The Determined Mr Delicious

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Breaking the silence


I need to break the silence it’s killing me, “so Gi (although I like Mr Delicious) I picked up that you are Italian. What brings you all the way to Costa Rica, your English is perfect where are you from?”

“Well my pet you are three quarter right. I am Italian on my dad’s side and Brazilian -Portuguese and Italian from mom. My mom and dad met when my grandfather sent my dad to Brazil to set up business and I came to Costa Rica to meet you,” with a straight face. I roll my eyes and he chuckles, “no wise come back my pet?” Gi continues with his smirk.

“Firstly. I’m not an animal don’t refer to me as your pet. You did not even know me before yesterday. So what brings you here?” I respond.
I give him a minute as he chews and swallow his food.

“I work with my dad in the family business I did corporate law in college, he sent me here for some meetings, research and background checks, his company is heavily invested in this resort and because of that I met you. So when I get back to Brazil I have to remember to thank my dad for insisting. I really did not want to make this trip,” Mr Delicious.

“You live in Brazil....Wow ! it’s on my bucket list maybe next vacation,” before I can finish I am interrupted

“Yes I was born in Brazil, you can visit anytime you wish princess, just say the word and you are there with a place to stay.”

Again with the silence. He needs to know sooner rather than later the expensive lifestyle doesn’t impress me.

“I will visit on my own time when I can afford the trip thank you for your offer though.” not trying to sound rude or ungrateful.
As we finish with dinner I clear the dishes from the table and put the food cart in the hallway. I pick up the box plump down on my bed and open the box to see this beautiful sea green silk and georgette boat neckline sheath dress. The back of the dress is cut low a little too low actually, but I can’t wait to wear the dress tomorrow night. I put my dress away by this time Mr Delish made his way to the sofa observing my every move. I walk over to him I sit next to him I extend my hand saying "thank you for the dress."

He kisses the top of my head.

“So what do you want to do now? I ask .
Mr Delish flashes me a dirty look I regret asking, he get up grabs my hand to pull me up.

“Wait no I’m not having sex with you we just met. Keep it in your pants a little longer will you,” Ambi blurts out.

“I don’t want to have sex with you,” automatically rolling off Mr. Delish’s tongue he stops in his tracks, when he realities what he was saying. “Uh wait what I meant was I’m not going to have sex with you right now I want to take you somewhere. Maybe we’ll try the sex thing tomorrow night.” Flashing me a devilish smile.

I must say thank you yoga I have some self control because I would be all over this guy right now, his smile will make any woman’s pantie pop.

"You wish that is happening tomorrow, that’s only going to happen in your dreams sir,” throwing a punch at his stomach. He lets out the biggest fake cry ever, damn his body is in great shape for a guy in his 40′s.

Let’s go, he insists.

Tell me where first, for all I know you could be a serial killer and this may be my last night alive” being very adamant.

“I’m not a serial killer just trust me” as he crosses his arms.

“I want to but what if I wake up tied to a chair or bed or something” Ambi.

Gi extends his hand “can you just trust me please, do you want me to call hotel security to escort us?”

“Well we are on a resort the security is tight I suppose it's safe.” I grab my key card giving him to put in his pocket and stepping into my flip flops.
Gi is leading the way down to the beach it’s a full moon out tonight, we find a stump Gi sits down making himself comfortable then pulls me to sit on his lap.

As I sit down he lets out a fake grunt I jump back, are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes I’m fine I wasn’t expecting you to be so heavy,” I grab his hand to remove his grip on me but he grabs my hand holding me back apologizing.

I’m sorry la mia bellezza,” is whispered in my ear as Gi kisses my neck. His breath feels so warm and inviting compared to the chilled breeze that wraps us. Gi’s arms are strong and muscular, when he hugs me my body fit in his arms like piece of a puzzle it’s just feels right. Gi is really gentle, his soft lips sends pulsating waves throughout my body with every contact made with my skin. I was exhausted from today's activities I fell asleep, the next thing I remember is I felt my foot hit the door frame Gi shush me back to sleep when he realise that happened. I drift back to sleep.

Gi - Ambi falls asleep in my arms at the beach, I decide to take Ambi back to my suite while getting her through the door I manage to bump her foot on the door frame. “Go back to sleep princess I’m just putting you down on the bed.” After she is settled into my bed I examine Ambi’s foot to ensure there is no blood or bruise. I retrieve a pain rub from my bathroom cabinet and rub it on her foot. After I strip and get into the shower I have to jerk off. Ambi made me so hard I think my balls turned blue from being so close to her, nobody has ever turned me on like this what is it about this chick that drives me crazy.

I know I just met her but the moment I laid eyes on her in the lobby sparks went flying I knew she had to be mines. I start to stroke my hard on I’ll say I’m about a good 8 inches and thick I increase my pace and finally I spill on the floor of the shower I get out quickly and get into bed. I usually don’t wear clothes to sleep but with Ambi next to me I respect her and put on some shorts. I get into bed and pull Ambi close to me. She smells heavenly like a pina clolada coconut and pineapple. Her hair is so soft her skin looks and taste like honey, it feels damn great having her next to me.

My alarm goes off it’s 6am I hope it does not wake Ambi as I release her hold she toss a little, falling back asleep maybe I should leave a note in case she gets up and freaks out. I leave the note on my side of the bed kiss her forehead before I head to the gym. I’ll wake her when I get back if she is still asleep. I return to my room and princess is still asleep. She is so cute when she not sassing me but I do LOVE her sass. I toss the note aside and lean over and kiss her hair she does not budge. I jump in the shower by the time I’m done I’m sure she’ll be up. As I step into the room wrapped in my towel I see princess rolling around.

I get down next to her on the bed as she sits up, ”Good Morning sleeping beauty”, as I kiss her hair.

"Why are you still in my room? At least I have my clothes on so I know you were a gentleman. Thanks for that.” in her morning voice.

I toss my towel over her head while I pull on my briefs.
"We are in my room princess. I brought you up here after the beach. Don’t get mad please. You fell asleep and it felt so good holding you, I didn’t want to let you go.”

Ambi - I slowly remove the towel from my face giving Gi enough time to cover himself while saying, “If I woke up in some handcuffs/ strapped/ bound and gagged I’ll be crying blood right about now. For the last time I am not your priness."

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