Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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11. A Jealous Dragon

Valkyrie POV

“Harder!” Yelled Damian as the other dragon’s fought between them.

Sitting near the fence, I lean my head. I was watching in awe as the dragons trained between them. These past days I’ve been coming to watch them do training and some exercises. It fascinated me to see how agile and good at fighting they were. It was the first time I felt motivated.

Smiling softly, I watch Damian. He was one of the leaders in charge of training. He looked so fierce and strict about giving out orders. I wondered how Dimitri looked while doing the same. But so far, I’ve never seen Dimitri with his people.

For the last three days, Dimitri has been avoiding me. It seems it bothered him I had moved to the queen’s chambers. And also, after our small interaction near the lake, he looked indifferent as well. But it didn’t bother me. On the contrary, I felt more relaxed. Having Mia with me helped me feel comfortable. Mia explained a lot of how things work around here, and her knowledge of the history of dragons intrigued me more.

I haven’t asked her anything about the queen’s role. But if there were one thing I was sure was, I would show Dimitri that I could be stronger. His last words made me feel hurt. I know I never defended myself and let other people do as they pleased me, but there was never a way or someone who would help me. But this day being around these strangers showed me I could change and become better. I indeed had a long way to go, I was a slave after all, and things can’t change that quickly. But now I can or at least try.

“Hey gorgeous, is everything ok?” Damian asked as he ran up to the fence where I was.

“Hi,” I said, waving my hand.

Damian smiled brightly. His whole body glistened in sweat. Eyes wondering on his chest, I gulp. The fact I was drooling for him was even strange for me, but Damian was handsome. Especially his eyes. They were a crimson red that lured you to look deep into him.

“Good job in training,” I said as I looked at him, smiling.

“Would you be doing some exercises later?” Damian asked as he sat next to me.

“Possibly. Mia wants me to try some dresses on,” I said with a sigh.

Since yesterday Mia has been going crazy because it seems Dimitri ordered some dresses for me. Some were simple, others extravagant for my taste. Because I never had that many dresses, I didn’t mind or care for them. But Mia was going crazy about trying them.

“It seems Mia and you are getting along,” Damian said, laughing.

“Yes…” I breathed. “So I wanted to ask you something.”

“What might that be?” Damian asked as he leaned closer.

“Well, uh, you see… do you think you can take me out tonight?” I mumble.

Since we went to the mountain with the lake, I’ve been eager to go back. That place was beautiful, and every time I watched it, I wished to spend some time there.

“Tonight? Where to?” Damian asked, frowning.

“To the lake,” I said, playing with my fingers nervously.

It may be risky to ask him. After all, I had to ask permission from Dimitri and not him. But I knew Dimitri’s answer would be no.

“You want to go back to the lake?” Damian said, amused, “Well, that’s perfect then!”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked eagerly.

“Tonight, there’s a campfire. It’s a thing we have every month. Especially when it’s a full moon,” Damian explained, “So you can tag along. There will be food, stories, and dancing.”

Excited to hear what’s going to happen, I clap excitedly. It was my first time assisting in a small celebration like this. So now I felt the excitement more.

“Oh, thank you!” I said, hugging Damian.

“No need,” Damian said as he chuckled, “Just be sure to wear something nice and warm. It’s going to be chilly tonight.”

Nodding quickly, I bid my farewell to Damian and head back inside.

Running up the stairs, without a care in the world, I bump into someone.

“Ouch!” I groan as I fall backward, hurting my elbow.

“Watch it,” a voice said.

Looking at the rude person, I see he’s an older man. Who was he?

“Oh, if it’s the so-called queen…” the elder said with disgust.

“Sorry,” I said, standing up and deciding it was best not to argue, “My apologies.”

With that, I bow and left. I didn’t want to argue with someone. It wasn’t my territory, and he didn’t like me by the looks of the person. Finally reaching the chambers, I open the door.

“Oh, you are back?” Mia said as she was cleaning the floor.

“Yes, I have to prepare for tonight,” I said happily, putting what just happened back on my mind.

“Tonight? Wait, are you going to the campfire?” Mia asked, shocked.

“Yes? Is there a problem?” I asked, confused at her question.

“Not really, but I thought you didn’t feel welcome here,” Mia mumbled as she lowered her head, “That’s a reason I didn’t mention it.”

“You knew?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, everyone got invited, but a few assists. Especially humans. The ones who go a lot are the dragons.” Mia explained, “But if you’re going, we have to get you ready then.”

Mia’s smile was back, and it was terrific. So, smiling back at her, we get to work.

I am convinced Mia is going to the campfire. She was skeptical, but after insisting, she agreed. Noticing it was time, I grabbed an animal fur coat and put it on.

