The Determined Mr Delicious

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Can't let my love go !

I go across to my room to get dressed I put on a short sleeve, knee length, white, wrap dress some eyeliner and a pink lip gloss. Brush my hair and there is a knock on my door. Shit I didn’t check in with anyone today my mother must be in a fit of rage. I grab my cross body and put my phone in while we are at dinner will check in with them.

I open my door, Gi is standing in a lime green, slim fitting shorts and a white polo that hugs him so perfectly. His arms are crossed, he looks up at me, “hey gorgeous I missed you” says Mr. Delicious. Earning him a smile from me. I kiss his cheek saying “I missed you more”. “Well if that’s the case come to Brazil with me tomorrow.” I laugh at him hitting his chest “you are funny, let’s go.” We get to the restaurant it’s the same restaurant I had lunch at the 1st day. We are seated at our table.

As we are settled in two fruit punch, a tray of buffalo wings, coconut shrimp and seasoned fried green plantain is placed on our table. “I ordered ahead, hope you like my selection. I requested baked not fried,” Gi says. “It’s perfect, everything looks so good.” I tell him, we start to eat.

We finish dinner and walk back to the suite. I take this time to message my mom, let her know I am OK. As we are walking Gi takes my hand he looks at me “may I?” he asks I smile as I remember what I did him a few nights ago.

Gi - “Ambi my offer still stands come to Brazil with me!”

Ambi- “I’m going to my home tomorrow.”

Gi "What do I have to do to get you to move to Brazil with me?"

Ambi -“What will I do in Brazil? I love my job.”

Gi-“Well you never know you may find a job you love even more.”

Ambi - “You are already looking for jobs for me aren’t you? You sly little fucker.”

Gi- “Ambi I just had some of my people look into employment opportunities for you.You will be moving to Brazil eventually.”

Ambi- “You’re awfully confident of yourself aren’t you Mr Delicious.”

Gi -“Yes I am because when I see something worth holding onto I hold on with my dear life.”

Ambi - We walk in silence for a bit before Gi asks “Are you mad?” I ignore his question and continue walking. Gi puts his hands around my waist still holding my hand.

Gi- I make a bee-line for the beach, hoping the walk will help cool down this hot head woman I have fallen for. I bring her back to the same spot I brought her to the first night we spent together. I sit down on a stump pulling her down on my lap. The breeze has her hair blowing all over her face. I move it away from her face pulling all the strands out of her face and twist it. I wrap my arms and legs around her, I rest my chin on her right shoulder.

“Amberline Aishwaria Murlani, I Giovanni Lucas Wyson love you. I had no intentions of finding love. When my dad insisted I make this business trip. I just wanted to come here, do my work and be on the first flight back to Brazil. But love found me through you and I couldn’t ask for someone more amazing. I can’t begin to describe how you make me feel. I already made arrangements to visit you this Friday. If you don’t want me to visit just say the word. All I know is that I don't want to let you go.”

Ambi - “I can’t wait to have you visit me Gi. Is it ok if I don’t tell you I love you right now? I just want to make sure my head is screwed on right before I tell you I love you.”

Gi - “Sure babe you can tell me what my heart already knows when you’re ready.”

Ambi - “So about these jobs any of them worthy of me giving up the life I have in Miami?”

Gi - “I’m not 100% sure about the jobs. I know I’m definitely worth it.” laughing into Ambi’s face.

Ambi- “You are too much Mr. Wyson.”

Gi- “So formal! what happened to Mr Delicious?”

Ambi- “I’m sorry Mr. Delicious”

Gi - Questa notte, questa luna e le stelle sono temporanee in quanto spariranno al mattino. Ciò che è permanente è il mio amore per te. Durerà per sempre. I whisper in Ambi’s ear. It’s itaian it means the night, the moon and stars are temporary. What is permanent is the love I have for you.

Ambi - We head back to the suite, as we get into the suite Gi takes me to his room. He takes off his clothes and drops it on the floor of the bedroom as he heads to the bathroom. I take them off the floor fold them and put them in his suitcase. He pokes his head out, “gorgeous aren’t you going to join me?” I turn to him twisting my nose, “ugh not tonight.“. Gi steps out of the bathroom, “what did you just say?” I put my hand to my stomach laughing, “I said not tonight.” He puts his hands on his hips looking at me up and down before untying my dress. Unclasping my bra and taking my panties off he flings me over his shoulder slapping my ass. He puts me down in the shower wraps his strong arms around me. I can’t help but admire this man early 40′s and still no wrinkles.

Gi starts to kiss me slowly he parts my lips with his tongue, I love how his tongue feels against my lips when he does that. He use his tongue to explore my mouth I run my fingers up his neck tugging on his ears till my hands are lacing his hair. Gi trails his hands till he lands on my breast. As he plays with my breast nipples holding them between his thumbs and index fingers I deepen our kiss. Moving from my lips, tugging on my skin from behind my ears down to my collarbone before latching on to my right breast. He continues to play with the left with his fingers, I let out a moan.

He let his land trail down pass my belly button straight down to my center. Inserting two fingers into my pussy I feel his fingers curl inside me, my fingers dig into Gi’s back as I clench on for my dear life. “Fuck baby can’t believe your pussy so tight”. Using his thumb to rub my clit while he continues to thrust his fingers into me. My breathing deepens as I feel the pressure building up in me. Gi removes his hands and bends me to 90 degrees. Slamming his cock into me I let out a screaming moan. He thrusts into me I start to rotate my hips on his I feel my pussy grabbing hold of his cock as he releases a ”fuck baby you so damn sweet”, he pulls out his cum spilling on my ass. We finish up in the bathroom before heading to bed.

The 6 am alarm goes of Gi puts it on snooze “10 more minutes”, Gi gruntle as he squeeze me tighter. I press against his body I feel his morning wood pressing against the back of my hip. Gi kisses my cheek “morning beautiful”, as he holds me I can’t help but feel a little sad that I say good bye to Gi until Friday. I enjoyed his presence this week, even the annoying stunts he pulled. I kiss his arm that’s wrapped around me, “good morning delicious”. Gi buries his lips in my neck kissing me “1,2,3,4,5”, he counts with each kiss. “One for each day we are apart”, he says making my heart flutter (he can be so charming). “1 kiss a day? That’s supposed to hold me out for each 24 hour day I’m away from you -1 kiss?! Glad to know I’m just 1 kiss worth.” I pout pulling away from his grip to get off the bed.

Gi rolls on his back tugging his hair he screams “Damn woman! you are a handful.” I make my way to the bathroom and start my routine. As I’m brushing my teeth Gi walks in trying to stand behind me. I move away giving him space as the bathroom has double sinks. I finish up and get in the shower, I feel Gi get in he pulls me close whispering in my ear.

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