NATHANIEL LACHLAN (Billionaire Brothers Series 1)

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Stating that Elizabeth Paige had a huge crush on "The Nathaniel Lachlan" since high school would be an understatement but she was a shy girl and never handled it well. Nathaniel Lachlan was a lethal man. Nobody ever messed around with him. He needed an assistant who would only be professional with him and not develop feelings for him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But yesterday, everything changed. As soon as she said my name I knew I had to have her, beneath me, moaning and begging. I wanted to bury myself inside her. I noticed whenever I was close, her breathing would alter and she will be at a loss of words. I didn't know I lusted after her so much. I never craved for women as much as I crave this one. I also knew that I can't satisfy myself only by having her for a night. - Nathaniel Lachlan

Erotica / Romance
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Hey beautiful people,

Just a warning. This book is an erotica, which means 18+, so if you are uncomfortable with sex and adult shit, please don’t read my books. But if you are a nymphomaniac like me, go ahead ;)

Also guys, for the better understanding of the stories, I’d also like to give you the order in which the books should be read:

1)Nathaniel Lachlan

2)Aaron Riverwood

3)Landon Chambers

4)Danika Williams

5)Mary Redferne

Elizabeth Paige



I was running late for my class. As I walked through the corridors with books in my hand I silently prayed hoping Danika Williams and her minions were not around, even if they were, hopefully Nathaniel Lachlan was around.

He was the most feared guy in our city. He was the quarterback in football and also a genius in each and every aspect. I knew and liked him since kindergarten. He was a very friendly kid back then but after his parents died in an accident he has been aloof. He lived with his grandfather, Joseph Lachlan who was one of the richest men listed by Forbes.

Nathaniel never talked much but always stood up against the bullies who targeted weak people. His one menacing look made the bullies question their existence. I sighed in relief when I saw my classroom from my peripheral vision.

I almost jumped out of excitement becau-

“Wait up Fatso, Where is my assignment, essay or whatever the hell you were supposed to complete? I turned around ready to be grilled. I saw Danika Williams and her minions.

“I didn’t do it” I murmured looking down.

“Why the fuck not?“She sneered and her minions smirked at me which obviously said that ‘YOU ARE DEAD’. I really wanted the ground to just open up and swallow me, not because I was scared of her but I really wasn’t in a mood for this.

I looked at her face as I saw her smile vanish and I felt a presence behind me which explained the situation very well.

Turning around towards him and I swallowed hard.

He was very tall as he took a step towards me and towered my height of 5′5. He was well-built anybody could tell he works out daily. His muscles were quite prominent in his loose white shirt and faded blue jeans. For the first time in my life I saw his eyes. They were steel gray and made me feel extremely intimidated. Don’t even get me started with his unruly brown hair.

In conclusion, he was a smoking tower of blazing hotness. He was A GREEK GOD.

“Nathan!! I was just helping her out with her homework.” Danika’s voice pulled me out of my trance. Her voice sounded like her vocal cords were soaked in maple syrup.

Nathan looked at her and raised his eyebrow.

“Seriously! Trust me! Tell him Fats-I mean Elizabeth” She whined and nudged me in my stomach. Nathan bent down low till his eyes met mine.

My eyes widened and I forgot how to breathe. “I will ask you only once and let me tell you this that I hate liars”. As soon as I heard his voice shivers ran down my spine.

Never in my life did I even dream of Nathaniel Lachlan talking to me. He backed me up against the locker and rested his hand near my head. “Were they troubling you?!” He asked or rather stated.

I don’t even know why he bothered asking me because the way he said it he was almost compelling me to say yes. I bit my lip hard and nodded. He stood up straight and I looked at Danika.

She looked pale, all the colors drained out of her face. Well, I can’t complain. I was all flustered up and probably looked like a tomato.

“You! Leave for your class. They won’t bother you again. I give you my word.” I quickly nodded without looking at him and ran down the hallway.

True to his word I was never bothered by Danika or any of her minions. They just looked at me and sneered but never did anything harmful. I didn’t see Nathan again either.

After high school was over I heard he started attending some kind of military school. I missed seeing him around. I tried looking him up but to no avail. Meeting him ever again in my life was a wish I had to give up on.


Hello All You Beautiful People,

I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

Please check out my second book in The Billionaire Brothers Series: Aaron Riverwood

Thank you so much for reading my book.

I love you guys!!


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