The Determined Mr Delicious

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Let's go out


We head to the mall first. Gi didn’t pack any business attire he got two suits, four shirts go with the suits, two casual shirts, some shorts, a few t-shirts 2 pairs of shoes, slippers and some briefs. While Gi is finishing up at the Hugo Boss store I tell him I’ll go get us lunch me at the food court. I order us two chicken sandwiches, a fruit punch and grapefruit juice. I find an empty table for us I had three of Gi’s shopping bags, I set them down on the chair next to me just as I’m about to sit I notice G., I signal him I notice a Victoria’s secret bag along with his other bags but say nothing, ”When do your brothers get here? I ask Gi

Gi “Monday night, they don’t know how long they will be out here so they wanted to take Monday to finish up all the pressing work”

Ambi "OK great, is there anything specific they like or don’t like to eat and drink? I want to make sure we have everything they need.”

Gi “They are not fussy they loves spicy food, light beer and wine. After grandpa got sick we changed our eating habits, we stay away from the high fat, processed foods, you know those types of food.”

We finish our food and head to the grocery which is 15 minutes from the mall. The mall is further from my home 25 minutes drive. We continue talking about Gi’s brothers as I make a list of what we need to get for our guests.

“Coffee or tea?” I ask

Sweetheart they grew up in Brazil and are Italians what do you think?” with a chuckle

Ambi “True but you drink tea

Gi “I drink both, because I left in a rush and forgot the good stuff.

Ambi “I brought coffee back from Costa Rica didn’t you check the pantry?

Gi “No I didn’t love sorry.”

Ambi “OK so we have coffee. What about fruits? cereal? oats? quinoa? yogurt ?”

Gi “Relax if they need anything else the grocery is 10 minutes away, you’re going to spoil them.

Ambi “It’s the 1st time they are coming to my home I want them to be comfortable

Gi “You’re going to spoil them.”

Ambi “OK. It depends on which direction there is another grocery 10 minutes and one about 7 minutes but this one is on route from the mall. I’ll show you around over the weekend. My car is available from 9-5 while I’m at work. If you need a vehicle to move around. Just don’t be late picking me up or you’ll be sorry.

Gi “Oh a pharmacy on the same compound too?!”

Ambi “Yeah you need anything from there?”

Gi “Yeah lets go to the pharmacy 1st then the grocery”

Gi pcks up vitamins/supplements, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion...we reach the lane with the condoms and he starts scanning the selections...."Oh now you want to use protection after we have done it how many times ?!”

Gi “15. The last time was three years ago and I get regular checkups. You think I like pulling out all the time?”

Ambi “You kept count? F.Y.I. I’m allergic to latex so you’ll need to get the latex free ones.”

Gi “Yeah every single time was one I’ll never forget baby, thank you for telling me.”

Ambi “You sure it was 15? as we stand in the check out counter I scan the basket looking at everything Gi picked up. I see 5 boxes of condoms and I shoot him a surprised look.

Gi "Yes babe 15 and I don’t want to run out of supplies that should hold me out for a week , when is your period due? ”

Ambi “18th Oct ”

Gi “Yeah this should be enough

Ambi “Ahem you do remember your brother’s will be staying with us for the week.”

Gi “Yeah how do you think they became fathers.”

Ambi “You better behave!”

Gi “I always do dear.”

We finish in the pharmacy and head to the grocery.

Ambi "What are you in the mood for dinner?

Gi “You”

Ambi “Giovanni Wyson what am I going to do with you?”

Gi “You really want me to answer that?”

Ambi “Come on just pick something”

Gi “I’m making you an Italian dinner tonight”

Ambi “OK what do you need to get?”

Gi “Leave it to me sweetheart”

Ambi “Yes boss”

I use reusable grocery bags we managed to pack everything into 3 bags. We head home after a day of shopping and not a minute too soon as Gi turned the ignition the clouds broke.

Ambi "Talk about timing”

Gi “Yeah I am not prepared for you getting sick again”

Ambi “You did such a good job at taking care of me”

We get home taking all the bags out. Gi takes his bags upstairs I start to put all the groceries away. About 30 minutes later Gi comes back down with all the empty shopping bags.

“Trash or you reuse?” I direct him to a door under the step I use for storage. He walks to the kitchen squeezing my shoulders, “I need some hangers for my clothes I didn’t find any empty ones in your closet.” I took at him confused as I know I have at least 20 empty hangers in my closet, “did you even look in my closet?” I ask him.....“well not exactly I just emptied the bags on the bed took a shower and came back downstairs.”

Ambi “You are too much Mr. Delicious”

Gi “Why don’t you go shower, I have everything under control”

I make my way to my room, Gi’s clothes neatly laid out all over my bed. I put his underwear in the washing machine I always wash undergarments before wearing. I grab the hangers from my closet, put the clothes on the hangers. I gave Gi a section in the closet. I check the load of laundry it was finished I put it in the dryer then I hop in the shower. I get out the shower I put on a matching pink lace bra and pantie. A pink sleeveless shirt dress, with gold buttons down the front. The dress stops just above my knees. I apply my body butter, spray a little perfume and head downstairs. As I descend the stairs the delectable aromas teases my nose. I hear soca being played I am in awe seeing this man maneuver his way in the kitchen every motion was perfection. I enter the kitchen flashing him a smile, trying to catch a glimpse of what he’s cooking, “something in here is making my mouth water.” Gi looks up at me dancing his way to me putting his hand around me, ”something or someone?” . I tiptoe kissing his lips gently tugging his lower lip ”do you need any help?”

“No babe I got it,” as he ushers me to sit on the stool at the breakfast counter. I watch this Italian dancing in my kitchen for 15 minutes. I’m ushered to the dining room the table set for two, Gi at the head of the table I was seated to the right from him. The food looked as flavorful as it smelled. Starter was aspicy roasted pumpkin and carrot soup every mouthful more savory than the last. The flavors of the chicken marsala were so luscious, to end a perfect dinner lime cheesecake it was rich and flavorful. “So can I kiss the chef?” I ask, “you better” Gi says. I get up from my chair walking over to his chair, I wrap my arms around him planting a kiss on his cheeks. “Thank you for dinner sweetheart let me help you clean up the mess.” I start to clear the dining table. Days like these I thank god for the people that created the dishwasher. Clean up was easy in 30 minutes my kitchen was cleaned spotless nobody would know my kitchen was just used. Gi takes my hand and leads me to the family rooms as I hear.........

Tonight it’s very clear as we’re both lyin’ here
There’s so many things I want to say
I will always love you
I would never leave you alone............start to play as Gi starts to lead me in a dance as that song ends I hear

Well, you done done me, and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill, but you’re so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks we continue dancing I gaze into the eyes of this Italian dancing with me thinking of how the fuck did I get so lucky.

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