The Determined Mr Delicious

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Maniac Monday


After a weekend of showing Gi the routes and rearranging the house. Like that it’s Monday and our routine begins.

The 6 am alarm we get ready for gym workout, shower and ready work. Gi is dropping me to work, he had some things he wanted to get started on. “Gorgeous you can wear scrubs you’ll still look sexy as fuck. How is it you don’t have to file sexual harassment case at the work place every Monday morning?“.

Ambi “Because. It’s mostly women I work with and I wear thispulling out a solid silver ring with 5 elephants joined to form a circle. “I loved it the 1st time I laid eyes on it. Bought it with money from my 1st paycheck. Elephants symbolize strength both physically and mentally. Elephants represents sensitivity, wisdom, stability, loyalty, intelligence, peace,determination, responsibility, reliability and patience. The way I felt when I 1st saw this ring the guy I marry has to make me feel the same way. I always wear it on this finger always had since I bought it. I'm sure you noticed I place the ring on my ring finger on my left hand.

Gi “Yes I did but I knew you were not married. I figured it was a way to prevent being hit on I didn’t know it had a much deeper significance.” as he takes my hand kissing the ring.

Ambi “OK lets go, drop me off to work and you get to work on your project.” We head down stairs, make sure the front and back doors are secured before leaving we grab our bags and head out.
Gi drops me off, “bye princess, see you at 5pm on the button.”
Ambi “Yes sweets be safe, love you”

I walk into the building and exchange greeting with the receptionists. I head to my manager’s office to thank them for giving me the sick days. Also to confirm that my sick days has not interfered with the vacation I had put in for. I knock on her door “come in”. “Good morning Ambi glad to have you back out.”

Ambi “Thank you, I hardly ever get sick. It really threw me off. Thank you again for granting the leave.”

Supervisor “Your’e welcome Ambi, you do know you are entitled to get sick ”

Ambi “My being sick does not interfere with the vacation days I put in for next week right? I return to work next week Thursday”

Supervisor “Oh no like I said you can take sick days accordingly. It does not interfere with vacation time”

Ambi “Thank you”

Supervisor “Is that all?”

Ambi “Yes. Have a great day”

Supervisor “You too Ambi.”

I go to my desk get settled, then head to the research lab to see what we got cooking in there.

Ambi “Gerri !!!”

Gerri “Hi girl, you look much better.”

Ambi “Thanks, tell me what is going on? what did I miss? what are we working on?

Gerri “I swear pharmaceutical companies want people to be sick and keep them sick. The new drug they had us testing the side effects are worst than 3rd stage cancer. Have a look.” handing me a file.

Ambi “What!? That is crazy. No way are we approving that drug. What are we working on this week?”

Gerri “Oh this drug is supposed to be better than viagra. Oh geez like we need more horny old men walking around with hard-on.”

Gerri “Hey nothing is wrong with having sex regardless of age let’s help the geriatric population, get to work.”

Ambi “Yes ma’am.”

As we break for lunch I am heading to the lunch lounge. I grab my phone and see messages from Gi

‘How do I stop my cock from getting hard when I think about you?’

‘Sexy I miss you’

‘How is your day ?’

As I sit down at my lunch table I call Gi. I miss hearing his voice hoping he is free to talk. “Well if it isn’t the love of my life,” hearing his voice brings a smile to my face.

Ambi “The love of your life is missing you, you can try concentrating on the tasks at hand before you get in trouble with your bosses and think less about me. My day is good exciting working on a drug that supposed to be better than viagra.”

Gi “You are my 1st thought in the morning and the last one before falling asleep and all the ones in between wake and sleep even in sleep I’ll still think of you. Wait what?! they better not touch a hair on your body.”

Ambi “What?”

Gi “ Who told them about the way you make my cock twitch?”

Ambi “You are too funny Mr Wyson. Did you have lunch?”

Gi “Yes I did thanks to my wife to be it was delicious” Ambi coughs hearing Gi.

Ambi “Slow down stallion, you want me send your ass back to Brazil? You’re welcome, lunch is over I’ll see you at 5pm. Your brothers are getting here at 6 and 6:20 right?”

Gi “The only way I am returning to Brazil is with you. 5pm sharp, love you.”

Ambi “Right, bye.”

I got a message from mom so I give her a call

Ambi “hey mama ! why are you in a panic?”

Mom “well we have a full house for thanksgiving”

Ambi “mom you always have a full house, what’s the matter?”

Mom “I’m not talking abut your brothers and sister, all my siblings, their families and only aunt Priya is missing from dad's side. (I’ll do some maths mom has 4 brothers all married with 2 children 3 of her brothers has 2 children each in their 20′s- 30″s some married some single, 1 brother has 2 younger kids, plus my 2 grand mothers so that’s over 40 people I get why she is in a panic)”

Ambi “mom relax, it’s only for 2 nights the house is huge, we can bunk out in the family room, the living room. Gi and I are flying out on Friday the flight leaves at 7:30 pm. We’ll land around 5 am Saturday, everyone else gets in on Sunday. We will have the house ready you, grandma and naan concentrate on the cooking”

Mom “thank you honey, you always find a solution I love you”

Ambi “love you too mom tell naan and grans I said hi”

I am excited and nervous at the same time, all that family under one roof for two days. My family is crazy when we get together. I finish up work, as I exit my work building there he is. Getting out of the car to open my door, taking my bags and putting them in the back seat. Gi gets back in the driver side he kisses me on my lips, “I missed you”. He drops me home and heads to the airport I walk through the house, he started on dinner I just had to put the cauliflower crust pizza’s in the oven. I head upstairs ensure the rooms are neat. I hop in the shower, get dressed. I put on some jeans and a scoop neck t-shirt the marks on my neck are still visible my skin is sensitive marks take a while to fade I hope my hair can cover it.

I get into the kitchen it is 6:30 I wait for the oven to warm up. Gi calls to say they are on their way. The airport is a 30 minute drive, I time them as I want the pizzas still hot but cool enough to eat. I hear the garage door open I check the timer and I have about 5 minutes left. Enough time for introductions, the door to the garage is flung open I hear, “where is she? I get to meet her first”, “no I do. I knew about her first so I get the first introduction.” I walk to the entry way to see double, identical twins equally as handsome, built to perfection wow !, same height as Gi broad shoulders, they are one size up from Gi. Nice head of hair just a few wrinkles around the eyes nothing much. A bit more grays than Gi black hair. Their eyes are grey, the only noticeable difference is the length of their hair.

Gi walks in and stands next to me “Andi , Gino meet Amberline Ambi for short”. Before I could extend my hand to greet them I feel two sets of arms around me and I’m being sandwiched between Gi’s two brother. Andi “Oh my goodness Gi she is gorgeous” Gino “Yes she is our brother did good” the timer goes off and Gi rushes to the kitchen to take the pizzas out.

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