The Determined Mr Delicious

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I've been waiting


A devious smile on his face baby it already started you’re late to the party.”
He raises my left leg and wraps it around his hip as he thrust into me he pushes me back against the shower wall, the tiles feel cold against my skin. Gi continues thrusting into me like a raging bull. My nails dig into his back I hope I don’t damage him. Gi continues thrusting into me grinding his hips into me with every thrust, a few more thrusts and my pussy is ready, I tilt my head back as this stallion makes me cum, Gi pulls out spilling on the shower floor.

I pull on my pj’s and make my way to my bed. Gi goes to his room and grabs a shorts and returns. We get into bed Gi pulls me close to his chest and snuggles me into his arms while he sings ‘I’ve been waiting for a girl like you’. A few minutes and we are both sound asleep.

It’s 6 am both our alarms goes off, I turn to grab my phone while Gi does the same. I roll out of bed feeling a bit sore down there. I grab my yoga outfit and head to the bathroom to get set for yoga. My bathroom door opens to the most handsome sleepy face I ever saw.
Gi kisses my head “good morning gorgeous, you feeling ok? why you up so early? I wasn’t to rough last night was I?”
I’m wiping my face with my towel I say, “I’m OK, it’s been a while for me so I’m a little sore down there.”

“Gi grabs my waist from behind squeezing my butt saying, "I’m sorry I’ll be gentle the next time. Want another round?”

I loosen Gi’s grip holding his hands, “no thank you I’m going to workout.”

I walk out of the bathroom with Gi walking out behind me saying, "you know one way to relieve the pain is to do it often, so how about you extend your stay?

Ambi spins around to look at him her arms folded she ask sarcastically, “You know I have a job and a life to get back to right?“.

Gi pleads his case by saying “yes I know but I haven’t spent anytime with you. I want to get to know you some more, I should have everything wrapped up by tomorrow. I can spare a few days before going back to Brazil.”

Ambi replies “Gi I have to be back at work on Monday I can’t.

I make my plea, “leave Saturday you’ll have Sunday to get settled back into your routine and be back to work on Monday.”

Ambi stops to think telling him, “I’ll be back in an hour we’ll talk about it,” before leaving for her workout.

Gi goes into his room pulls on his gym clothes and heads to the gym on his way he takes his cell phone out and makes a call. After he hangs up he passes his hands through his hair saying to himself out loud, “I know she’ll be pissed with me but I’m not ready to say good-bye, I want to spend more time with her.”

Ambi -
As I lay here on my yoga mat thinking why does he want me to stay two more days? What difference does two days make? I still leave. I have a job, my home, my life. We only had dinner twice, the sex (love making) was amazing he is very thorough, but where do we go from here? The long distance relationship is not going to work. I finish my workout more tense than before and head to the suite. I jump in the shower the warm water helps to relax my tense muscles a bit.

I exit the shower and put on my dress. I choose a white strap dress that stops 2 inches above my knee, the top comes down in a v showing off my cleavage and some marks Gi left last night. I’m applying lotion to my legs I notice a few marks on my legs this fucking Italian I tell you. I reorganize my tote and head to the living room. I hear Gi in his room guess he is getting ready for work. I walk over to the kitchen to see what’s in there. I open the double door stainless steel refrigerator and pull out some fruits and Greek yogurt I see, making a fruit salad parfait. I dish out in two bowls and wait for Gi to come out of his room.

I look around to see if there is tea or coffee by that time Gi comes out of the room. Making his way to the kitchen, what you looking for gorgeous?” startling me.

He is dressed in a dark green slim fit suit, white shirt the first two button undone, no tie today. He pulls me to him, hugging me planting a kiss on my forehead. “I was looking for tea or coffee,

I gesture toward the bowls I hand him one. “Breakfast,” we start to eat.

Gi sets down his bowl, he stands next to me folding his arms, “be as mad as you want to be, my father has always encouraged me when I see something I want go after it with all my might. I know you will be pissed but I want more time with you. While you were at your workout session I went ahead and made arrangements with the airline to change your ticket you leave Saturday. We have two extra days with each other.”

I finish my breakfast in silence, when I’m finished I wash the bowls and spoons and place them on the drain board. I grab my bag and head out. I stop at the door," this is borderline psychotic. This is beyond stalking. I want to go back to my hotel room TODAY. I am done got it Giovanni." storming out. I greet Charlie and Tyler as I pass them in the hallway.

I am in the lobby with Dan and Adam. Adam with his scandalous self smacks my hip as he notices the marks on my skin “aye bombón what do we have here?“, we laugh about it.

I tell them “just stop it you two, I am really pissed he is trying to control me and that is not going to work,” we leave for our day in the town.

Adam and Dan try to break the anger I have for Gi.
Adam “honey if I was him you would not be going out with a married gay couple. I was keeping you locked up. I was going to keep you with me kicking and screaming all you want. I was not going to let you get away, thank goodness I’m gay.”

We walk around the town taking in the art and craft made by locals, the fresh fruit and vegetables, the locals going about their daily routine. I’m still furious that Gi went ahead and extended my stay without telling me first. I’m happy I get two more days in this beautiful country but mad at the way it was done. Adam, Dan and I have lunch at a cafe in the town before we get back to the hotel around 3pm. I go up to the suite Charlie and Tyler are at the door, they were about to leave to go pick Gi. Knowing Gi he did not do what I instructed.

I set my bags down in my room. Everything is as I left. I take my dress off and get into bed, we did not make any plans for dinner, not that I want to have dinner with him. I’m still a bit irked. When I get up will decide what to do for dinner. While in bed I check in with my mom and friends. I have missed calls from Gi and unread messages.

I’m sorry bella

I hate it when you are mad.

Are you back yet?

How was your day?

Have dinner with me tonight please?

Mi fai impazzire bella, non posso starti lontano.

Por favor me perdoe

I call my mom to inform her I’m staying two extra days, I left out Gi for good reasons. I message Kay and An let them know all is well. I give them the summarized version of what has happened. Neither responded guess they busy at work. I’m sure they’ll call later to get the details. I try to fall asleep but I hear my phone ping, I get another message from

Gi: ′When I talk to you I feel privileged. When I see you I cant help but stare in astonishment. When I’m near you I want more’.

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