The Determined Mr Delicious

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Stamp of approval

The table is set for 8 but we manage to get another chair in so we all can fit. Everyone comes in and sits Aki and Izzy are fixing drinks. Grans and naan commends, “everything looks so good.” Aki hugs me kissing my cheek as he bring my drink to my seat,“thank you princess.” Izzi is seated to my left as he taking his seat in a demanding tone, “you have to make me jerk chicken tomorrow Aki got his orange chicken. I’m very hurt.”

Mom giving Izzi they eye, “nobody has time for special order cooking we already dong a lot of cooking on Monday.” I interject saying, “mom it might not be a bad idea we grill tomorrow. We can do potato salad, fresh salad, jerk chicken and bbq chicken. The men can do the grilling. Freeing us up to concentrate on the food for thanksgiving.” Aki seated across from me raises his glass, ” here’s to my smart sister. Uncle Ish and Vish arriving at 8 they can help. Plus we’ll have Brad and Gi. Brad will use mom’s car and help us taxi and if we need another car Samara’s car is already here Gi can help.” Mom gives in and agrees,“wonderful. So who is getting the chicken? We’ll need at least about 50.”

Izzi jumps in, “since I asked for the jerk chicken. As soon as we are finished eating will call my buddy and have him arrange for me to collect it as early as possible in the morning.” Mom sounding all silvery, “we’ll need at least 50 chicken. OK.” In a modulated voice I ask, “mom 50 chicken? You having a wedding?” I think I just ahot myself in the foot as mom shoots me a look as she speak, “can we?“. Quite nervously I respnod, “mom you are funny, it’s only three weeks officially today.”

A quiet gentle voice resonates from next to me, “mom it might be too soon for a wedding, but we can make our engagement?”
Mom looks at Gi, “don’t you want your family here?”
Gi continues in a soft tone,“we can have an engagement for Ambi’s family now and another one in November. how does that sound?”
The nervousness in my voice I say, “you all funny, time to clear the table.” as I motion to get up.
Mom in agreeance, "I am with you Giovanni. An Engagement party tomorrow.”
Aki joins me in standing and we put our hands out to Gi and Izzi,“pay up.”
Gi gets up handing me $100. Turing to my mom, "mom I would like to speak with you, grans and naan in private please. If that’s alright.”

Mom gest up from the table, helping naan and grans. She gestures to Gi, “certainly, we are finished with dinner we can go up to the study to chat. While they clean up.”
Gi follows behind them, taking hold of grans hand they walk to the study, “thank you mom.”
I pick up some of the dishes walking to the kitchen I order the rest to follow suit,“lets get this table cleared.”
Aki and Izzi walk in behind me, “don’t you want to know what they talking about?”
turn to them, “no.”

We get to the study, I shut the door we are all seated. I look at the three ladies as I say, “I have a surprise for Ambi. When we landed this morning. I got a message from my eldest brother, informing me that my grandpa, my parents, my two older brothers and their wives are getting here tomorrow. They want to meet Ambi's family as soon as they can. Mom you can have some of the food catered I am will for it. Don’t worry about anything, my family have booked a hotel close-by. They fly out Monday morning they just coming for tomorrow. I also wanted to show this to you do you think Ambi will like it? I wasn't planning on proposing, just wanted to ensure I got the family approval.”

I hand Ambi’s mom a box, as she opens it it’s an engagement ring. The center is a yellow diamond set among four tapered prongs, giving this timeless ring a feminine look. A slender band of micro set diamonds on the sides giving the ring a distinctly romantic feel with a contemporary sensibility. Ambi’s mom and grandparents are astonished, “oh my god! you bought this ring for our Ambi? It is beyond gorgeous. Ambi will be so surprised. Are you certain your family won’t stay until Monday ? We will love to have them.”

“Surely they will come back and spend more time,” I reassure them. Ambi's mom hands me the box,“lets put this baby away and get back out there before they start snooping. I know my kids too well." Before walking out I ask permission as my mom told me she is bringing a dress for Ambit to wear. I ask,"it’s it OK for Ambi to wear a backless dress around family?” Grans responds, “yes my granddaughter is sexy she can wear anything.” I hug grans, “I love you." Grans pinches me,“stop trying to bribe me.”

We walk back to the living room everyone is seated, except Ambi and Samara. Ambi went to help get the twins ready for bed.


Mom “my kitchen is spotless?”
Aki “yes mom”
Mom “thank you , you get your belly full Aki ?”
Izzi “mom cut to the chase what was the meeting was about?”
Mom “what are you talking about?”
Aki “mom ! please? Come on out with it.”
Gi “I’ll tell you all. But please don’t ruin it.”
Aki/Izzi “what is it?”
Gi “remember our conversation earlier? Well I have had the ring with me since Monday.”
Aki/Izzi “ you what?! you really are serious! No way !”

Ambi - I helped Samara with the twins, we put them to bed in mom’s room. Shower and go back downstairs. Everyone is just talking laughing, I sit by grans feet, “Grans play with my hair.” Grans, “sure ” as she passes her hands through my hair massaging my head.

Mom “Aki Izzi it’s after 8 go take a nap till it’s time to go for Nish.”

Aki/Izzy “yeah we should, good night.”

Naan “Gi come let me massage your head for you”

Gi “thanks naan”

Elena “mom you want me to massage your feet?”

mom “thank you Ele”

Giovanni, Elena and mom start conversing in Portuguese.

Ambi “mom! you learned Portuguese?”

mom “yeah I wanted something to do”

Ambi “sweet mom proud of you”

mom “thank you sweet heart”

Ambi “thank you grans I love you”

grans “love you Ambi”

Ambi “I’m ready to turn in. Come grans let me take you to your room”

Gi “Ambi you are going upstairs you take naan and I’ll take grans as we are both bunking downstairs.”

Ambi “sure naan you ready to go?”

Naan “yeah let’s go”

Ambi “good night grans, Gi we going for a run in the morning 6:30 be ready”

grans “good night”

Gi “yes dear”

Gi -Mom, Elena, grans and I remain in the living room talking about tomorrow.

Mom instructs, “Elena can you send everyone a message, let them know about tomorrow. Stress on it’s a surprise, do not say a word about it to Ambi. All the knows is we having a bbq and announcing she and Gi are an item. All her uncles are going to be working hard tomorrow”

grans “are we changing the menu?”

mom “no we’ll order rice and vegetables from the restaurant. We don’t want miss inquisitive to grow suspicious. Oh we’ll have to get cake.”

Elana “on it”

mom “where is Samara she asleep?”

Elana “probably”

mom “ok project engagement is on full speed ahead, good night, Gi you have everything you need?”

Gi “good night yes mom thank you”

Gi “OK grans let’s get you to bed.”

Grans “Gi my granddaughter is special you better take good care of her you hear me”

Gi “loud and clear grans, can I share a joke with you?”

grans “sure”

Gi “my two older brothers were visiting Miami this week. We had to meet with realtors, we purchased a building for our business. One of the agents happened to be a blonde woman in a very tight dress. When we saw her we didn’t even look twice. I said to myself she can never be my Ambi. She still tried to flirt with me and my brother’s came to my defense. Let me reassure you Ambi is loved the same way by my family.”

Grans “I am happy to hear that. OK go sleep the boss have you getting up at 6:30 to go running. Good night.”

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