The Determined Mr Delicious

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Home sweet home

Gi- as we arrive at home Charlie and Tyler make their exit to the pool house Andi helps me take my luggage inside. The help takes my bag upstairs to my room I tell them I’ll unpack myself. I go to the kitchen and hug my mom “Oh meu filho, senti sua falta. Meu precioso” mom says as she kisses me all over my face I swear my family is over the top when it comes to showering their children with affection. Dad is in the living room his eyes are closed I sit next to him hugging him he opens his eyes “Mio ragazzo ah mio figlio mi sei mancato” as he hugs me. Grandpa was in his room taking a shower.

Mom tells us dinner will be ready in 15 minutes I go to my room to get cleaned up. I message Ambi that I’m home and about to have dinner I’ll call her later. I take a quick shower grab some shorts and a t-shirt and head back down. Charlie and Tyler are walking through the door. Dad insisted that we all sit and have dinner together. Mom had the cook make my favorite dishes galinhada and camarão no leite de coco. At dinner Andi tries making subtle hints that there is someone in my life causing him to get the look from me. Charlie and Tyler are grinning from all of Andi’s talks. Mom, dad and grandpa are unfazed by Andi’s jabbers.

Charlie and Tyler head back to the pool house after dinner. Andi and I sit and talk with mom, dad and grandpa. Until mom, dad and grandpa decides to call it a night. I make my way to my room as Andi follows me I start to unpack. The help usually does this but I have some of Ambi’s stuff in there (she’s not going to wear revealing clothes when I’m not around). When Andi sees me pull out the dress she wore to dinner that night he looks a bit puzzled. “Ambi travels light so I’m taking it to her when I visit her this weekend” I tell him. Andi starts to yawn and makes his exit to his room. I pick up my phone and check my messages. Ambi ‘I’m calling it a night, sweet dreams’. I call her not knowing if she has already fallen asleep.

Ambi- I finish diner and tidy up before heading up to my room. I shower and get set for bed. The house is clean, my luggage unpacked, laundry done and I’m ready for bed. I message Gi telling him I’m going to bed, ‘I’m calling it a night, sweet dreams’. Half an hour later and I’m still awake. My phone starts to vibrate I answer it and I hear singing 'I just called (to say I love you)'. I giggle at how amazing this man is as he finishes his song.

“I had a compelling urge to sing you to sleep,” Gi says. "Thank you, it's exactly what I needed. Good night , sweet dreams." as I hang up the phone, Gi’s voice did the trick I was out not long after. The next thing I hear is my alarm. On Sundays unless I have an activity I need to be up earlier for I get up at 7:30 am. I get off my bed head to the the bathroom and get ready for yoga. After yoga, I showered got dressed in some sweats and a t-shirt I make my way to the kitchen to make breakfast. Gi ‘Princess good morning’ received at 7 am. I reply at 9:15 ‘good morning delicious’.

‘Sleepy princess now waking up?’ Gi

‘No, my alarm woke me up at 7:30, did yoga showered going to make something for breakfast, what are you doing?’ Ambi

He sends me a picture of him in bed he’s leaned back on the bed, head his left hand on the back of his neck his sheets covering his lower half. With a caption ′got up did my workout after my shower just felt like getting back into bed

oh I wished I could join you’ Ambi

what’s stopping you? lol ’ Gi

idk a 6 1/2 hr flight 😜 ′ Ambi

‘what’s your plans for the rest of the day?’ Gi

after breakfast I’m going to catch up on some work emails, later some work in the garden. What about you?’ Ambi

my brother’s flight leaves at 5 pm for New York have to take him to the airport after lunch. I just might get out of bed now and grab breakfast’ Gi

enjoy your breakfast’ Ambi

I put my phone down and start breakfast I decided on waffles and some fresh fruit I picked up at the grocery yesterday. After breakfast I head up to my office check my emails from work. Follow up on some correspondence. It’s now 1:15 pm I head down to make lunch, I have no food in the fridge so I have to cook. When I check my phone I see Gi sent me a few messages

mi manchi 11:15 am he misses me

Il mio amore 11:30 am he loves me

ricordati di mangiare è ora di pranzo 12:05 pm be sure to eat it’s lunch time.

Got caught up with work now going to prepare lunch’ Ambi

fuck woman you need to eat it’s after 1′ Gi

‘I’m sorry that does not usually happen’ Ambi

ok get that cute little ass in the kitchen and make something quickly’ Gi

I make a tortellini & chicken caesar salad, I watch a little t.v. while I have lunch. I hear my phone chime ‘what did you make?’ Gi

tortellini & chicken caesar salad minus the bacon (don’t eat that)’ - I respond.

‘can I come over for lunch?’ Gi

you’re always welcome anytime’ Ambi invitation I like that. I’m heading out with dad and Andi to drop Andi off at the airport. Will check in when we get back ’ Gi

Drive safely, tell Andi I said safe flight. I’m going outside to work in the garden’ Ambi

I finish having my lunch, clean up the kitchen, grab my garden gloves, hat and tools I make my way outside. I have hot peppers, mint, papaya, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, basil, dill, thyme, chives, parsley I tried my hand at strawberries and blue berries. I have a few hibiscus plants, and some other decorative plants. About 20 minutes left without a warning it starts to rain. I’m already wet so I finish up I grab all the tools and head to the garage. I wash and dry the tools and put them away I close the garage door and head in the house. I got to my bathroom jumping straight in the shower. I finish and put on a sweater and leggings. It’s still raining and I’m cold with a nasal drip. I had some leftover soup I reheat it for dinner. I call my mom see what she’s up to then. I check my messages.

Andi says thanks’ 2:10 pm

we’re home. I miss you’ 4:30 pm

‘still in the garden?’ 5 pm

do I need to send out a search party?’ 6 pm

I’m ok I had about 15 minutes of work left and the rain came down, wanted to get out of the wet clothes as quickly as possible. Just came out of the shower having dinner’ Ambi 6:30 pm

oh my poor baby. you OK?’ Gi

yes. what are you up to?’ Ambi

Relaxing a bit outside with my dad, grandpa, Charlie and Tyler’ Gi

Tell them I said hi’ Ambi

I finish my soup, prep my breakfast I’m just having fruits, lunch some of the tortellini chicken caesar salad. When I get home dinner is chickpea and kale stew. I make my way to my room to get ready for bed. I brush my teeth change into my sleep wear and dive into bed. I’m messaging my friends checking in with them when my phone rings

I hear singing

Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?
If I can’t help falling in love with you

"You will have to do that every night.” Ambi

“Anything for my princess” Gi

“You have work in the morning, have a good night sweet dreams. Love you Ambi” Gi

“Good night, sweet dreams Gi” Ambi

Gi - Still no ‘I love you’ from Ambi but my heart knows she does love me. I’m calling it a night my dad has a long list of things I need to get done before I head to Miami Friday.

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