His Introvert Wife

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In this world of fake attachment and luxury hunger, is it possible to find someone who will love you so deep that it's hurts every-second you're apart? Zeta Santorini is an introvert woman who has never thought that her wildest dream will come true after marrying Vincenzo Dominique, who has hidden his true identity from the whole world.

Erotica / Romance
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Never in my wildest dream I have ever thought that one day I would marry the most handsome and the richest person in the whole world.

It's just my dream came true or I'm still dreaming but I know I don't want to wake up from this dream. This dream where I met this wonderful specimen of a man and with whom I'm going to spend the rest of my life.

Spending my rest life with him just feel as good as I felt of his presence. His presence made me feel something that I have never felt in my 20 years of existence and I have a feeling that he is the man for me.

Talking about man or men, well I don't have any contact with them in an intimate way and I have zero boyfriend. It's not that I'm prude or nerd but it's just that it didn't feel right to me.

It's also not that I'm not attracted to them. I am but I am partially living in the fantasy world where I would meet my Prince Charming and he would swept me off my feet taking me to his castle and love me for eternity.

And I don't know how I agreed to his proposal but one thing is sure that in the coming minutes I will be someone's wife and to say that I'm nervous would be an understatement.

One month ago everything was going fine and I haven't had any thoughts of marrying let alone to the man of every woman's dream but we don't have the power to change our fate.

Fate. It should be the so-called fate that Vincenzo Dominique proposed me out of blue in front of our parents and I was possessed by the ghosts who made me accept it without thinking about the consequences.

Well, Vincenzo Dominique, my would-be husband is the son of my parent's best friend and my brother's so-called best friend. Everyone knows him except me.

I have seen him twice before agreeing to marry him and I must say that the first encounter had awestruck me. Me being an introvert who spends her days confined in the room, for the first time in many years had walked out of the room to look for my dad.

My mom would always be busy going on the business trip leaving me on the care of my dad. And since childhood till I became an adult, I had only spend a year time with my mother.

I heard that father would be the one to go on business trips but at my home my mom is the one who usually travel aboard even though my father is the one who owns the business.

I had asked my father why it is like that and his answer was that my mom likes traveling and dealing with the foreigners. And when both of my parents had to go together then they would leave me with my brother to babysit me.

And that day too my parents had left with my brother but in hurry they had forgotten to inform me. So, after getting out of the room, I turned left and was about to descend down the stairs when I heard some noises from downstairs.

I stopped at the top of the stairs and peered down where I saw a man who was as handsome as my brother sitting down on a sofa. The sofa was facing towards the staircase and I got the clear view of him.

He was talking on his mobile and the way he sounded, it seemed like he was commanding someone to perform the task. I looked around to see my dad but I didn't see him and concluded that he is one of my brother's guest.

My gaze was fixed on our guest and I couldn't take my eyes off him. I was attracted to him like a magnet and I had a sudden urge to fly to him.

My feet was glued to the floor and my heart was beating faster. And for the first time I felt something strange yet good.

I couldn't pinpoint what it was but I just wanted to keep staring at him. And it may sound cheesy but my teenage self fell for him at the first sight.

I didn't know how long I had kept staring at him that he turned towards me and I became flustered when he looked straight up at me.

His face was sullen at first but in the next second his lips curved into a beautiful smile. I was mesmerized by his lips that I forgot to breath.

And when I heard my brother's voice, I hurriedly scurried away towards the hallway which would take me towards my room.

I ran so fast that I forgot about the paper I was holding on my hand and when I had regained my composure I remembered about my purpose to get out of my room.

I was going to show the sketch of the dress to my dad but it was too late to get out and retrieved that paper. And my dad was in another country which made the matter worst.

I sighed sitting down on my bed and recalled the features of the outstanding man I had just seen. Strangely, a smile crept on my lips which startled me and I couldn't calm down my racing heart.

I just wished that he wouldn't asked about me to my brother and forgot about the embarrassing encounter. And like the heavens wills I didn't see him the next day nor my brother asked me about the incident.

"Mr.Dominique! You may begin." The priest voice interrupted my thoughts and Vincenzo held my right hand.

"I, Vincenzo Dominique is happy to take you as my lawfully wedded wife. You ready to spend your rest of the life with me?!" He asked with an intense voice and I looked in his eyes which has made me captive since our first meeting.

"I, Zeta Santorini is happy to be your wife and spend the rest of my life with you." I said making everyone to cheer for us and he pulled me into a kiss.

My first kiss on my weeding day and it ignited something inside me which I've been missing since ages. And our tongue moulded together marking the beginning of our marriage journey.
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