Mia made me wear a long black dress made of cotton. It was long for my height, but she said I looked fine. It had long sleeves and lovely embroidery on the neck. The unique thing about the dress was that it was revealed from the back. That’s why I wore a coat.

“Valkyrie?” Mia called from the door.

“Going!” I said as I grabbed my things and opened the door, “You ready?” I asked.

“Yes, let’s go,” Mia said.

We headed down to the cave. Many dragons gathered as they happily chatted. My nerves taking over, I hid behind Mia. This was embarrassing. Hearing Damian’s voice called, I peek behind Mia.

“Why are you hiding?” Damian asked as his glowing eyes looked down at me.

“I… Nothing,” I mumble shyly.

Chuckling softly, Damian grabs my wrist, dragging me away. Mia just smiled.

“Hope you are ready. And don’t worry, no one feels uncomfortable with you, and you shouldn’t feel shy as well. Another thing Dimitri might not become so you can relax,” Damian explained as he whistles, getting the attention of everyone present.

From afar, I saw Leo and Mia. They were walking towards Michael.

“Ok, everyone, you know how things go. Humans are going to get someone to take you. Once you are ready, you may leave.” Damian said, voicing out orders.

I heard a loud yes throughout the cave.

“Ready, my queen?” Damian suddenly asked as he turned his attention towards me.

“Yes,” I nod.

Backing away, I wait as Damian undresses. Averting my gaze, I clear my throat and pretend nothing is happening. Once he has transformed, I pick his clothes up.

As Damian lowers himself, I get up. His rough silver skin felt odd under my touch. Even though he had reptile skin, it was rugged and cool.

“Ok, ready?” Damian’s mind links me.

“Yes, let’s go,” I said, beaming.

Spreading his wings, Damian lunges himself down the cave. For a second, I got scared and held myself steadier from him. Then, I heard a soft growl as he looked back at me. Was he teasing me?

The flight from the palace to the lake was at least ten minutes away. But with speed, we reached the place faster than expected. Hovering over the campfire, I smile. A colossal bonfire lit up the lake. I could see many people down as music played, and some cheered happily. It seemed fun, and I couldn’t wait to get down.

Landing with a thud, Damian lets me know it’s safe. Not waiting for help, I jumped off him. The night was perfect. Stars shine brightly, and a full moon reflects down the lake. There were at least sixty dragons and humans mixed.

“Could you give me my clothes please,” Damian whispered close to my ear, making me jump.

Unconsciously I turn, but stop as my eyes see his bare chest. Then, feeling my face hot, I yelp and cover it, throwing the bag with his clothes on his face.

“Hey!” Damian said with a curse.

“J-Just get change!” I said, walking further away.

A few minutes later, Damian was ready. Grabbing my wrist, we walk towards some rugs and pillows. The place looked well organized for a campfire.

There were wooden tables and logs are arranged in circles. They also placed some rugs with pillows near the lake, and food was getting cooked.

“Here, you shall sit here,” Damian said as he showed me an arranged animal fur rug and some pillows.

“Here?” I said, looking around, “Why?”

It differed from the others.

“The men arrange them. They decided this ok. Also, Michael, Mia, and Leo will join you,” Damian explained as he moved some pillows so I could sit.

“What about you?” I asked.

“Me too,” Damian said smiling, “Now seat and enjoy.”

“Oh, this is nice,” I heard Mia say as Leo and Michael greeted me.

Taking a seat, Mia says how she was happy about coming. It was her second time joining, and she said she missed it.

“It seems the king won’t join us again,” Leo said as he drank wine from a golden goblet.

That caught my attention.

“Has he never come?” I asked, frowning.

Leo turned his head and looked at me strangely.

“Your king has never joined us. He doesn’t like it,” Leo said with annoyance.

By the looks, it seems like it bothered Leo. Michael just nodded at his remark and continued chatting. I watched as some dragons danced and others laughed. Some other dragons came over to join us.

“So Valkyrie would you like to hear a scary story?” one man named Jordan said with a smirk.

“Don’t start, Jordan,” Damian said as he slapped his head and sat next to me.

Giggling, I nod at him.

“I have seen enough to be scared of a story,” I said.

“Oh, no, my dear Valkyrie, this one will scare you,” Jordan whispered with a smirk, “So how about we tell you?”

Standing, Jordan suddenly whistled loudly. Making even the musicians stop playing their instruments.

“Ladies and gentleman,” Jordan shouted, “You all know what time it is, right?”

“Right!” Several cheered back.

