Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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12. A Punishment for Him

Dimitri POV

Today was the campfire. It was a monthly gathering we did near the lake—especially full moons. In the beginning, I used to assist. I never missed it. But now, four years ago, I decided not to go. The reason I never told anyone.

I heard chattering today about the gathering.

Most of the humans and dragons wouldn’t go. Last year we had forty in total. Now I was waiting for Leo to bring me the list of the people going.

For the gathering to be safe, I needed a list of everyone leaving the horde. So I took security measurements; it was more of a precaution.

We never had an attack of any sort, but that doesn’t mean something can’t happen.

“Dimitri?” Leo said as he knocked on the door.

“In?” I mumble lazily.

Bowing, Leo walks over and takes a seat.

“Here’s the list. We have at least seventy people going,” Leo explained.

“We have more?” I asked, surprised to hear that.

“Yes, it’s thanks to the queen,” Leo said as he looked at a book in his hand.

“Valkyrie?” I asked him, “She’s going?”

“Yes, it seems she heard about the event, and we invited her. She’s the queen, so she’s allowed to go, right?” Leo said as he frowned at me, “Why don’t you try to go? You could accompany her.”

I just stared at him. Then, looking at the book in his hands, I change the topic.

“How’s everything going with the humans helping us?” I asked.

“That’s getting handled,” Leo said with a sigh, “We should receive what you requested in three days.”

“Very well, thank you,” I said, ending the conversation.

Leo sighed once again and stood up to leave. Hearing the doors shut, I moaned back. Massaging my face, I look at the list. Valkyrie’s name was on the top.

For the last few days, I’ve been avoiding Valkyrie. It was more of ignoring her thing. The reason was that it made me mad, knowing she had left me. This was Damian’s fault. Did he need to show Valkyrie the queen’s chambers?

She indeed had the right to be there, but she hasn’t even come looking for me since she moved there. We don’t meet during breakfast, either during lunch or dinner. The few times I saw her were from afar. She always looked happy. Carefree around everyone except me.

It was my fault, I can say. From the beginning, I started acting like a jerk. Now I realize, but I would not admit it. I wasn’t planning on looking for Valkyrie; she will have to come to me.

I wasn’t the person to beg for someone, especially a woman. But now, looking at the list and knowing that she was going had me wondering if it was a good idea to go. I had to monitor her, especially now that she was going out.

She was my mate, the one whom I would crown queen. But being there and knowing it was a full moon was not a good idea.

Pinching my nose, I stand up and take a stroll around the palace. By seeing the sun, it seemed it was almost nighttime. Most of the dragons would leave soon.

Walking around, I stopped where the dungeons were. I knew they still locked Lilly down there. Greeting the guards, I walk down the stairs. The dungeons were cages, especially for dragons. Michael and other sorceresses made them.

They covered the whole place with unique spells. Just to prevent anyone or any dragon from escaping.

Noticing the blonde hair, I make a whistling sound.

“Well, look who’s here!” Lilly snarled as she walked up the bars.

Michael covered her neck and body in bandages.

“Lilly,” I said with no care.

“So what brings the mighty king here?” Lilly asked with a smirk, “Is he here for a good blow.”

I raised my eyebrow and scoffed.

“When are you going to change?” I asked her, “Don’t you learn your lessons?”

“Me? No, but now that you asked me. I can change, you know, but if you make me your queen.”

Lilly laughed. Her silver eyes were swirling with black.

Lilly was one of the dragons, which I have bedded several times. In the beginning, I found her enticing and someone I would fuck. But now I wonder what I was thinking at that time.

She was the person who would use seduction and skills to bend you at her will. Although, I had to admit she had good queen qualities. If she wasn’t rude and annoying to the point, you wished to kill her.

Her way of acting towards others was her weakness. So several times, I had arguments with her. And sometimes, I had the urge to kill her. But I couldn’t unless it was something that needed to be punished by death. After all, Lilly was one of the elder’s daughters.

My grandfather approved of her greatly. Not only that, but he favors her amongst everyone. He was also the one who introduced us.

“So tell me something, Dimitri. How’s your human doing?” Lilly asked with hate.

“Good,” I said, “So don’t worry.”

Lilly Glared at me with anger. I could see she didn’t like Valkyrie at all. Just like some elders.

“I see. So are you going to tell me why you came?” Lilly asked as she sat down on the dirty ground.

“Just came to do a checkup on things,” I explained, crossing my arms, “You’re missing one more week, right?”

“Yes. At least fucking give me a proper bed,” Lilly retorted, “This shit is awful.”

“Just because you’re the daughter of an elder and I had my moments with you doesn’t mean I should approve of the best thing for you. You are locked here; you live like everyone else. There’s no favoritism here, Lilly, not even for a king!” I growled.

