The Determined Mr Delicious

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Dinner in Suite


Where are you?’ I reply

An instant response ′outside I was apprehensive about entering your room’. I get out of bed, put my dress back on and make my way out. Gi is seated on the sofa leaning back into it, with his phone in his hand. I sit next to him he leans forward, his blue green eyes are now darker. When his mood changes so does his eye colour. I look him in his eye he kisses my forehead, in a concerned tone Gi asks, “still sore? ”.

I reply trying to sound as conciliatory as I can, “ That is the last of your problems and yes, I am not a whore I don't sleep around. I am livid, you didn’t give me a chance to give you an answer. Couldn’t you have waited an hour for me to say yes or no? Nobody makes decisions for me not now not ever got it psycho. I don’t have a choice I have to stay now. What did it cost to change the date?".

Gi takes my hands in his kissing them, with a smile he says “I am sorry my bella, I want to spend more time with you. I just met you, you can’t leave yet. I added you to the company’s frequent flyer club membership so it’s no charge and you’re flying back first class too.
I lean back into the sofa, "that supposed to make it better?"

I sigh to myself out loud 'will I ever win this Italian?'

He leans in to me holds my chin plants a kiss on my lips saying most confidently “nope not today not tomorrow not ever.”
I motion to get up and Gi pulls me down landing me on his lap, “where you going gorgeous?.

“Back to my room,” I respond nonchalantly.

He hugs me tight nesting his face in my neck saying “nope you’re staying right here. Have you decided on dinner plans?

I scoff , “yes I am having dinner by myself”.

Gi looks at me with sadness, "really?"

With a straight face, "yes I don't feel like going anywhere with you right now."

Gi pleads, "please have dinner with me?"

I continue, "no and do not ask me again."

Gi asks, "do you want the chef to prepare dinner for us up here?"

I reply, "you can do whatever you want. You are used to doing it."

Gi, "if I ask the chef to prepare dinner here will you eat with me?

I respond, "no I'll eat in my room."

Gi makes the call to request the chef to prepare dinner, ending the call he turns to me moving my hair from my neck kissing me neck, “so my precious we have 2 hours till dinner time what do you want to do?
I get up off the sofa heading to my room, “I’m going to the spa. You can do whatever you want.”
Gi rushes to my room standing in the doorway stopping me as I try to walk off, “I have a better idea let’s have the spa experience here grabbing my waist and pulling me close to him.

I wiggle in Gi’s hold saying “I want the full spa experience" as I hold his hand inspecting it, "and these hands just don’t look like they can do the job”, with a smirk on my face.

Gi places his hand to his left side of his chest motioning he is in pain saying to me “oh you really know how to hurt a man’s heart don’t you?!”

I just smile at him saying “I always speak the truth."

“Ok it’s settled spa treatment in my room get moving Missy.” smacking my butt to get me moving.

“Why your room? I ask

“Because I said so end of discussion,” replies Gi.

“Well if that’s how it’s going to be I’m going to sleep cancel spa time, wake me when the food is ready,” in a defiant tone.

Before I can take a step Gi picks me up throwing me over his shoulder. He heads to his room, as he sets me down I slap him, " Even with my violent ex I never raised my hand look what you turned me into." tears rolling down my cheeks.

Gi gets to his knees hugging my waist, "can you please forgive me." I close my eyes, Gi gets up of his knees hugging my face kissing me, "don't cry it was my fault." Gi ushers me to take a shower while he gets the room ready for my massage.

As I walk back into the room I am greeted with the scent of lavender. Soft light emanating from the lit candles all around the room. On the night stand next to the bed Gi has laid out an assortment of oils.

He puts his hand out to me, “ma’am” and leads her to the bed. He positions me on the bed to lay on my stomach and removes the towel. “Fuck woman you really are sexy you got dimples of Venus and all,” Gi screams out . I just bury my head into the bed pretending I did not hear him.

Gi starts to massage me. He uses the heel of his hand to make continuous fluid movements and work the whole length of my muscles starting at my feet. He takes his time, focusing on each muscle before moving to the next. When Gi feels a knot he spends some more time kneading the bad boy out before moving on to another part of my body. At some point I fell asleep and Gi turned me over to finish my massage, as I notice I’m on my back and a towel is draped over me when he wakes me up.

Gi is standing on the side of the bed staring at me “enjoyed your massage princess? he asked confidently.

Yes I did sir it was exactly what I needed. I apologize for making fun earlier and for slapping you. I’ll make it up to you later.” replying with a smile.

Why thank you Ms. Amberline, the chef just left, you can wrap yourself up and go get changed I’ll be out in a few gonna shower.

I make my way to my room and throw the fist thing my eyes fall on a v-neck cap sleeve empire waist pink and yellow floral print dress. I decide to have dinner with him in the dining room. I exit the room meeting Gi in the living room. He is dressed in black sweats and a white t-shirt hugging him in the right places Gi hooks my arm,“shall we madam?”

I respond “certainly, we make our way to the dining area that is just off the the kitchen. The table is already set Gi’s dish is a shrimp alfredo and I had seared chicken with pesto zucchini orzo. He pulls out my chair and slides me back into my seat. The food looks and smells amazing I can’t wait to dig in, as we start eating

Gi grabs my plate moves it across to him and places his plate in front of me, “hey I was enjoying my meal why did you do that?” in my furious tone.

“Why do you think I asked the chef to make us two different dishes?

Sharing is caring,” he says as he sticks his tongue out at me.
This Italian Brazilian is a handful. After dinner we both clear the table and wash up.

Gi lifts me up and takes me taking me to his room. He puts me down near the bed, “ok I’m ready to be thanked,” he says sounding excited.

“I had dinner with you that was your thank you,” I chuckle trying to make my way out his room.

Gi holds my hand pulling me back, “oh no you don’t, I want a proper thank you.”

We walk closer to the bed, I push him so that he falls into the bed. I slide Gi’s pants off and his Jr Gi springs to life. Gi takes his t-shirt off, he gestures towards me to remove my dress he unclasp my bra as he helps me out of my panties.

I position myself between his legs, “so what do you want me to do now, baby?” while I am holding his penis I don't wait on a response.

I tease him a little bit gently kissing his inner thighs and lower stomach. I slide my tongue from the base to the top of the head. Licking my lips I slide them along the shaft making out with it a little. I tighten my lips around the shaft while I move up and down creating a “vacuum” effect. Gi lets out a groan of satisfaction.

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