Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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13. The Mysterious Men

Damian POV

Sitting on the wooden chair, we all waited for Michael to come out with Mia. It’s been like two hours since he locked himself inside the queen’s chambers. I had to admit Valkyrie didn’t look good. And for the first time, I saw Michael worried.

Dimitri sat on the window’s edge, lost in thought. My eyes bore a hole in his face, and I could see him taking glances occasionally this way. He looked worried and sad. Finally, with a sigh, I stood and walked over to Leo.

“Hey, you ok?” Leo asked.

“This is my fault,” I whispered as I massaged my temple.

“No, it’s not,” Leo said, gripping my shoulder, “This is a misunderstanding.”

Shaking my head, I sighed.

“I don’t know,” I said, turning over and looking at Dimitri.

“If you excuse me, I will be back,” Leo said, moving away.

Retaking a seat, I wait for Leo. My patience was running low. Suddenly the double doors open, and out walk Mia.

“Mia!” we both said, standing up from our places.

Mia looked at us, surprised. And so did I, as Dimitri, look uncomfortable?

“How is she?” Dimitri asked after an uncomfortable moment.

“She has five broken ribs. Michael healed four except for one.” Mia explained.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“Michael’s powers are being exhausted. He noticed that one of her ribs would heal slowly. We don’t know the cause, but something is not letting her heal, like the others did,” Mia explained as she cleaned her hands, “We controlled her internal bleeding, so she should be fine.”

“Nothing else?” I asked.

“Only small bruises here and there and a slight bump on her head, but nothing serious,” Mia said, sighing, “You guys should rest. I will stay with her.”

“I want to stay!” Dimitri blurted out.

We both look at him. He looked away with shame.

“Do you?” Mia asked, making me look at her confused.

Dimitri turned to her. You could see the eagerness in him.

“May I?” Dimitri asked with a small smile.

“Yes, but I will be here as well. You are not staying with her alone.”

Dimitri lowered his head again, and putting his hands in his pockets, nodded obediently. I look at him, stunned.

“Well, I will be back in the morning. Let me know if you need anything,” I said, waving my hand and walking away.


Strolling the palace, I make a quick checkup on things around here. The men that were on the campfire gathered on the training grounds. A minor uproar was making me wonder what was all that about.

“Did you see it?” a man said to another.

“Yes, should the king be informed?” another voice out.

“Oh, if it’s Damian!” Jordan, who was with us, said.

“What’s all this about?” I asked, stopping before the small group of men.

“One of the dragon spies arrived. They brought a human back,” Jordan said as he pointed towards the dungeons.

“What did you say?” I asked, confused, “A human?”

“Yes. It would be best you go,” Jordan said with a sigh, “He looked like a mage or something. His hair was peculiar.”

Frowning, I passed through the group and headed down. Several guards guarded the place. From afar, I could hear Leo’s voice.

Turning on a corner, I see Leo and four other dragons.

“What’s happening here?” I asked as I walked towards them, “I heard there was a human here?”

“Wait, Damian,” Leo said, grabbing me and turning me away from the cage.

“What are you doing, Leo?” I asked, annoyed.

“We should talk first,” that was all Leo said as he dragged me out again.

“Are you going to talk?” I asked as I tapped my finger on the chair.

Leo paced the room up and down. Finally, when Leo dragged me out of the dungeons, he brought me to the throne room.

“Leo?” I hissed as my patience ran low.

“This man…” Leo mutters, “He is a mage.”

“For real?” I asked sarcastically.

Leo stopped and rolled his eyes.

“What I’m trying to say is that he is a mage, but not an ordinary one. The spies say he approached them and requested to be brought over to the horde,” Leo explained with a sigh.

“And they brought him like that?” I growled, “They should have informed us!”

This time I was furious.

“Called those spies now!” I order.

After some time, two of the dragons walk into the throne room. Head bowed, they greeted us.

“Care to explain?” I asked.

“Your highness, you see. That man approached us. He said he wished to meet the mage from the dragon’s hoard. He immediately knew we were dragons. Even though Michael hid us well using magic. He had no weapons on him, and he said he only wished to see him. It was important,” one of the men explained.

Scratching my head, I groaned.

“Fine, leave. I will take care of this,” I ordered, “Now Leo, bring him here, be sure to secure him with the magic chains,” I said.


Hearing the double doors open, I look at Leo and the so-called mage. Now I understood why the man said he had peculiar hair.