She made me annoyed. Turning my back, I decide it’s best to leave. I could feel that if I stayed longer, I would snap at her once again.

“You know. One day you will regret not making me your queen,” Lilly muttered.

Glancing at her over my shoulder, I walk away.

Now I felt annoyed and stressed. Lilly just sours my mood.

“Dimitri?” a voice said, “Sorry, I mean your majesty,”

Mia bowed as she nervously bit her lips.

“Mia,” I said, “No need to be formal.”

Mia raised her eyes and thanked me.

“Would you care to join me?” Mia asked, “On a walk, I mean.”

Nodding my head, Mia guides me. We walked to the garden in the palace.

Our short walk to the garden was silent.

Hearing Mia clear her throat. She turns and smiles.

“So if it’s ok, may I ask you how are you feeling, King Dimitri?” Mia said nervously.

“Mia, stop being so awkward,” I said, “And speak your mind.”

“Fine, but don’t get mad ok?” Mia said with a sigh.

My brother, Mia, and I shared a friendly bond. Mia had a relationship with Damian, and she was one of the first humans we rescued.

“Fine, I won’t!” I said, raising my hands.

“I wanted to ask you how you are feeling. I’m asking because of Valkyrie,” Mia said as she took a seat on a wooden bench.

Sitting next to her, I turn and look at Mia. She was smiling.

“Feeling? I don’t know,” I honestly said, “This is all new to me.”

“And for her,” Mia said, smiling warmly, “You see, you both are from different worlds. You’re a dragon; she’s a slave. You don’t know how to treat a woman, and she doesn’t know how to feel comfortable with you.”

“Excuse me?” I said, acting offended.

Mia rolled her eyes and smiled.

“You know I’m right, Dimitri. Why don’t you try a different approach with her?” Mia suggested.

“A different approach?” I asked, interested.

“Yes. For example, tonight. Valkyrie is going to the campfire. Why don’t you join us for at least a while?” Mia said.

It wasn’t a bad idea. And I’ve been debating ongoing.

“Dimitri, all I’m trying to do is help you both. Valkyrie is a shy and awkward girl. She has been a slave, and you have to understand she can’t be the submissive type. She needs to spread her wings. And you have to be the one to help her. Motivate her. And stop being angry about everything. Every day you look more and more like your grandfather,” Mia said, leaving my mouth open.

“Mia…” I said, smirking.

“Hold it up! You said I could speak freely, and you wouldn’t get mad!” Mia said, laughing, “So don’t change things now!”

Laughing, I sighed. She was right.

“But Dimitri, now being serious. Why don’t you go? Don’t go like that early, maybe late when it’s almost midnight,” Mia said, patting my arm, “Valkyrie would be happy, believe me.”

Smiling awkwardly, I plop my arms on my thighs. Mia was right; it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“I’ll think about it,” I said, smiling.

“Good!” Mia said, standing up, “Now, if you excuse me, I have to help Valkyrie get ready.”

Nodding at her, Mia turns and leaves, but I called for her before she reached the palace.

“Hey Mia, thank you,” I said as Mia smiled and waved.


Nighttime came, and I saw everyone retiring. Most of the dragons were leaving early to get things ready and leave. Some dragons asked me if I was joining. I said no, but I had decided to surprise everyone later.

After my small afternoon chats with Mia, I felt better and decided to go. It would be nice to spend some time with everyone, and especially with Valkyrie.

Retiring to my chambers, I take a long and relaxing bath. The night was beautiful, and I was feeling it—the restlessness in my heart. Rolling my shoulders, I lean against the edge of the rocky bath and lookup. Closing my eyes, I try to relax.

By the time I’m out, it’s almost midnight. The bath helped a bit. Deciding it would be best to get ready. I choose to wear a black sleeve shirt and black trousers. I grab my cloak and short boots.

Once ready, I head down. One guard was taking care of the cave entrance.

“Your majesty?” he asked, surprised as he saw me, “Going out?”

“Yes, please gather my clothes,” I said, ordering him to undress.

Nodding, he grabs everything and backs away. Feeling the scales and my body change, I growl and shake my body.

Handing me a bag, I grab it and take flight. As expected, it was a beautiful night. However, it was pretty cold, and now I was wondering if Valkyrie was all right. Did she bring a coat or cloak?

Approaching the campfire, I see my people having fun as they dance. My golden eyes looked for Valkyrie. Where was she?

Lowering, I notice Leo and Michael laughing. They looked drunk. For a dragon to get drunk, it would need over two barrels of wine.

I could see Mia with some other humans chatting and eating. Frowning, I see my brother is not in the groups of people. So moving my eyes to the bomb fire, I see him. Eyes wide, I pant. What was he doing with Valkyrie? and especially holding her like that?

