The Determined Mr Delicious

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Beach Day

Back track to my shower this morning I can’t get Amberline out of my mind when I’m near her I want to be as close to her as I can. When I’m away from her I yearn to see her, I have her until Saturday. How am I going to go back to Brazil without her? Fuck I think I love Amberline......
No not think I fucking LOVE her.....
Oh fuck what spell has this goddess cast over me? Why do I feel this way about her?!.
Oh Amberline I want you to be my forever baby. As I get out the shower and started to get dressed my phone rag, it was a video call from my big brother Andino. Older by 4 years the older of the twin by 4 minutes. He is in Brazil for a few days to do some business and called to check up on his best brother.

Though Andino and Angelino shared a uterus for 9 months, when I was born Andino saw himself as my protector and always looked out for me. Andino lives in New York and Angelino California. While Andino saw himself as my guardian Angelino took to my twin sisters Dani and Daniele. Mom didn’t know she was having twins until she was ready to deliver. Daniele was a surprise they had already chosen the name Dani, when Daniele came out they just went with Daniele. They are 2 years younger than I am. Then there is Sergio 2 years after the twin girls. My baby brother I took to him from the time my mom announced she was pregnant. I took charge of him making sure he kept on the straight path. He started up business in Dubai 3 years ago.

I remember I have to call Andi back, I pull out my phone and video call. ” You took longer than 5 minutes best brother so I let the cat out of the bag,” he says with a straight face.

“Mom knows you have a woman with you and she is telling dad as we speak," Andi continues keeping a straight face.

“Damn Andi I told you not a word. I wanted to tell you about her first before you go running your mouth. How much trouble did you get me into?“, Gi shouts to his brother.

Andi starts to laugh uncontrollably at his brother, “relax Gi you know me better than that I was just pulling your leg. Now tell me who is she? I just got a glimpse of her. She is a pretty one! You had sex with her yet?” Andi says as he settles down waiting for his brother to spill his heart out.

Gi starts, “she staying at the resort. I was in the lobby as she was checking in on Saturday, since I set eyes on her I knew she was the one bro. I swear there is something about her I can’t stop thinking about her. She is smart, funny, serious, sarcastic as fuck, not afraid to say how she feels, if she is mad she’ll let you know it. She slapped me. She is confident, adventurous, independent, strong, caring, kind, her smile lights up the room. Her eyes sparkle like crystal chandeliers, she has the cutest straight nose, her body is perfection. Her skin taste as good as it looks like honey, her laugh is contagious..........” Gi is interrupted.

“Dude I’m married, keep going and I just might steal your girl,” Andi says jokingly.

“She slapped you? How was the sex? When are we going to meet her?” Andi asks.

“Yes she slapped me. I extended her stay for two days and she was pissed. She was going back to Miami tomorrow, I called the airline and changed it to Saturday. I don’t want her to leave Andi and the sex. It’s better than sex and it is fucking amazing she is PERFECT ! I can’t live without her. What do I do?”

A stern Andi, “my advice to you dearest brother is if she is as amazing as you say she is don’t let her get away. She does sound amazing. Don’t do anything that will scare her and we both know how extreme you can get. I never liked any of your choices. I’m happy they never worked out. You are too fucking good a guy for those gold digging bitches you always seem to attract."

Gi continues, “she is not a gold digger I sent her a dress to have dinner with me and she blanked me. She blanked me Andi. Charlie said she is not a gold digger I have hit the jackpot. Charlie and Tyler are very supportive.”

“I love you Gi and I want you to be happy it’s about time. I got to go I’ll check in with you later good luck! Tell my future sister in law I said welcome to the family.” Andi says with a laugh and hangs up.

Charlie walks in signaling time for work, I make sure my clothes is fixed before leaving. I give Charlie and Tyler their duties for today which include keeping an eye on Ambi while I’m at work. I just have a few loose ends to tie up I should be out of the office by noon.

After getting off the phone with my favorite brother, I call my best friend.

“Hey Andi how are you my friend?”

Andi, “I’m great how are the wife and children?”

“We are all great what is up?”

Andi, “I think it worked.”

“Are you sure?”

Andi, “I just got off the phone with my brother he is head over heals, over the hill in love.”

" WOW ! I hope it’s the same woman. Thanks for the updates if you get anymore info let me know.”

Andi, “well I did not get a name so only time will tell. Will keep you updated.”

“Great my in laws are anxious.”


I make my way to the lobby I meet up the rest of the group, we head to the beach. Selecting a hut we plant down in our lounge chairs. Adam starts with his inquisitiveness asking about Gi and I. I told them I’m staying till Saturday and they are all elated to hear that.

“Guys after Saturday what next? I go back to Miami he goes back to Brazil and that’s the end of my vacation romance.” says a sad Ambi.

Dan replies, “don’t think too much just let things happen. Lets just enjoy the rest of our vacation.”

We continue our morning having drinks, the guys get into the water Janna and I wasn’t ready to go in yet. I gave Gi my word I will keep my swim suit covered up which I did. Kinda glad I did there are a few new faces at the resort and I’m not comfortable with the gazes I have been getting.

The guys went off to do some beach activities Janna and I remained on our chairs I fell asleep. I am awaken when I feel someone hovering over me. I open my eyes to see this guy, late 30′s, standing at 5′10, light brown hair, bare chested, he needs to out. Those abs need some work, wearing green swim trunks.

I sit up from my chair politely asking the gentleman, “can I help you sir?”

The guy leans closer to me placing his hand on my knee, he says “yes actually, you can join me at the bar for a drink.”

Janna comes to my defense telling him, “back off she’s not interested.”

He looks over at Janna telling her, “I believe I was speaking to your friend.”

Janna rebuts telling him, “leave right now or we will call security.” I get up from my chair, facing the guy speaking very sternly,“I believe my friend gave you the answer. I am not interested, thank you for your offer.”

The guy grabs my hand saying “just one drink come-on.”

Ever so thankful , I am hit by the wonderful scent that has been stalking me since I got to the resort.

Mr. Delicious his voice coming from behind me, “what seems to be the matter here?“.

Janna starts “this freak was hitting on Ambi even though we both told him she is not interested.”

Gi extends his legs over the lounge chair, standing next to me now, he takes my hand freeing me from the grip of the guy. His tone very forceful he informs the guy, “I believe my girlfriend told you to leave her alone. Leave now and I won’t harm you.”

The guy puts his two hand up in surrender, backing up he says “sorry bro,” as he walks away.

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