The Determined Mr Delicious

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As I strertch getting out of bed.“Thank you for not being a serial killer or kidnapper, the talker title stays. Where is my key card for my room? I need to get showered and changed. Going deep sea diving.

Nonchalantly words made it from Gi’s mouth to my ears.“Oh about that. I had your stuff moved to the next room, after the incident Saturday night with the drunk you are staying with me.”

Ambi shrieked, “you had strange people touching my things!? Something is wrong with you ! Without even consulting me !” Ambi storms out into the living room of the suite she turns and notices the door to the other bedroom.

She walks in locking the door behind her, her carry-on next to the bed on the floor, her tote on the night stand next to the bed. She checks her tote for her passport/ money/ cell phone/ charger/ house keys, all there. The dress Gi gave Ambi is hung in the closet with her other dresses. “He is crazy he can’t just do as he pleases” I mumble to myself. I open my carry-on taking out my bathroom necessities and make my way to the shower. I shower and don a two piece black and gold halter back bikini throwing a blue dress over my swimsuit, water shoes, sunblock, shades, a towel and some cash in my tote before heading out.

As I get to the living room Mr. Delish is sitting on the sofa checking his phone, he instantly looks up as he hear my room door close. He is wearing a navy blue slim fit suit with a white shirt and black tie, his hair brushed back to the left side fuck me sideways! he is looking delicious and lets not talk about the smell. I just want to take him into my room and let him have me anyway he wants it. Hey snap out of it I quickly tell myself remember you are mad because of that little stalker trick he pulled. He stands up to greet me but I walk past him. Spinning on my heel I remember I need a key to get back in as I turn around I bump into him falling into his arms, great real fucking great you supposed to be mad with him silly. "Gi how will I get back in?” trying not to sound like a bitch.

Taking advantage of the opportunity that I fell into his arms Gi gives me a kiss on my cheek before walking to the door saying, “Charlie has the key, after he drops me off at the office he has some things to take care of. He will collect you from the boat. After he drops you back here he'll come get me.”

I walk to the elevator shouting at Gi "I don’t have my phone, I’ll be ready ar 2:30 pm for Charlie to pick me up Stalker !” as I am walking down the corridor to the elevator.
I glance back at Gi, he is standing one hand in his pocket one hand holding his files he is staring at me walking off, the look on his face saying ‘you can’t control this one’.

I get to the breakfast area Janna , Patrick, Dan and Adam are already eating as usual, we are all going deep sea diving today. I grab my plate and head to their table. As I sit down Adam and Dan starts on me.

“Guys can I have breakfast first please?Thank you I start to eat my breakfast. Just as I finish breakfast the tour guide came to get us. On the drive to the boat I tell the gang about my eventful night and morning of course they give me shit for being hard on Gi. I swear nobody gets me I’m just a tough cookie and that’s never going to change. We get to the boat in about one hour and the dive spot took us about 50 minutes to get to.

We receive our safety briefing finally time to get in we zip up our wet suit, strap on our dive tanks and we are in we immerse ourselves in this underwater world with reefs rich in biodiversity and filled with a variety of oceanic fishes, dolphins, rays, whales and multiple species of sharks. Sadly it’s time to return to mainland we bid farewell to our underwater friends and head back to land.

I part with the love birds as they are off to do some couple thing as I’m getting off the boat Charlie and Tyler are walking towards me, we meet up exchange greetings and head to the vehicle.

We drive off, “how was the dive ma’am?” Tyler ask.

I start “It was amazing there were so many fishes I can’t even begin to name them. Saw a couple sharks , rays and dolphins too, ocean life is so diverse, have you ever done it?” I asked after giving them a brief summary of my adventure.

They both chimed,“no but hearing you talk about it we’ll definitely try it."

I continue talking to them, "guys I’m sorry for the way I behaved with you that day you came to my room I know you all were just doing your job.”

Charlie “It’s ok in my 14 years of working alongside Mr Wyson it’s the first time I have seen him behave this strange, trust me it’s new for all of us.”
I couldn’t help but laugh at what Charlie said. Mr. Delicious what is going on in that cute head of yours. some time after Charlie’s cell rings, I listen to the conversation.

”Yes sir she is fine G.L. we picked her up from the boat and headed back to the hotel, sure sir hold on.... (Charlie extends his hands to hand me the cell)....Ma’am sir will like to speak with you.”
My eyes were shut I did not respond, I hear Tyler say to Charlie

“I think she fell asleep Charlie.” Charlie relays the message to Gi and they hang up.

As soon as the car comes to a stop I stretch out saying, “oh we are here already I didn’t even realize when I nodded off.

They walk me to the suite and take off to get their boss. I immediately get into the shower I hang my swim suit in the bathroom to dry. I get out blow dry my hair throw on my yoga pants and a camisole top and dive into bed I’m a little hungry but more tired than hungry at the moment.

I am rudely awaken by you know who. I don’t know if he was expecting a warm embrace. I just looked at him flinging my covers back over my head going back to sleep. He removes the covers from me and gestures for me to get dressed.

I grunt and get off the bed stretching. What time is it?” I asked
“It’s 6:30 smarty pants,” sounding very agitated.

Ambi blurts out “and I’d know this because I have a time piece up my ass right?! I just asked what time it was, no need to be so grumpy with me.” I get up walking to the bathroom slamming the bathroom door behind me, realising what I just did I open the door peep my head out and tell him "I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.

I already washed my hair I just took a quick shower brushed my teeth, put on eyeliner, lipstick and a little blush, this dress does not go with any underwear I packed so I carefully step into my dress for this evening. The back is so low showing off my dimples of Venus. I packed a pair of silver hanging earrings that will have to do. My hair had a natural wavy style when I woke up I didn’t need to do anything with it. I step out of my room there he is seated dressed in a gray slim fitting suit black shirt and a tie same shade as my dress. His hair top brushed back I think that's his signature style. He gets up walking towards me, he takes my right hand lifting it slightly and moves his way around my body.

He inspects every inch of me hugs me from behind and whispers something (in Italian or Portuguese I’m going to have to get me a translator app.) sei fottutamente fantastico in my ear before we head out the door.

I chuckle at him "your parents should have named you Casanova I say with a smirk.

He puts his hand to his heart saying "ouch that hurt baby.”

I respond "aww poor baby, do you need a tissue?"

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