Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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9. The Dragon's King Temptation

Dimitri POV

It seems no one was happy with how I treated Valkyrie, but I couldn’t stop and not get mad at her. She was behaving like a useless woman. I needed a healthy woman, like the one I saw on our first encounter. A woman determined to do anything, even if she was going to die.

I know Valkyrie feared me. Every little thing would make her cringe in fear.

She couldn’t even defend herself against another woman. The queen needed to be stronger. Now I was curious why she didn’t use her power. That curse she says she has can help her. So far, it doesn’t work on me, but does it have the same effect on the others?

Michael was still pending on telling me what he knew. Being a mage made him have a vast knowledge of things. He looked enamored of Valkyrie’s discovery, like she was a new toy for him.

Heading to the throne room, I see the elder waiting for me. The usual meeting took place. They needed me to investigate what King Gabriel was up to. All this was making me annoyed and pissed. I already had enough on my plate to be dealing with useless stuff that the elders couldn’t take care of.

Growling to one of them, I make him leave the meeting. Valkyrie was on my mind, and I couldn’t concentrate at all. Watching the elder leave, I see Damian walk in. By the looks, it seems he had put Lilly in the dungeon. Lilly, one of the female dragons who was dying to sit on my throne. Bitch.

I was asking if there was anything left. I feel my grandfather’s gaze. He always had something to say, and I knew soon he would mention Valkyrie. I haven’t introduced Valkyrie yet, because I gave her some time to adjust and get rest.

But knowing him, he would have a stupid comment to say. Damian was rolling his eyes as grandfather voiced out his opinions. Then, suddenly Damian asks everyone to leave. For a second, I was thankful. I was about to snap, and I didn’t want anyone to see me. So I understood what he was doing.

Getting up, I walk down. My grandfather was getting into big trouble if he didn’t shut up. So, watching him leave, I stay with Damian. I tried relaxing, but then Damian snapped at me, making me furious.

How dare he ask me how to treat Valkyrie?

Something seemed off. My grandfather would never voice out his opinion unless he were interested and how right I was.

Damian must declare himself as my rival. Was he serious?

“You would dare?” I asked again, not believing his words.

“Yes, brother, I would dare. Even if she’s your mate,” Damian hissed furiously.

Growling, I let him go and walk out of the throne room. Desperate, I head to my chambers. I needed to see Valkyrie. Walking the same hallway towards my room, I stop. Holding myself from the wall, I take a deep breath. Cursing, I run until I reach the doors, and making sure I don’t scare her, I open the door quietly.

I could smell Valkyrie from the hallway. Her body was burning hot.

She was horny—the perfect time to get her pregnant. Gulping, I approach her. She smelled like vanilla. Her body was wet, and water dripped down the curves of her body. I watch her body tense up as she feels me. My hands twitch in anticipation. Unable to hold me, I reach for her. I was horny. I wanted to be inside her, devour her completely.

Turning her around, I kiss her. She looked at me with need. She wanted me. We both felt the same way. Making my way down her neck, I reach her voluptuous chest, pink nipples stand in attention, waiting for me to suck.

Doing so, I hear her moan. My shaft twitched as her voice was the only sound in the chambers.

Suddenly I hear her beg. Did I hear correctly? Soft pants left her red lips. Her pale skin flushed in a delightful shade of red. Then, seductively, I start my torture. I wanted her so badly that my bulge was uncomfortable under my pants.

I was kneeling before I pleasure her.

Fuck, she was so ready. And I was dying to fuck her. But as I push, I stop. Eyes wide and surprised, I move back and get up. I asked her if she was a virgin. I couldn’t believe it when she told me she was. The least I expected for her was to be a virgin. Somehow that made me uncomfortable, and I left her wanting for more alone in the chambers.

Heading down, I stop on the stairs. Was Valkyrie a virgin? That exact phrase played back to back in my mind. But why was I so surprised? Was it because, as a slave, I expected her to be fucked?

Shaking my head, I go to the training grounds. I needed to clear my mind and figure out what was troubling me of all this.


Nighttime came, and I spent it in the room I called the office. I spent the last hours staring outside the window. Pinching my nose, I sighed.

By the looks, it was late, and dinner time had passed. Valkyrie must be already asleep. Since she came, I had slept on the same bed with her but very few times. Never able to control myself for over two hours.

Turning the lights off, I head back. Finding Mia in one corridor on the second floor, I stop and greet her.

“Your majesty,” Mia said, bowing.

“What are you doing here? Are you here to see Damian?” I asked with a smirk.

I knew Mia and Damian had a thing going on. But the few times I asked Damian, he denied it. Mia, on the other hand, gave herself away.

Mia was one of the few humans that worked and lived with us.

“No, your majesty, I’m here to assist the queen,” Mia said, taking me by surprise.

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused.

“I’m here for Valkyrie, the queen,” Mia repeated.

Confused, I look at the corridor behind her. This hall led to other chambers, including the queen’s chambers. Realizing what I just thought of, I look at her. Mia had a smile that said don’t you dare.

