Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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10. Old Secrets

Michael POV

I was skimming through the history books. I try to see if there’s any clue. Anything regards Valkyrie’s powers. Since the day I met her, I have found her quite intriguing. Not only could she use magic, but her eyes had something that made you want to obey her. They were so fascinating to the point that I wanted to bed her and stare at her forever.

It amazed me that Dimitri could find someone like her to be his mate. It seems fate had a role here. Now what I needed to figure out was her magic. She called it a curse, but it was clear as the water. That was magic.

Valkyrie had both powers of magic and healing. I yet have to see her healing powers, but that blue hue that played on her hands was what I was more into. She briefly explained that at age twelve, she developed the powers that would burn anyone. It didn’t work on Dimitri, but did it work on the others?

Somehow Valkyrie has been prevented from hurting anyone. She has been using gloves to protect her hands. Most sorceress or mages had magic, but the hue color would be blue, not red, and Valkyrie’s was red, which meant she had a bit of sorceress on her.

Checking on different books, I go over and over, trying to find something that mentioned a mage or sorceress with a red hue. I’ve lived long and have never met someone with that power. She said burning, but was it like fire then?

Hearing a slight knock, I let the person come in.

“Reading, I see,” Leo said as I kept my eyes on my books.

“Yes, is something the matter?” I asked as I quickly glanced at him.

Taking a seat, Leo leans on the table and, with a frown, looks at me.

“What do you think about Valkyrie?” Leo asked, making me curious.

“Valkyrie?” I asked as I set my book down on the table, “Why the question?”

“I’m just curious. Well, it’s that. Have you noticed Valkyrie resembles someone?” Leo said with a confused look. He was looking at the books I had on the table.

“Resemblance? Who?” I asked, now confused by his question.

“The late queen,” Leo said as his eyes pierced mine.

Frowning, I rub my chin. Now that he mentions it, she resembles her. I was feeling my brain working overtime. Then, I snap and stand up abruptly.

I walk over to a bookshelf. Scanning the last two rows, I stop once I find the book I’m looking for, flipping through its pages. I stopped when I noticed the word red.

“I see…” I mumble.

“What did you find?” Leo asked as I heard the chair make a sound and feel him coming my way.

“Nothing,” I smiled as I shut the book, “If you excuse me, I have something to do.”

With that, I left Leo alone in my work office and headed towards Dimitri’s chambers. If my guess was correct, Valkyrie must have a birthmark. But for me to be sure, I would need to check her entire body.

Knocking on Dimitri’s doors, I wait for someone to open or answer. Nothing. Ten, twelve; where was everyone?

“Michael?” Damian said as he walked over to me, “Are you looking for Valkyrie?”

“Yes, is she busy?” I asked, furrowing my brows.

“No, but she’s not staying here anymore,” Damian explained.

“Where is she then?” I asked curiously.

“On the queen’s chambers. Follow me,” Damian said as I followed behind.

Why was Valkyrie there? Did Dimitri move her?

Damian knocked on Valkyrie’s door. A woman’s voice I recognized opened the door and greeted us.

“Oh, Damian, Michael, please come in!” Mia said as she let us in.

It was my first time entering the queen’s chambers. I heard that they cast this room with a spell that doesn’t allow the king to come in unless the queen enables it.

Looking around, I see Mia and Damian talking. Then, turning my gaze, I see a shadow pass by and notice it, Valkyrie.

“Oh hi,” Valkyrie said, surprised.

She seems to have gotten a bath. Her body dripped with water.

She looked tempting. Looking sideways, I see Mia assisting her, but what makes me smirk is Damian’s face. He was blushing. Lust played in his red eyes as he scanned Valkyrie’s body. I won’t lie.

She even tempts me. Her curvy and voluptuous body was one to crave.

“You know Dimitri would kill you if he sees you like this,” I said, moving next to him.

“Like what?” Damian asked as his eyes stayed on Valkyrie’s body.

“With lust. You know your face is giving you away, right?” I spat.

“Dimitri knows I like Valkyrie,” Damian said, making me snap my head entirely to the side.

“You what?” I said, almost yelling, making Mia and Valkyrie look our way.

Grabbing Damian from his arm, I pull him away.

“You fucking serious right now?” I asked through gritted teeth as Damian slapped my hand from his arm.

“Yes, I am,” Damian said, frowning, “I told him.”

“She’s your brother’s mate!” I hissed.

“So? Dimitri isn’t treating her well. I warned him, Michael. If he doesn’t change, I will take her away,” Damian growl, “She deserves better!”

It baffled me. It was the first time Damian acted like this and letting Dimitri know he was a love rival was worse.

Sighing, I pinch my nose.

“Gosh, you two don’t have a remedy,” I spat, making Damian growl.

“Sorry, what can I do for you?” Valkyrie voiced out, making us turn around.

She had a long brown dress with golden details on it. Her wet hair was loose.

“I came because I wished to confirm something,” I said as I bow, “It’s about your powers.”

“Oh,” Valkyrie whispered.

“What about them?” Damian asked as he sat down.

“I want to know if you can hurt someone else,” I explained. Valkyries looked surprised but scared at the same time. “No need to worry. I just want to test it. Though we would need two volunteers.”

“Who?” Mia asked as she looked between us.

“Damian and me,” I said, “You just need to touch our hand, that’s all.”

Valkyrie looked nervous. Her body started shaking. Mia calmly started whispering comforting words. I know this might be hard for her.

“I-I c-can’t,” Valkyrie stuttered nervously.

