The Determined Mr Delicious

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Last day in Paradise

The 6 am alarm sounds and we spring to life, getting ready for our workout. I get to the gym first I select our workout music.
“You’re late” Ambi shouts as Gi enters the gym about 10 minutes after.
He snaps his towel on Ambi’s ass “so what you going to do about it?” Gi asks mischievously.
“No sex later,” Ambi tells him giving him the look.
Gi drops to his knees hugging her hips “I’m sorry baby.”
Ambi pushes him off “we’ll talk about this after the workout.” “Ouch baby you are a tough nut to crack.” he says falling back on his hands.

Ambi - “Gi what time is my flight tomorrow?” Ambi asks. “Woman why are you hurting my heart like that? I know you are leaving tomorrow. Can’t you see I’m hurting here?” Gi says with his hand to his heart.
“Sorry for asking I just wanted to know what time I needed to get ready for I have to pack.” Ambi says to him.
“I’ll check my email and let you know. You won’t miss the flight.” Gi tells her. We finish our workout incorporating our couples workout routine. As we are walking out the gym Gi snaps my ass with his towel again before I could respond he grabs me throwing me over his shoulder taking me to his bedroom where we shower.

While in the shower Gi tells me our itinerary for the day. Gi leans in and starts kissing me, his lips are so smooth he is so good with his tongue. As his tongue rolls into mines making my pussy wet. Gi takes my left leg and places it on his right leg, he thrust into me while still kissing me preventing me from making any noises. The only thing I can do is suck on Gi’s lips as he continues to ravage my pussy. He continues to thrust into me just as I’m about to cum he pulls his lips away from mines pulling out from me hugging me his cock squeeze between us spilling on us, we finish our shower.

As we walk into Gi’s room I notice clothes on the bed some mines some his. He picked matching outfits for us to wear. Simple but cute, kelly green shorts and white v neck t-shirts. We get dressed I put on some lotion and we are set for the day, before we exit the bedroom I get a glimpse of the cologne Gi uses. I’m going to have to get me a bottle to spray in my room when I’m missing him. He has grown on me I enjoy his company, he is considerate, kind, caring, thoughtful, funny, smart, sexy and oh fuck he is about four notches above handsome. As we walk into the living room Charlie and Tyler are walking in with breakfast.“Oh don’t we look cute this morning wearing matching outfits and all.” Charlie says all sheepish. We all sit and have breakfast together. We visit some monuments, coca, coffee shops and arts and crafts shops.

I told Gi I’m not buying too much as I only brought my carry-on. He wanted to get a larger suitcase but I told him no way. I’m not doing that, I have enough luggage as is. " What’s on your mind princess?” Gi asks as we are driving back to the resort. Leaning into Gi taking his hand and placing his arms around me, “is this a dream?“ I ask. He pinches my leg and I let out an “ouch !" rubbing my leg “why did you pinch me?“. A confident Gi responds “you asked if you were dreaming, I pinched you so you know it’s not a dream. It’s really real princess”. “It’s unreal this only happens in movies and bad romance novels” I say snuggling up to Gi. We get back to the suite at 3:30 pm. I go to my room and start to pack up most of the things I won’t be needing. I put the carry-on on a bench in the room and start to pack.

I jump at the sound of Gi’s voice, “you won’t be needing that”. I’m holding my bikini he walks up to me and grab it from my hands. “I’ll get rid of that for you,” he says as I try to get it back from him. “Come on stop being childish give it back you are not 12 years old,” I say to him. I decide to give into him, chances are he’s going to find a way to take it out after I pack it. I put my hands on my hip “any other outfits I need to hand over?” I ask sarcastically. “Yes ! since you asked” Gi walks over to my closet taking the black dress I wore last night and my white dress, “I’ll keep these two while I’m at it. These are too revealing to have you wear when I’m not around." I laugh ignoring him and continue packing. I leave out my outfit for travelling tomorrow, an outfit for later and my toiletries. As I’m finished the dress Gi had sent to my room is hung in the closet. I take it out and walk to Gi’s room with it, “you might as well hold on to this one as well, it’s not going to fit with my stuff.” handing the dress to him. He smiles “yeah you won’t be wearing this without me.” “We have to be at the airport for 8 am. The airport is a 20 minute drive be ready for 7:30 so no workout tomorrow. My flight to Brazil leaves 45 minutes after yours Charlie, Ty and I will just chill at the airport.” Gi tell me while he finishes his packing.

“I’m finished packing. Do you need any help packing?” I ask Gi.

“Yeah sure you can grab the shorts from the bottom drawer in my closet and toss them in my suitcase.” Gi instructs.

I walk over to the drawer grab the shorts and pack them neatly in his suitcase, “anything else?” I ask.

“Yeah my suits, there is a bag for them hanging in the closet can you get them please?” I’m on it sir as I walk to the closet.

I return with his suits “There were 4 suits in all right?” fixing them in his suitcase.

“Yep. Thank you.” Gi says as he kisses my cheek.

I walk back to the closet to see what else needs to be packed. I return with some of his workout clothes, a few t-shirts and some of his briefs. I left two out for him for later and the morning. After packing them, I go back making a final check, “ok I think that’s it,” returning with 2 shirts. I pack them before closing the suitcase, “did you leave clothes out for later and the morning?” I ask.

Pointing to shorts, a pair of jeans, a polo and a shirt on a hanger on a chair in the corner of his room “over there.” I zip up his suitcase. Gi checks his watch “It’s 6 pm, lets shower grab a quick dinner, we'll come back up and chill.” I get up to head to my room, Gi grabs my hand pointing to his bathroom. I undress in the bedroom and head to his shower. I get in the shower and start while Gi joins me. He does the soaping I do the rinsing, I get on my knees in front of Gi grabbing hold of his cock with both hands. Glancing up to look at Gi through my eyelashes keeping my eyes on him. I start licking the tip of his cock, taking him in my mouth I let my tongue massage the underside of his cock while he slides into my mouth. I release my hands and let my neck, lips and tongue do the work. I move my hands over to his balls and gently massage it with my thumbs. By the sound of his moans I can tell he is ready to cum. I increase my pace as I hear him moan “Fuckkkkkkkkk woman what are you doing to me?” as I feel him shoot up in the back of my throat. He helps me up we finish shower.

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