The Determined Mr Delicious

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It's not gonna be easy


While I sit perusing my menu, my waitress Shelly comes by placing another drink on my table. I stare at the drink with concern looking up at Shelly, I politely ask about the drink as she already brought me my complimentary drink......She smiles innocently and with a bit of nervousness in her voice she says, “a gentleman who was at the restaurant at the time you walked in ma’am asked that a drink be sent to you. It’s a shirley temple ma’am as he was unsure if you consumed alcohol and asked the bartender to suggest something you might like.

"Oh! Thank the gentleman still here? I would love to thank him personally for his kind gesture" I respond.

"No ma’am he just left," replied Shelly

I breathe looking at the drink, "Shelly I know you are just doing your job, please don't think I am rude. I don't accept things from strangers can you take this back for me please." Shelly takes my order and removes the unwanted drink. As Shelly takes her leave I turn to the view, taking in the ocean the fresh breeze. I smile to myself thinking of all the fun I’ll be having over the next few days.

Shelly returns with another drink I did not order and my food, "he seems to be persistent Ms, the bartender fixed this one has alcohol in it." Shelly says as she places my food and drink on the table. I look at the drink roll my eyes and ask her to take it back which she does.

Slightly annoyed I try to settle down and enjoy my lunch, a chicken casado which is a typical filling, midday Costa Rican dish, casado brings together cooked rice and beans served apart with a green salad, plantains, avacado and chicken. I savor my lunch the taste absolutely delectable, I always try the local dishes it's amusing on my pallet the mix different flavors , the local spices and herbs used in preparing the dishes. I finish my lunch and signal for my bill.

Shelly comes to my table and informs me that my lunch is taken care of as my bill was was added to Mr. Mystery's bill, and I need not worry. I asked to speak to the manager having always paid my own, I have been taking care of myself since I was 20 years old. I am not accepting anything from any strange man in a strange country. The manager comes by we speak about my dilemma and offers no assistance as Mr. Mystery is a V.I.P. guest at the hotel and whatever he requests is never questioned. Doing the calculations in my head, I roughly estimate my bill leaving the money on the table I was seated at.

I take the long walk back to my hotel. Enjoying the lush greens the variety of trees some fruit bearing, some just for beauty. For a minute I felt I had eyes on me, as I turned around I see two guys talking and clowning with each other but they were walking the other way. I turn around and continue to my room.

I have an ocean view room, a king size bed, flat screen t.v., the room in eggshell walls, white ceiling, bamboo flooring, the bed head also made of bamboo. Local artwork adorns the walls, a relaxing sitting area is arranged with two single chairs in chocolate brown, a sofa in yellow and a copper coloured coffee table. I pause at the entrance to the balcony as I take in the ocean view, this is my view for the next 5 mornings as my bed faces the glass doors leading to the balcony. In the balcony there is outdoor seating for two. I planned to go down to dinner around 7 pm, I don't want to be out too late. My first adventure is zip lining tomorrow, it's now 4pm I decide to take a nap. I am startled by a knocking more like pounding on my door, I'm certain I put the do not disturb sign on my door. Who is the wise ass that choose to defy that sign and knock the hell out of my door?!

I look through the peephole of my door, I see the two gentlemen who I saw walking away from me on my way to my room earlier standing at my door. I open my door one of the gentlemen looked about 28 years, 6 feet, built to perfection, very muscular dark brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin wearing a red polo that hugged his arms and black jeans. He was holding a gold coloured box about 2 feet long and about 18 inches wide. The other guy looked a little bit older maybe 38, 6'3", slightly more built than his friend, blonde hair, grey eyes dressed like his friend red and black must be a uniform. I rolled my eyes at both of them and told them they were at the wrong room, closing my door without even asking what they were doing at my room.

I closed my door making sure the safety locks were on, as I was walking off the pounding resumed. I looked through the peephole to see Jack and Jim, I just decide to name them that still standing at my door. Without opening the door I ask "what do you both want? if you all don't leave I will call security." I don't know which one responded, I heard from the other side of the door. " I'm sorry ma'am we are just here delivering the box for our boss," said a voice from the other side of the door.

"I'm sorry I don't know who your boss is and I'm not accepting anything from anyone I don't know," in my nice voice. As they are just doing their job. I wait a few seconds before I check the peephole and see they are still there, blondie is on the phone talking to his boss most likely.

Blondie knocks again saying "ma'am the box has all the details, can you please open the door and collect the package."......

After about a minute wait I open the door, collect the box before they could walk off I inform Jack and Jim very bluntly, "please let your boss know I do not accept things from strangers so he better start doing deliveries himself.". They both walk off laughing.

I put the box down on the coffee table and go back to my bed not even checking the box or the time. I hear my phone chime, I get up when I check my phone it's a message from bestie 1. Kay checking in with me it's now 6:15pm I get off the bed and make my way to the bathroom. I get out of the shower I blow dry my hair, putting on bare minimal make-up. I pull out my form fitting black dress and put it on it hugs me more than it should but who cares I'm on vacation. I put on my wedge sandals and make my way out the door. Yes I did not open the box, if he wants to be a mystery I'll respect his privacy and not pay him any attention. If it's one thing I don't like sneaky shit like that. I head down to the spot where tonight's night life is supposed to be happening.

I make my way to the bar and start making conversations with the people already seated there. The married couple Janna 26 and Patrick 31 and an older couple celebrating their 5th anniversary Dan 35 and Adam 39. We decide to get a table for all of us we ate, drank and laughed enjoying each other's company sharing stories and advice. Dan and Adam are so funny and really are the perfect pair. Dan gets up to dance turning around shooting us a look, like why are you all still sitting there get up ! I looked at Adam, Adam looks to Patrick and Patrick to Janna ending with Janna grabbing my arm saying, "if I do this so do you." As we hit the dance floor we start dancing. Adam and Dan they take turns swirling me around, we are having fun until I bump into something or should I say someone.

A guy in his early 40's reeking of alcohol and cigarette, like he has been drinking since this morning. Tall, dark hair, eyes bloodshot, hair disheveled, he grabs my waist tightly I try to get away from his hold but his hold is strong. I can't get loose, I get an instant flashback of Jessie. I am about to use my self defense training when.........

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