“How about I tell a story? For some, it may seem mysterious; for others, scary. But all depends on how you imagine it and then make your heart feel about it,” Jordan said as everyone looked at him with doubt. “This is not your ordinary story. This is about someone who not only killed for fun but used the blood of that person to live long.”

“Hope you will not crack this into a joke later!” someone yelled from the side.

I heard small laughs.

“No, my friend. You shall listen carefully. It was like this beautiful night, near the river where a beautiful girl met a man with eyes as black as night. At first, she feared him because the men just watched her, as if she was the perfect dinner to devour. That man’s name was Victor. He was once a prince, but he exchanged his life for immortality because he died from an illness. His people then hated the once reverend prince. Prince Victor decided that the best choice was to trade his life using black magic. But for it to work, he would need to drink virgin’s blood every full moon.”

“As time passed, he killed endless beauties just to have their blood. But that night, when he met that beauty near the river. He felt something stir in his heart. A tug that made him struggle between killing her or having her. He knew that if he didn’t drink blood, he would die. So, deciding to take a different approach, he greeted her and flirted with her. He tried to make her fall for him, but he didn’t know that she was just like him. A devil in disguise.”

“Playing along with the beauty with pale skin and long black hair, getting closer to him. As he stupidly fell on her trap. She pulled a knife and stabbed him in his heart. The prince was shocked because of what was happening. Enraged, he acted and tried to kill her, but she was faster and putting her hand right inside his chest, she pulled his heart out. He slowly watched as she bought his heart to her mouth and, with a smirk, took a bite. He was dying slowly.”

“Approaching him, she whispered as she grabbed him by the shirt. You evil being just like me. I’m here to avenge all those virgins you have taken. Your heart tasted like sins, deliciously one I would like to devour forever. The prince had no words to tell her. Just an evil laugh left his lips as the woman started pulling his organs out and devouring them. Once she felt satisfied, she licked her bloody fingers. ‘It’s a shame,’ she whispered as she watched the empty body.′ they should kill a sinner like you several times.”

“Once she felt completely done with her job, she walked away, disappearing on the river. Her name was Bianca.” Jordan said.

Everyone stared at him with a face that said, are you serious.

A small laugh escaped my lips, followed by more until everyone started laughing aloud.

“Seriously, Jordan!” Damian said, laughing, “That’s your scary story?”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Jordan scoffed and crossed his arms. Then, taking a seat, he groans.

“Sure, keep laughing. You know that’s real, right?” Jordan said with a groan.

“I doubt shit is real,” Damian said as he held his stomach.

I honestly could see everyone enjoying themselves. But I wonder why didn’t Dimitri come and enjoy it? Wasn’t he the type of person to enjoy this on his own? I look towards the mountain where the palace was. You could see its golden peak.

“Don’t worry, it’s normal if the king doesn’t come,” Mia said as she squeezed my hand slightly.

Smiling softly, I turn back to everyone.

Dinner got served, and everyone ate. They served different types of meat with fruits and wine.

“Hey,” Damian whispered as I drank some wine, “Would you like to dance?”

I look down at him. His elbow plops on one of the big pillows.

“Dance? But I’ve never danced before,” I said honestly.

“Don’t worry, come,” Damian said as he stood up and offered me his hand.

Putting the goblet down, I reach for his hand but stop. It embarrassed me for a reason.

“Come here!” Damian said as he pulled me suddenly.

“W-wait, D-Damian,” I stutter as he drags me to the bomb fire where everyone is dancing.

“Valkyrie, no need to worry,” Damian said, turning around and pulling me to his chest.

His body was warm, and for my chilly skin, it was a refreshing feeling.

“Just look at me, and I will guide you, ok?” Damian said with a bright smile, “Trust me.”

Taking a deep breath, I look at his red eyes. Then, nodding with confidence, Damian moves. Feeling I was catching up as Damian moved in circles and around the fire, I looked down.

“Eyes here,” Damian whispered as I looked up. He had a warm smile. Something alluring in his red crimson eyes made me gulp. “Valkyrie?”

“Yes,” I said, getting out of my concentration.

“Why don’t you take that fur coat off?” Damian asked.

“Um, no!” I said, embarrassed, “It’s just um not appropriate.”

That sounded just like an excuse. Feeling Damian stop, I look at him worriedly. Was he mad?

But turning me around, he reaches for the coat and removes it.

Feeling the chilly breeze on my back, I gasp. Mia tied my hair in a messy bun.

“Hmm, I see now,” Damian whispered with a purr as his chest met my bareback. Tensing up at his touch, I pant. What was wrong with me?

“Valkyrie?” Damian whispered seductively.

“Yes?” I breathed as I looked over my left shoulder.

