The Determined Mr Delicious

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This Girl !


I’m at the gym starting my workout, all I can think about is Ambi. After last night with Ambi I am convinced she is the one. Her kisses, the way her skin feels. Being with her, touching her was electrifying. The way her pussy gripped my cock I have never felt that connection with anyone. I know she will be mad but I am determined Ambi is going to be mines.

I finish my workout and head to the shower. I peep into Ambi’s room to see if she is back yet and I hear the shower running. She is back, I get in and shower. I take my time getting dressed as I’m a little bit intimidated by Ambi. I don’t know how she will react to the news. I try to compose myself and head out, I see her in the kitchen. “What are you looking for gorgeous?“, I seem to have startled her as she jumps. OK Giovanni out with it tell her, get it over with.

“Be as mad as you want to be, my father has always encouraged me, when I see something I want go after it with all my might. I know you will be pissed but I want more time with you. While you were at your workout session I went ahead and made arrangements with the airline to change your ticket you leave Saturday. We have two extra days with each other.”

OK now that is out of the way I wait for a response. Ambi just stands there eating, not even looking at me. This can’t be good, she is probably holding my balls with a vice grip right now. The silence is killing me. I stand there just observing Ambi waiting for her to speak, but nothing. As she is walking out the door she speaks her words worse than a poisoned dagger,"this is borderline psychotic. This is beyond stalking. I want to go back to my hotel room TODAY. I am done got it Giovanni." She walks out before I could say anything. Should I try to call her? I don’t even know if she has her phone. I still try calling her but no response.

Charlie and Tyler arrives, Charlie is grinning “G.L. what did you do last night?”

Very authoritative I respond, “last night was great I claimed her, all of her. It was this morning I fucked up.”

Charlies lets out a laugh saying “I was not looking at Ambi like that but the marks on Ambi’s skin is noticable. What did you do Mr Wyson that had her looking so livid as we passed her in the hallway?”

I let out a sigh, “oh nothing that bad Charlie, I just extended her ticket for two more days while she was getting her morning workout in, then telling her about it.”

Charlie shakes his head putting his arm on my shoulder telling me “relax it can’t be that bad. Who wouldn’t want to spend two more days with the charming G.L. Wyson?“.

I sigh telling Charlie “Ambi !, last night she was very specific that my balls would pay the price for any smart moves I make.”

Charlie lets out a hearty laugh “oh shit G.L. I’m sorry for you bro, she’s probably making an omelet with your balls.”

I instruct Charlie and Tyler, "don’t remind me, lets get to work. I’ll deal with her when I get back. She wants her stuff sent back to her hotel room. She went into the town with her two friends, the older of the two couples the two guys. After dropping me off you all can make a spin and just check up on them. I’m still paranoid after Saturday night.”

Charlie “sure will do, again I was not staring. Just making an observation, even a guy with cataract will hit on Ambi. I have noticed guys at the hotel glancing at her. So are you going to move her things back to her hotel room?”

Gi “ Fuck no i am Giovanni Lucas Wyson. Thanks for looking out for Ambi, guys.”

Charlie “no problem G.L. you know we got your back. How is your balls feeling?”

I pull charlie in a head lock as we are in the elevator messing with his hair, “little better now thanks.”

Charlie “dude you don’t mess with the hair.”

Gi “sorry I forgot, did you go over the file on the Pearson investment? What do you think?”

Charlie “It’s not bad could be better, but we could guide them, help them turn things around it’s not too late.”

Gi “great! I was thinking the same thing.”

Charlie and Tyler drop me off at work. I feel a little better after Charlie talked to me, but I know Ambi is still mad as fuck with me. I am hoping she cools off a little bit at least. I try to concentrate on work for the next few hours. I send messages to her phone, so when she gets back to the suite she’ll read them. I check in with Charlie and Tyler. They are my eyes when I can’t be near Ambi. Ambi and the guys are having fun they say, along with a picture of her laughing. It takes the edge off seeing her smile, I get back to work.

Charlie sends me a message that they are headed to the hotel, Ambi and her friends are headed there. I’m almost finished here, I just have to be back in the morning to go over some documents. I can’t wait to see Ambi, I missed her so much.

Charlie and Tyler walks into my office, sitting down on the sofa. Charlie saying laughing his ass off, “she doesn’t seem to be angry anymore, it’s safe to retrieve back to the suite G.L.“.

I pick up the highlighter on my desk and flings it at him. In a light-hearted tone I say to them “ha ha you are so funny, I’m not afraid of Ambi.”

Charlie gets up off the sofa “lets head out. I wonder what trouble you gonna get into later?”

I get up from my desk, picking up the files I was working on I put it in my bag.

I head out following Charlie and Tyler, “I’m not getting into anymore trouble with Ambi I promise,” as we get into the vehicle.

Securing his seat-belt Charlie turns to me in the back seat saying “yeah right ! You’ll tell us about it in the morning.”

We arrive at the resort, Charlie parks in the parking lot and we get out. I head to m suite Charlie and Tyler leaves to go do their own thing. I enter the suite Ambi’s door is closed, I sit on the sofa and sends Ambi one last message.

’When I talk to you I feel privileged. When I see you I cant help but stare in astonishment. When I’m near you I want more.′ I take my jacket off and lean back in the sofa waiting for a response. My eyes are closed when I hear my phone ping.

I open the message to see it’s from Ambi asking me ′where are you?’.

I respond, ′outside I was apprehensive about entering your room.′ Leaning back into the sofa I wait.

As I hear Ambi’s room door open, I remain leaned into the sofa. Anticipating a serious tongue lashing, waiting for Ambi to speak, let the tongue lashing begin, I kinda earned it. I wait a while and still nothing.

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