The Determined Mr Delicious

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Mr Mystery


When I look up I see Jack and Jim standing behind the guy, I don't know why or how I'm just thankful. They both hold an arm of the guy holding me saying in a very stern tone, "you better let her go right now and avoid making a scene sir." They escort him out and I notice hotel security taking hold of the guy.

I rejoin the crew I was with and continue dancing. Jack (the older one) come up to me gently holds my arm asks for an excuse and gestures me to a more quiet spot. A serious look on his face "are you alright? what are you doing here?

I respond as politely as possible, " I'm alright, thank you for intervening earlier. I could have handled myself, but thank you again. As for what I'm doing here I am on vacation, I was having fun with some nice people I just met."

“My boss was waiting to have dinner with you and he is not a man you want to anger miss.” says Jack

“I don’t care who your boss is. I am not a woman he wants to mess with, as you can see I am capable of taking care of myself. Tell your boss if he wan’ts me to have dinner with him ask me in person. For all I know your boss could be a midget with purple hair and a wooden leg. Show his face if he wants to get close to mines.” I utter trying to not sound annoyed.

I spin around to walk back to my new found friends. We continue to dance to a few more songs before I call it a night at 10 pm. Adam and Dan are going on the zip lining tour as well I can’t wait. I make my way back to my room enjoying the cool walk. As I enter the elevator to head up to my room I get the smell like I smelled earlier, like Mr Delicious maybe he just got off the elevator. As I get off on my floor there stands Jack and Jim I look up at them rolling my eyes. I let out in my disgruntled voice, “what the hell are you all stalking me? I’m going to notify security!”.

I turn to head back to the elevator, to go down to the lobby to speak to management but I’m ambushed by Jack and Jim. They are not forceful or aggressive but prevent me from accessing the buttons on the elevator. I continue to give these two a look that would kill them in one glance if only looks could kill.We get off on a floor leading down a long corridor, we come to a stop at some double white doors.

Jack opens the doors and gestures me in I walk in just a little as I glance around I notice a corridor to my left with two doors. Straight ahead a huge living area in white, with two light blue single chairs and a huge dark blue sofa, a glass with white wooden trim coffee table sits on this black and white rug. The curtains are blue and white stripes, at the end of the living area there are two doors I’m guessing bedrooms. Across from the living room I glance a kitchen, white with stainless steel appliances.

I stand in the door way trying to scope out my surroundings, I get the familiar scent of Mr Delicious. OMG! what are the odds ‘the boss’ wears the same cologne. I turn to walk out but I realise Jim is standing at the door, do I knee him and try to get away, or do I wait to see who this boss is? Jack emerges and ask me to have a seat his boss is on a call and will be with me shortly. I sit on the large sofa it is so comfortable I try not to fall asleep.

A few minutes later the smell grows stronger until he is standing in front of me. All 6′2" of him he looks Italian, I’ll call him the Italian stallion for now, he’s about 40 I start from the head. Yup! same head of hair from earlier, side cut lower than the top, brushed back to the left. Now I get to view the front and damn it's just as impressive as the back. Piercing blue-green eyes, straight nose, defined jaw line, a 5 o’clock shadow.....

I continue scoping him out while keeping my game face on. Strapped body, a natural skin tone, he was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I can tell he has a chiseled chest under that shirt, dressed in dark blue slim fit dockers and a white slim fit long sleeve shirt rolled up to his elbows, the first two buttons undone giving a peek into what’s underneath, shit this man is hot !. I cross my arms and lean back into the sofa waiting for Mr Delicious to speak while I trace him with my eyes. He extends his hand to me "Giovanni Lucas Wyson.”

I left his hand in mid air not extending my hand to meet his. He takes his hand and places it on his hips, I remain staring at him waiting for him to speak. He looks up to the ceiling letting out a sigh and I heard him utter 'fuck' under his breath. I get up to leave and he pulls me to him. He starts to speak fuck his voice is sexy like him, "listen to me nobody defies me not now not ever understand."

I trail off from what he is saying and just stare into his eyes and breathe in every last scent I could. God knows I will probably never see or smell him ever in life again.I quickly snap out of it, remembering that I hated the way he kept himself a mystery from me.

Giovanni still speaking,“so I’m a midget with purple hair and a wooden leg?”. I chuckle as I hear him say that. "What’s so funny?" he asked.

I roll my eyes at him saying, "nothing......... that’s what you get for hiding your identity and sending Jack and Jim to do your aiding and abetting for you.”

With a raised eye brow he asked looking lost “Who and who?!"

“Oh I named them since they never introduced themselves. Blondie is Jack and the younger I named Jim” I say.

Giovanni hold my arm in a grip not tight but firm, “listen I am a very busy man. Don’t fuck with me I don’t have time for games. I saw you at the lobby when you were checking in again at the restaurant for lunch. I sent my boys with the dress, I got at the resort's boutique for you to wear to dinner tonight. Had you looked in the box you would have seen the letter and the dress.” he said while releasing my arm.

I respond, “well when strange people send me things it screams creepy stalker and I usually burn it or dump it. You do stuff like that when you already know the person not with some stranger you stalked for 4 hours. What are you going to do next huh? Have your guys scope out my hotel room?" almost ready to scream.

Knowing I’ll be gone in 4 days and my days are already booked, I won’t have time to go out on a date with him. I scribble my number down on a page I tore out from a note pad that was on the coffee table and hands it to him. "Here even though you did not behave like a gentleman and ask me for my umber I’m still giving it to you. If you want to ask me out on a 1st date do it the proper way, so can you let me go now? I have a busy day tomorrow and I need to get some sleep," in a polite tone.

He gestures "Charlie (Blondie) and Tyler those are their real names, they will escort you down to your room. Do have a good night." By the time I get back to my hotel room it’s 11:20, I strip and get into the shower, change and head to bed. The zip lining shuttle is picking us up at 8 am sharp, I want to get some yoga in before. As my head hits the pillow I start drifting off to sleep, my phone chimes but I ignore it I’ll check it in the morning. As I close my eyes I reminisce the scent of Giovanni as I drift off to sleep. Why do the good looking ones always come with an attitude my last thoughts.

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