Getting furious, I speed and growl loud. I was again making everyone look my way.

Was Damian serious right now?

Landing angrily, I walk their way. Valkyrie saw me and immediately started panicking.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Damian?” I said, mind linking everyone.

“Relax, Dimitri!” Damian said with a growl.

Valkyrie was looking at me with complete and utter shock. Damian had his hands on her body still.

“Take your fucking hands away from my mate,” I growled.

“Relax, Dimitri, don’t ruin the things,” Leo said, intervening.

I throw him a glare.

Showing my teeth, I growl at him. Valkyrie flinches hearing me.

“Fuck off, that’s an order!” I hissed at Leo.

Leo bowed his head in respect.

“Come here, Valkyrie,” I ordered her. Her eyes looked at me with fear.

Snapping at her, I ordered her to come again. But this time, Damian intervenes by stepping right in front of her. Valkyrie hid behind him.

“Are you defying me?” I said with hate. I felt my mind getting hazy.

The surrounding air started cracking as things got intense. Damian’s red crimson eyes just glare at me. I could feel that we were about to fight.

After a moment of silence, Damian said, “I am!”

Feeling my control breaking, I snap and lash myself at him. Valkyrie backed away, and then Leo took her away. I was so pissed at my brother that at that moment, I didn’t care at all.

We both were on each other’s throats. I bite Damian and bite back. Then, growling and tumbling, we become a ferocious beast ball.

No one dared to stop us, and anyone who dares to intervene will get his piece.

Damian growled, and my mind linked me alone.

“You fucker! Who do you think you are?” Damian snapped in my mind.

“I’m your fucking king!” I bark back at him.

Smacking me with his tail, I tumble and fall back. It enraged Damian like me. The whole campfire got destroyed as we both fought our way. I had to teach Damian who I was. Just because we were brothers, it didn’t mean I would let him do as he pleased.

We both were so concentrated that we didn’t notice anyone around us. It was just Damian and me. But suddenly, an immense wall of fire appeared and made both of us back away. That caught me off guard but didn’t stop me from ongoing and attacking again. This time, seeing Damian confused, I dive and bite on his throat.

My mind was numb already. I couldn’t care less if I killed Damian to show that no one defies me, no matter if you were family.

But as I bite hard and feel Damian struggle under my mouth. I feel a sudden pain near my eye. Damian scratched me somehow, and that made me turn, moving my long tail on the way.

I was not expecting the next thing to happen. I hear someone yell Valkyrie’s name. Feeling I smack something out of the way. I hear a loud and painful scream and then water splashing.

Damian stopped, and I turned. Shocked, I stopped moving. Everyone around us moved, and Leo with Michael ran up to the lake. I didn’t comprehend what was happening until Damian yelled Valkyrie’s name.

Running towards the lake in his human form, Damian jumps in.


Transforming back, I head with baby steps to the edge of the lake. Damian wasn’t coming out of the lake. I tried to form words, but my mouth couldn’t move.

After some minutes, Damian gasps for air and starts swimming our way with Valkyrie in his arms. Helping him, Michael and Leo pulled Valkyrie out carefully.

“She’s not breathing!” Damian said, panting. His neck was bleeding awfully, but that didn’t stop him from helping.

Asking Damian to move, Michael saves Valkyrie.

The whole place was eerily silent. I stood like an idiot just watching. My body had frozen up, just tiny twitches on my hands. Was I getting afraid?

“Damn it!” Michael said as his hands glowed, “I need people to head back. Mia goes back with some of them and has the queen’s chambers prepared. Get some herbal medicine and bring everything up.” Michael ordered.

Michael kept using his powers. I could see his forehead creased with sweat.

“YOU BASTARD!” Damian yelled.

“ENOUGH!” Michael yelled as his hands stopped glowing. “We don’t need this right now. We need to take her back. She has four broken ribs and internal bleeding.”

Feeling my heart stop. I looked at Michael. My fear was becoming real.

Michael looked at me and shook his head.

“What have you done!” Damian said as he punched me in the face. I tumble back. “You fucking bastard. Valkyrie won’t forgive you this time.”

With that, Damian walked away. I stayed on the ground with my head lowered. I wasn’t angry at him. All I felt was a shame.

Everyone started leaving, and no one approached me. Getting up, I turn my back to everyone. Then, deciding to go back to the palace, I hear their whispers.

“How could he do that?” a dragon said.

“He shouldn’t be kind,” another voiced out.

“Yes, he can’t even take care of his queen,” someone whispered.

I was lowering my head.

I transform and head back. My heart was feeling conflicted.

Growling softly, I look ahead. Michael was holding Valkyrie in his arms while they rode back on Damian’s back.

“What have I done?” I whispered, closing my eyes.

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