Damian was close to me. His breath was kissing my skin softly.

I could feel my body warming up.

“Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?” Damian whispered again.

“N-No…” I mumble.

“Well, let me be the first one,” Damian said as he kissed my cheek. It was making me blush.

I lowered my face, covering my red cheeks in the shadows that played on the flames.

Turning around, I put my hands on his chest. I needed to create some space between us. But Damian wrapped his arms around my waist. He was pulling me closer.

“You know… if you weren’t my brother’s mate, I would have made you mine already,” Damian whispered, making me look at him. His face was just inches from mine. His chiseled face made me admire him more.

There was this soft but sad gaze on his face.

“Damian,” I breathed.

Shaking his head, he leans on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I respect you and my brother, Ok?” Damian said with a sigh, “But still, it doesn’t mean I can’t flirt with you.”

“What?” I said as I tried to look at his expression.

Laughing softly, Damian peeks through his messy hair.

“You should see your face. You look adorable,” Damian said as he raised his head and hugged me, squeezing all the air out of me.

“D-Damian!” I struggle.

“Fine!” Damian said, smiling, “Let’s continue, shall we?” with that, he peeks my cheeks.

I smile in defeat.

Then a thunderous growl surprised everyone. Turning our attention to where it was coming from. I gasped as I saw who it was.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing, Damian!” Dimitri growled furiously.

Everyone stopped moving, feeling the fear I had for Dimitri. Damian stands in front of me, shielding me from Dimitri’s menacing gaze.

“Relax, Dimitri!” Damian said, almost with a growl.

“Take your fucking hands away from my mate!” Dimitri growled again, making me cringe. I gripped Damian’s shirt in fear.

“Relax, Dimitri, don’t ruin everything,” Leo said, this time intervening.

“Fuck off! That’s an order!” Dimitri roared.

Leo backed away as he bowed his head.

“Come here, Valkyrie!” Dimitri ordered me.

My entire body shakes in fear knowing Dimitri may hurt me.

“I SAID COME HERE!” Dimitri yelled this time.

“NO!” Damian said, putting an arm to stop me, “She isn’t going anywhere!”

“Are you defying me?” Dimitri asked with a warning tone.

A moment of silence filled the air. I could hear my heartbeat waiting for someone to stop this, for Dimitri to calm down.

“Yes, I am!” Damian spat, making me gasp.

Hearing another loud growl from Dimitri, I back away. Michael grabbed hold of me and pulled me out. Taking a last glance, I see Dimitri and Damian turning into their beast.

Both beasts fight between them. Finally, a complete-scale ball tumbles on the ground as everyone moves away. Hearing a snapping sound, I look at the two fightings.

Damian and Dimitri were all bites and scratches.

Something got on me, and I tried to stop them.

“Are you crazy?” Michael said, pulling me hard from the arm, “You can get hurt!”

Panicked, I look back at them. They were destroying the whole place.

“B-But I can’t let them fight. T-This is m-my fault,” I mumble as tears fight to come out. “I need to stop them!”

Michael grabbed me from both arms. His grip was a warning.

“Please!” I begged him.

Michael looked conflicted. Shaking his head, he drags me farther away. I saw everyone move out and get behind the trees.

“Damn it!” Leo said, “We have to stop them!”

“Let me!” I said, frustrated. I didn’t want Dimitri or Damian to get hurt just because of my negligence. It was all my fault.

Thinking fast, I look down at my own hands. A terrible idea popped into my hand, but I had no choice if I wished to stop them.

“Sorry,” I whispered as I turned and grabbed Michael from his waist. Small flames came out of my hands, lighting up on Michael’s skin. Then, hissing, Michael let’s go and know that’s my cue, I run.

I heard Michael curse and Mia yelling my name. Running fast from them, I stop once I’m before both dragons.

I had no idea what I would do, but my only weapon was my powers—deciding to lit up the ground to separate them. First, I close my eyes and concentrate. Then, feeling a slight burning sensation, I release the red hue and push my hands to the front.

Big flames erupted from my hands. I know this might not work because they both were dragons, but that was the only thing I could think of.

Seeing the flames, both dragons growl and back away. It caught them off guard. Smiling, I put on more strength and then stop once I see the fire high. But that didn’t work; Dimitri’s black dragon jumped and attacked Damian again.

“STOP IT!” I yelled.

Somehow Damian got a hold of Dimitri’s neck. I was so distracted looking at the blood that all I heard was Mia yelling my name before I felt the air getting knocked off my chest. And a loud crack has me screaming as I feel my body land on cold water.

The noise and everything started fading away as I lost consciousness. The last person who came into mind before I let myself go was Dimitri’s.

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