“Who?” I asked.

“Damian, your majesty. That’s the queen chambers, after all. She may be there.” Mia said, smirking.

Fisting my hands, I forced myself and smiled at her.

“I see…” I said, looking back at the hallway.

“Now, if you excuse me,” Mia said, bowing, “Oh, one more thing. It would be best to let her rest. She looked tired.”

I looked at Mia with a questioning look, but she brushed it off. Watching her leave, I look back and frown.

“I’ll kill you, Damian!” I growled.

The queen’s chambers were a place where the queen could rest. Unless she permitted me, I wasn’t allowed to step in. It was like a vampire asking permission, but this was all thanks to a spell cast by a mage. That mage cast a spell to protect the queen from danger. Unless she allowed me, I could never step into the room. Also, this was her personal space. I intended to show her this room, but for once, she was comfortable with me. Now things would be more complicated.

Standing before the chamber door, I wanted to knock it off and call Valkyrie, but I couldn’t. It was a rule not even I could break. So finally, frustrated, I turn and leave.

Hearing birds chirping, I open my eyes. The morning sun was blazing inside the chambers. Did I sleep in?

Sitting up on the bed, I groan as I look at my side. Valkyrie wasn’t here, and that made my mood turn sour. Then, hearing a knock, I shout at the person on the other side what they wanted.

Damian walked in with some fruits in his hands.

“Here,” Damian said as he threw an apple, “Shall we go for a small fly?”

Walking down the cave entrance, I see several dragons taking flight.

“Is there some training?” I asked.

“Yes, you will see,” Damian said as he threw the apple seeds on the ground.

Undressing, we transform and fly away. Growling loudly, I feel the sun heating my skin. As a dragon, we had cold blood, so the morning sun was refreshing for us.

“Follow me,” Damian’s mind links me.

Nodding, I followed suit. Several dragons headed the same way. What type of training were they doing?

Hearing giggles, I look down at the source. My golden eyes wide stare at the person down below. Valkyrie was laughing as the dragons landed, and then using a bow, she shot everyone. All the dragons dodge as Valkyrie hits in the air.

She looked like a hunter. Her movements looked skilled, and she looked happy. It was the first time I’d seen her smile like that. Mia was standing a few feet away from her and Leo.

Returning my attention to her, I noticed she was wearing a brown leather skirt and a white top. The high sandals showed as one side of the dress was tied up. She had a brown cape around her, and they tied in her hair into a ponytail.

Distracted by her, I don’t notice the arrows coming my way. Then, feeling one of them hit me between my claws, I growled down.

Valkyrie looked surprised as she noticed it was me, the one she hit.

“Relax, Dimitri,” Damian said as his mind linked me.

Growling, I turn and fly down. Landing, I growl as I reach for the arrow and pull it.

Valkyrie backed away as I stood close to her. Her eyes waver with fear. I saw Leo running up to her and whispering something, but Valkyrie just looked at me and lowered her head.

Hitting me with his tail, Damian growls softly. Rolling my eyes, I turn back into my human form. Seeing I was naked, Valkyrie turns around. Leo walked up and handed me a pair of pants.

“Take it easy, ok,” Leo said as he threw me a glare and walked away. The wound on my hand was healing. Then, black scales appeared and closed the wound.

Valkyrie was talking with Leo. I watched her; she seemed more relaxed around others than me.

Hearing Leo whistle, I watch Valkyrie grab some arrows. She was walking to the front of the cliff.

She raises her arms and shoots at the dragons. Everyone dodge until one of them growls.

Valkyrie could shoot at one of them.

“So far, she has hit five dragons, including you,” Damian said as he stood next to me.

“I was distracted,” I hissed.

“Well, still, you should pay attention,” Damian said as he patted my shoulders and walked towards Valkyrie.

Following him, I head towards the small group. The dragons who were present all landed with a thud. Gathering around, Leo barks orders.

“Her Majesty will now try to fight you while she rides one of us,” Leo said with a smirk.

What? He wanted to make Valkyrie fly on one of us?

I looked at Valkyrie and was impressed to see her excited.

“Her majesty will ride on the king’s back,” Leo suddenly blurted out.

“What?” I exclaim.

Looking Valkyrie’s way, I see her with a shocking look on her face.

“NO!” Valkyrie suddenly yelled, “Uh, I mean, it would be best if it was someone else. His majesty wouldn’t want it.”

Was she rejecting me in front of everyone? How dare she?

Furious at her, I move and grab her, making her flinch.

“Dimitri!” Damian said as he grabbed my hand, “Behave, everyone is watching.”

He was right. Glancing, I see everyone staring at us. Restraining myself, I let go of Valkyrie.

“She’s right. It would be best I observe from afar,” I said, turning away.


Giving the last instruction, Valkyrie got on Damian’s back. She looked afraid, but once she felt comfortable, she could be calm. I observe her from afar, jealousy boiling in my chest. Damian had defied me, and he declared himself as my rival. I had respect for him, but was he being serious?

