The Determined Mr Delicious

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Not everyone finds love in their 20's. It takes some a little longer but it doesn't mean it can't happen and it not fun. Ambi a 36 year old woman living her life, working, travelling living her best life everyday. Was not expecting what she discovered on her next vacation.......then there is Gi a 41 year old hunk of a man throwing himself in his work not looking for anything. They say you find what you looking for when you not even looking. Is it true? can it really happen? (All rights reserved) All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Erotica / Romance
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Amberline Murlani (Ambi as she is called by everyone who knows her) an independent 36 year old single woman working on make herself comfortable and happy. Not having much luck in the relationship area, a couple relationships with one lasting more than three months not bothered by it, Ambi was busy living life. The only serious relationship was five years ago with Jessie it lasted 11 months, it started off with verbal abuse until one day he raised his hand to Ambi which landed him in jail. Ever since Ambi has just been living her life balancing work, play, family and friends. Not looking for love if it came along, she'll let it take it's course and see what comes out of it.
Growing up in a sheltered home and the youngest sibling Ambi was determined to make it on her own. Amberline is a Medical Research and Development Scientist. Standing at 5′7" a beautiful toned body, skin the colour of honey, big beautiful dark brown eyes with a natural sparkle, perfectly straight and slim nose, a smile that you just can’t resist. Jet black layered hair reaching down to mid back, breasts a neat size c and hips proportionate to her body, smooth skin an exotic Indian beauty. Born in Trinidad moving around the Caribbean, the US and Canada. If you did not know her age one could easily assume she is in her early 20′s she was blessed with those fountain of youth genes.

Dressed in a knee length yellow v neck sleeveless empire waist dress hair pulled to her left in a side ponytail, tan flat sandals and a white tote on her shoulder and her green carry-on. Amberline arrives at the gate finds an empty seat as she waits to board her flight to Costa Rica, she pulls out her book and starts to read until it’s time to board her flight, oblivious that this trip is one that will change her life forever.

Ambi - I’t’s 5:30 am and I’m seated at the gate I choose an early flight it’s not too busy. There is just something I love about being the airport when it is quiet, I enjoy seeing the airport wake up the smell of freshly brewed coffee for the days influx of passengers rushing to get to their flight on time, the bookstore putting out fresh newspapers, the restaurants preparing their meals I just love early mornings the calm before the storm. Finally they announce time to board letting passengers in according to seat numbers I'm seated at 9A and is part of the first group to bard.

I enter the airplane, quickly finding my seat I lift my carry-on securing it in the overhead bin above my seat. I get settled into my seat securing my tote under the seat in front of me I fasten my seat-belt and patiently wait for the rest of passengers to take their seat. Silently praying that nobody comes to sit next to me, in 2 hours and 44 minutes I will be in Costa Rica enjoying my 5 day vacation zip-lining, deep-sea diving and hopefully whitewater rafting. Finally I hear the air-hostess footsteps down the isle placing herself to the front of the rows ready to make her announcements. The plane starts to move away from the gate and head towards the runway waiting for take off. I put my head back and wait for the announcements to be completed, the stewardess makes their final checks and it’s take off. As luck will have it the seat next to me is EMPTY ! Yes ! Thank you God ! I close my eyes and enjoy the flight.

My Trip is going to be awesome I prefer to travel during off peak seasons. I choose the third week in September as school is in progress less travelers, shorter lines yes ! this is the life. Slight turbulence wakes me from sleep about 40 minutes left in flight. I grab my tote and head to the washroom to freshen up. I pee, wash my hands and my face, fix my hair, dry my face. I don’t wear a lot of make up, I apply my spice lipstick and get back as quickly as possible to my seat. I pull out the book I was reading until the pilot announces our descent into Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport. I look out my window and take in the beauty of the descent the lush green, the breathtaking ocean I can’t wait to take it all in , the sites, the adventures the memories.

I am staying at an all inclusive hotel this trip belated birthday present from my one and only sister and brother in law........I felt bad accepting such an extravagant gift from them. They are well off both have good jobs my brother in law a big business executive and lawyer, my sister a lawyer. They have three children they should be saving for their children's education but they insisted. Saying I work hard and play harder, they wanted me to have fun. Being the last child and a girl I was treated like a princess by my parents and my siblings, for my sister I am still her little doll.

Finally we land and are instructed to disembark. I always try to travel light to avoid having to wait on the luggage carousel. I packed everything I need in my carry-on I did not have to wait. I exit the airport and head to the shuttle with the resort's name on it. In about 20 minutes I arrive at my hotel, the view is striking as you pull up. Tall trees, well manicured lawn, perfectly groomed landscaping.

I'm at the front desk completing the formalities there is a couple checking in with the other front desk staff, the guy in his early 30′s and her in her mid 20′s (guesstimate). They are on their honeymoon woohoo ! for them, and a gentleman he smells like he is made from the finest breed of men there is (yeah I know smell). He’s standing away from me but whatever scent he is wearing he wears it well, damn it's like a crisp white t-shirt, with notes of sage, and ginger that offers a sharp juicy freshness you just want to devour the taste.

Gi - I hear the clerk at the front desk say "Here is the key card to your room Ms Murlani do enjoy your stay with us". I glance over my shoulder to see the clerk handing keys to the most beautiful exotic looking creature I have ever laid eyes on. Skin the colour of honey an Indian princess dressed in a cute little yellow dress that flatters her figures but not showing off too much. "Thank you" I hear the Indian princess say she does not have that Indian accent. I can't place where she is from as she walks to the elevator I am in awe. This exotic princess just made my cock twitch, that's something I haven't felt in while. I have to know more about this creature. My dad's company is a major shareholder in the hotel I am privy to any information I request. Is that a ring she is wearing?.

Ambi- I glance in Mr delicious direction his back is facing me but I indulged in his scent that was good enough for me. Only able to get a back view I see a full head of dark brown hair, some grays less than 10% but evenly distributed in between his dark brown tresses. 6'2" and well built at least from behind. I can tell he is well toned the way he fills his slim fit khaki pants 'hmm he has a nice ass'. His blue polo hugs his broad shoulders and triceps, if the back is this good I can just imagine what the front must look like.
I collect my key card and head to my room. I unpack my bags, shoot my two best friends, my sister since she paid for the hotel and my mom a message I arrived safely and head to one of the restaurants for lunch I am starving. I planned to go back up to my room after I get lunch to get ready for the Saturday shindig the resort usually throws. I decide on the more casual restaurants on the resort as I'm casually dressed.

I am pleasantly greeted by the host a 5'5" local who ushers me to my table. I opted to sit outside to enjoy the view. Well kept green space, exotic flora and fauna and in the horizon a beautiful view of the ocean. The waiter comes by and places a complimentary fruit punch at my table leaving me to peruse the menu.................

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