Sighing, I grab her arm.

“It’s just a test. I can heal, and you can try your healing powers on Damian even though his skin will heal alone.” I explained to her as I smiled.

Valkyrie looked at Damian. She looked conflicted.

“It’s ok, Valkyrie, you won’t hurt me, and it’s just a slight burn. My finger would do it, right?” Damian said, smiling at her.

Eyeing him, I wait for her reaction. Somehow Damian had a mild effect on Valkyrie. Then, raising my eyebrow in surprise, I clear my throat.

“Ok, shall we proceed?” I asked her.

Valkyrie nodded and pulled her glove off. Then, slowly, she reached for Damian’s extended hand. Her hand shook awfully. I felt terrible for putting her on this kind of test, but I needed to confirm this first.

Slowly, she finally reached for Damian as a red hue spread across her hand like fire. To my surprise, and everyone’s, Damian didn’t get hurt.

“I-It’s not h-hurting you?” Valkyrie stuttered, surprised.

Looking closely, I ask Damian to hold Valkyrie’s entire hand. Pulling her, he grips her hand. The red hue covered his hand, and like the wind, it swayed side to side.

“Amazing…” I breathed. “Now me,” I said, making her look afraid once again.

“W-wait, what about if I hurt you?” Valkyrie whispered as she lowered her head in submission.

“Don’t,” I said smiling, “Trust yourself.”

Staring back, Valkyrie nods.

Extending my hand, I wait for her to put hers on top of mine. Careful not to hurt me, she grips with a shaky finger my hand, and then I feel it—the burning sensation. Hissing in pain, I back away.

“OH MY!” Valkyrie yelled, scared.

“It’s ok,” I mutter as I recite a spell, and the wound heals.

“You ok?” Damian asked as I frowned.

I stare at my hand. There was something odd.

It seems that my healing powers were not helping. Instead, the burn left a scar.

“You have a scar?” Damian said, surprised. She hovers over my hand and checks it.

“It seems,” I snap, looking at Valkyrie. An idea pops into my head. “Heal me, Valkyrie.”

“What?” Valkyrie said, backing away.

“Where are you going?” I snap as I grab her arm, “Nope, you stay, so heal my wound.”

Valkyrie looked skeptical. I could see her tears brimming. Was she so afraid to hurt us?

“Valkyrie, trust yourself,” I told her as she raised her head and smiled weakly.

It pained me. It looks like Valkyrie had to suffer that anything would make her afraid.

Holding my hand, she brings it close to her mouth and chants a phrase. The native tongue is foreign to me. Eyes wide, I watch the small scar disappear. Then, unexpectedly, just a simple word made it disappear. Nothing more.

“What language was that?” I asked her.

“I don’t know; it was already on my mind. So I say what comes into my mind,” Valkyrie explained, making all of us gasp.

“You serious?” Mia asked excitedly. Her eyes glimmer with excitement, like if Valkyrie was some being.

“Interesting…” I mumble. Giving her my thanks, I excuse myself. Bringing Damian along, I drag him back to the library.

“Can you let go?” Damian growled, “And why are we here in the library?”

“Because I need to check on something. And you will help me,” I said, smirking at him.

“Ew, don’t smile like that!” Damian said as he gags.

Rolling my eyes, I ask him to follow me. We head to the back of the library where the forbidden books are.

“Open it!” I ordered Damian.

“You need the forbidden books?” Damian asked with doubt.

“Yes, hurry!” I pressure him.

“At least say please….” Damian scoffed as he cut his finger and let the drop of blood fall on the small fountain.

Creaking doors started opening. As dust comes out, making us cough.

“How long haven’t you opened the door, gosh!” I said, frustrated.

“I don’t recall,” Damian said as he backed away.

They locked the forbidden books in two mahogany double doors.

This door had a spell that only royal dragons could open. All the books inside hid secrets of past dragons and techniques—also, forbidden magic and lost tongues.

Scanning, I look for the book of lost tongues.

“Here it is!” I said, pulling out an old book whose covers were full of moisture and dust. The book looks like it was about to turn into dust just by how bad it looked.

“Forbidden tongues?” Damian asked as he stood next to me, “Why that?”

Raising my finger, I hush him. I had memorized the phrase Valkyrie said. Then, stopping on a healing section, I read the contents.


“Michael, it’s been half an hour,” Damian said as he growls frustrated, “How long?”

Scratching my head, I frown. Was it not here?

“Hey, I’m talking to you,” Damian said as he kicked my butt.

“Stop it!” I hissed.

I was reaching the last page of the healing section. I turn and look in the back, stopping. I smile.

“Why are you smiling like a creep?” Damian asked with a frown.

“Found it,” I mumble as I move to the floor next to him.

“Here!” I showed Damian, “You see? It is the same healing phrase Valkyrie used.”

“So? What is it?” Damian asked.

He was right. What was the lost tongue that Valkyrie used?

“It’s not here?” I whispered as I kept turning pages. By now, I was in another section.

Stopping, I look at the page that explains the dragon’s language. Then, eyes wide, I curse.

“Fucking shit!” I said, almost yelling.

“What? What is it?” Damian asked as he studied my face.

“Valkyrie didn’t use a lost tongue; she used a dialect,” I mumble, not believing it.

“Dialect?” Damian questioned, “Which one?”

“The dragon’s dialect. She knows the lost dragon dialect. The forbidden language,” I said as I looked at Damian with shock.

It couldn’t be right. Does Valkyrie know the dragon’s language? But why?

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