I’ve been noticing that Valkyrie also feels comfortable around Damian, and that pissed me more. What did I do wrong for her to fear me?

I stare at my hands and try to recall the countless times I had been around her. Was I too harsh on her?

But all I did was to make her a better person. I needed her to become stronger, like all the past queens. And what bothered me also was that she was a virgin. Just remembering made me growl.

Why did that bother me? It still confused me, and I didn’t understand.

“You know, if you want Valkyrie to look at you differently, stop being a brute,” Leo said as he sat next to me on the ground, “Valkyrie is afraid of you. Everyone here can feel her fear.”

“I don’t need you to tell me,” I hissed.

“Yes, you do because you don’t see it. Do you?” Leo said, making me glance at him. “Valkyrie is an innocent and naïve woman, but she has an outstanding determination in learning. Her ability to learn has amazed everyone. Remember also that she was a slave, and these recent changes around here aren’t easy. She will need time to adjust and know that she is a queen.”

Leo sighed and pointed up to the sky.

“See?” Leo said, making me look at Damian’s dragon.

Valkyrie was standing on top of Damian’s back. Shocked, I stood up.

“Damian, what the fuck are you doing?” I mind linking him.

“Let her Dimitri, she wanted to,” Damian said as he threw me a slight glare and then continued his way.

Deciding to transform, I feel Leo’s hand on my arm, stopping me.

“Let her, Dimitri. You are making her stay in a cave. If you want her to become a real queen, let her. She needs her freedom; remember, she was a slave. She got restrained for twenty-one years. So don’t keep doing that.” Leo said with a smile, “She will be ok. If anything happens, you are here, right?”

Looking back up, I watch her giggle. She enjoyed being there. Scoffing, I turn around and walk away. I hated this; it was making me angry.

I lay on my back, watching the sky. We were near the lake that was on the south side of the mountain range. I could still hear the growls and laughter from afar. Picking at the grass, I close my eyes and take a nap.

Somehow I dozed off but woke up to a shuffling sound coming from one of the bushes. Seating up, I wait to see who it might be. Unexpectedly Valkyrie walked out and stopped when she saw me.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were here,” Valkyrie said as she bowed.

“Don’t mind me,” I said, shrugging my shoulders and laying back down. I heard Valkyrie whisper a yes and then felt her next to me.

Opening my eyes, I look at her. She was washing her hands and her face on the lake. Following her movements, I see several bruises on her fingers.

“What’s that?” I asked as I sat up and grabbed her hands.

Valkyrie tried to shake her hands away from my grip.

“You are hurt….” I mumble as I stare at the minor wounds.

“I-It’s ok; they’re just small wounds because I practiced too much,” Valkyrie stuttered nervously.

I raised my eyes and found her quite cute. A slight blush spread all over her face as she kept struggling.

“Let me heal them,” I said with a smirk, getting her attention.

“What?” Valkyrie mutters.

Bringing her right hand to my mouth, I lick and suck each finger. Valkyrie stopped struggling and instead tried to push herself up. Biting her lips, I saw her fight against her own. Smirking, I continue teasing her. I found it alluring as I watched every reaction. Bringing her wrist to my lips, I stop and kiss it softly, making her moan.

“Don’t resist me,” I said, smirking.

“Stop!” Valkyrie said as she pulled away, “Just stop it!”

Groaning, I pull her until her body is on my lap.

“Why?” I growl at her, “Why stop me? You are my woman!”

“No, you are forcing me!” Valkyrie said.

“Forcing you? Do you want to know what force is?” I said, pushing her and hovering over her body. Then, pressing myself down, I growl near her ear. “Shall I force myself more?”

“Stop it!” Valkyrie said, struggling under me.

Wiggling her body, Valkyrie tries to make me move. Pressing more, I feel her leg go up to my shaft. Tensing up, I lean my head and bite her earlobe.

“Stop moving,” I hissed, feeling her body heat, “Or, you will pay for the consequences.”

Panting, Valkyrie turns her face. Our lips close enough to touch. I lick my lip as I watch hers. She was tempting, and I was about to fall. Her body heat drives me crazy.

Unable to control myself, I kissed her. I was forcing my tongue into her mouth.

Valkyrie groaned and tried to push me away. But I kept kissing her. I needed to make her surrender herself. Then, feeling a little pain, I back out. A metallic taste in my mouth has me looking at her, surprised. Valkyrie bit my lip.

“I said stop it,” Valkyrie said as she pushed me away and moved. She moved so quickly that she slipped and was about to fall into the water. Grabbing her wrist, I pull and hug her.

“Easy there,” I said as I looked down at her.

Valkyrie looked over her shoulder and noticed she was about to fall.

“Thanks,” Valkyrie said as she moved my arms away.

Standing up, she fixes her skirt and walks away.

Groaning in frustration, I look down at my pants.

“Now I have to take care of this,” I mumble as I stare at the bulge on my pants.

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