squinted and opened her eyes while I was drinking my shot , she grabbed the bottle and had sip

Someone is going to have a bad headache tomorrow I thought

She kept the bottle and saw me while giving me a sheepish smile she brought her hands and placed it near the Hem of my sweat pant

I got up and threw her upon my back and we went to my big bedroom , I threw her on my bed.

I removed her clothes and threw it

I brought my tie lying on the night stand and tied her hand placing it over her head

Damn this girl is doing wonders

Holding her hands in one of mine , I placed my other one on her breast kissing her lips wildly , to which she was kissing me back with the same energy

I squeezed her breasts making her moan as she arched up

This is heaven

" Say my name " I said

" What's your name?" she questioned

Weird , does she really not know my name

I knew girls were around me always throwing themselves to have sex ,but this lady was different , I could not deny her like every other woman

"Gusher " I replied

"Gucci fuck me " she sang

Your legs are gonna regret your decision I thought and smirked

I removed my pants and tossed it

She gasped and smiled

"Are you ready Toy ? " I questioned

She nodded thrice

I inserted my finger to her clit and started moving it in circular motion and up and down , my fingers were wrapped by her tight pus.y

I removed my hand licking it feeling her on my taste buds

I removed the tie on her hands

I inserted my rub on her and started thrusting her in slow pace and it went deeper and harder

"Ahhhhh" she screamed

"Just like that baby girl " I replied

" Oh my God Gusher !!!" She screamed

" Gushy " she moaned fucking turning me on .

I grabbed her ass and after thrusting for a while hearing her moan and scream

I freed in her and watch her smile too , I could feel her legs shaking , I could feel she was hurt

I came in all over her , and fell beside her kissing her whilst playing with her hairlocks

"I want ice cream !!!" She complained like a kid

I let out a chuckle

" Can you walk ?" I asked

She tried to stand up but miserably failed

I caught before she could trip on ground pulling her closer to bed .

" Be here " I said wearing my pant

I got up and went to kitchen grabbing the box of chocolate ice cream and spoons and went in to room.

I saw her wearing my white shirt and buttoning it

Damn I had to admit she made me speechless , she came near me chirping " Look what I have found " blinking her eyes excitingly

I wiggled my eyebrows questioning her

She squealed " A marker " showing the marker in her hand .

"Yay" I faked excitement

She sat on bed tapping beside her

I assume she was calling me

I went near her and we sat facing each other

I opened the ice cream box and gently

scoping the first spoon and started to feed her , she took a bite and was acting like a kid indeed made me think she was kid

She opened the marker and started writing on me which I did not take seriously cause it would go away after shower

After feeding her and myself eating the ice cream simultaneously , I kept the box

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