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Homeward Bound

Ambi - my Uber arrives and takes me to my home. It’s a modern design duplex town house in a gated community. The adjoining town house is owned by an out of town couple. They fly south for the winter, they’ll be here after thanksgiving. I chose this style for the main reason I get to have a garden. Each duplex has green space separating the buildings giving me enough green space to enjoy flowers, seasoning, herbs, some fruits and vegetables. The out of town couple lets me use their green space. I have more than enough space to do my thing. I open up my garage to let it air out as I use the entrance from the garage to enter my home.

As I enter from the garage to my left is the stairs leading to upstairs to the right the living space and dining space. Facing me is the entry way leading to the family room and kitchen and just off the entryway after the stairs is the 1/2 bath. There are double doors from the family room leading to a screened in porch that leads to a little more green space. I make my way up the stairs I have a master bedroom with an en suite. A full bath, my laundry room, the second bedroom and the office which converts to an additional bedroom when my family is over.

I make my way to the master bedroom. It’s painted sea foam green and white with a queen size tall post bed. Grey and white chevron pattern curtains. Grey and white bedding with some orange throw pillows. I head to the shower I missed my home. As I get out of the shower I hear my phone ping, I jump into bed with my phone a message from Gi ’are you thinking about me?’ I respond with a picture message I’m on my bed wrapped in my towel my wet hair draped over my right shoulder, my left shoulder still has his trade mark as I make a kiss face.

Gi- My phone pings and I open the message from Ambi it’s a picture message she is looking sexy as fuck. Wrapped in a towel her wet hair hanging off her shoulder and I see the mark on her shoulder it hasn’t faded much. She is so fucking cute I smile at the picture sending a response. ’you’re going to pay for that’ . Charlie starts to poke fun at me I’m going to tell Ambi”. “Tell her what exactly?” I ask Charlie, “Oh that I just saw you looking at some other chick piture. Charlie says laughing.

I respond to Charlie slightly annoyed, “for your information Charles, Ambi is the only one. There is no other woman Ambi has all my attention. You of all people should know that.” Charlie is laughing hysterically, “G.L. take it down, I am just having fun with you. I have never seen you this entangled with anyone. Ambi is the real deal. Better not give me too much trouble I can’t take 5 days of this. ” We settle into our seats. About 2 more hours of flying time, I go through all the pictures I have of Ambi on my phone . She responds ′ I didn’t do anything’. I respond ’If you say getting me hard is nothing well I guess it’s my fault for not having self control’ . I put my phone away and try to fall asleep as I am certain how super organised Ambi is she has things to get done.

Ambi- I read Gi’s messages, I call my mom letting her know I’m home safe and sound. I tell her about my trip and how beautiful Costa Rica is. Like ripping of a band aid I tell her about Gi, she asks me questions I answer to the best of my ability. All in all mom did not sound disappointed she sounded relieved her only concern was the long distance. I brought up that Gi is visiting me this weekend she sounded pleased, “I love you mom” as I hang up.

I call my siblings since they all messaged me. I call my sister Nisha first ,”hi didi how are you? Thank you for the present the resort was wonderful. How are the kids and Brad?” Nish ”hey yourself baby sister. Everyone is good, the kids are settled in school. You were too busy having fun, you didn’t have time to talk to your sister.” Ambi ”I’m sorry didi forgive me please, I was having so much fun. Costa Rica is beyond beautiful. I’ll send you some pictures. I got to go will chat later. Love you.” Nish "Bye Ambi, love you too."

I then call Aki. Ambi "Aki how are you? How are the kids and Samara? Sorry for not checking in."
Aki "well hello little sister, nice to hear from you. We are all good."
Ambi "sorry Aki, I was having way too much fun. Costa Rica was amazing."
Aki "it's OK Ambi glad you had fun. Can't wait to see you in October. Love you."
Ambi "Love you guys too."

Now Izzi. Ambi "Izzi ! please forgive me. I brought you coffee."
Izzi "only coffee?"
Ambi "I got you some other stuff too brat. How are you and Elena?"
Izzi "we are great we just pulled up at Elena's parents."
Ambi "OK I'll chat later just wanted to let you all know I am back home. Love you guys. Tell Elena's parents I send my regards."
Izzi "love you too Ambi."

Next I call Kay “finally she remembers she has a best friend” Kay says sarcastically as she answers the phone. I give her the rundown on my week every last detailed event. I even told her I told my mother and the response I got. I got the nod of approval from Kay as well. Then onto best friend Ann “well look who finally has time for me” I swear these two best friends of mines are the sweethearts of my life. I give her all the details I should have done a three way rather than repeating myself but I was not in the mood for them to gang up on me. She also gave me the nod of approval. I end my call with her as I needed to go to the grocery store to get groceries.

I get dressed, grab my purse and keys and head out. I back out the garage I make sure he garage door is closed before backing out I drive a sliver Mitsubishi ASX. Thankfully the grocery store is not too busy I’m in and out in 40 minutes. I get home pack my groceries away. I hear the sound of thunder so I decided on some soup for dinner. While the soup is cooking I decide to do some cleaning as I wait. I finish up with the cleaning and soup is done, I sit with my soup in the family room eating. I check my phone Gi sent me a message at 4:30 pm that they landed safely. I respond ‘glad you 3 had a safe flight. safe drive home xoxo’ , I get a response 5 minutes after ‘Andi picked us up we’re almost home’

Gi- We land at 4:30 pm (5:30 rio time) I messaged Ambi that we just landed. As we exit I hear Andi shouting my name, he rushes towards me holding me in a tight hug planting a kiss on my cheek. (You’d swear this guy hasn’t seen me in like forever) he helps us with our bags and we head home. Charlie and Tyler live in the pool house. It’s about a 40 minute drive home all Andi wants to talk about is Ambi. Not that I’m complaining, Charlie is filling him in on all the crazy things I did. "I respect this girl, after all that charm you pulled she didn’t just drop her life to follow you here like that crazy gold digger Tanya," Andi says to me. "When are you bringing her home?" he asks. ”Soon big brother soon! I’m going to Miami Friday." I tell him, my brother smiles giving me the nod of approval “That’s my brother”. I continue talking about Ambi to Andi "I swear Andi, Ambi is truly amazing. You guys will love her."

Andi - as I'm driving Gi and the guys to our home Gi is going on and on about Ambi. I can't help but smile to myself totally aware of the facts Gi is telling me about Ambi. I loved her for Gi they day I laid eyes on her at my best friend's wedding and never gave up hope that it would happen one day.

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