His hair was silver, with pale skin and eyes as blue as the sky. He looked ethereal—more of a fairy than a mage.

“Bow,” Leo said, tugging the chains.

The stranger threw a glare at him.

“You’re Prince Damian, the second prince to the horde. Pleased to meet you. I’m Cian, Prince of the Kingdom of Faye.” The stranger named Cian said, making me stand up surprised.

“Prince Cian?” I muttered, shocked.

We dragons know who Prince Cian is. It’s a name that’s learned through the dragon’s history. Cian wasn’t just a prince but also a hybrid. Half mage, half-dragon.

Bowing before him, I apologize and greet him.

“Sorry, but may I ask why you didn’t mention who you were?” I asked, confused.

Leo had removed the chains from his wrists.

“I feared your man would treat me like royalty. You know I don’t like that,” Prince Cian said, “I will be brief about why I came. No need to worry once I finish; I’m taking my leave.”

“Please sit,” I offered him.

“Prince Damian, I need to meet with your mage Michael,” Prince Cian said.

“May I ask how did you know he was here?” I asked curiously.

Cian’s blue eyes glowed and looked out the door. He frowned like looking at something.

“Prince Cian?” I whispered.

Snapping his head my way, he frowns hard and then looks back at me. Like nothing happened.

“Sorry, but I have my ways,” Prince Cian said, “Allow me to speak with him.”

“Michael may not wish to,” I said honestly, “But we could try. But would you mind waiting?”

“Why?” Prince Cian asked.

“He is quite busy. And he will be free until later. So if you don’t mind spending the rest of the night here,” I offered.

Prince Cian sighed.

“Take me to him,” Prince Cian asked.

“Excuse me?” I asked, frowning at him, “I said he is busy.”

“Yes,” Prince Cian whispered, “I know he is busy, so let me assist him.”

Sighing, I stood up and walked out. I was asking him to follow me. I knew Dimitri wasn’t informed, and seeing Prince Cian would surprise him. He might even get mad.

Prince Cian wasn’t any ordinary hybrid. His blood had a dangerous mix. The mage and dragon blood on him made him not only an influential person but a deadly one. He possesses the blood of one of the strongest mages in the continent, and the dragon, his mother, is a descendant from this horde. I knew her as the silent killer, one of the strongest female dragons that ruled once. She is also an elder.

Looking over my shoulders, I noticed Prince Cian frowning.

Knocking on the door softly, I wait for Mia to open it.

“Damian?” Mia whispered.

“Ask Michael and Dimitri to come out,” I ordered. Mia looked behind me and frowned.

Excusing herself, she closes the door. Opening the door, Dimitri comes out. He looked exhausted. It seems the magic in the room was affecting him.

“Do you need…” Dimitri mutters but stops halfway. “Prince Cian?”

“King Dimitri,” Prince Cian said with a bow.

Dimitri looked back at me. Confusion on his face.

“Is something the matter, Dimitri?” Michael said as he came out of the door.

Once, he looks up at us. His eyes went wide.

“Hi, it’s nice to see you again, brother,” Prince Cian said, making Dimitri and me turn and look at him in total shock.

“Fuck,” Michael cursed.

We had moved somewhere further from the queen’s chambers.

“Care to explain what’s happening here, Prince Cian?” Dimitri asked.

“Yes. First of all, I apologize for intruding without notifying you. I already explained to Prince Damian that I just wished to speak with my brother Michael,” Prince Cian explained as his eyes focused on Michael.

“You’re a prince, then?” I asked Michael.

“Yes,” Michael sighed, “I’m a descendant from Queen Aria.”

“So that was your reason?” Dimitri asked, “You hid your identity and yourself here?”

“Yes, but it was because I had to flee home,” Michael explained.

Prince Cian stared at him with judgemental eyes.

“Tell me, Prince Cian, why did you come?” Michael asked.

“No need to be formal,” Prince Cian scolded, “And I’ve come because you need to come back home.”

“Back home?” I asked, “Did something happen?”

Prince Cian looked conflicted at my question. Then, sighing, he leans on the armchair.

“Did something happen?” Michael asked this time. His voice with worry.

“That…” Prince Cian said but stopped. His eyes moved towards Valkyries chambers.

Standing up abruptly, he frowns.

“Who is inside that room?” Prince Cian asked.

“There?” Michael said, “Is something the matter?”

“Who is she?” Prince Cian asked as he sternly looked at Michael.

Dimitri was looking at Cian with confusion.

“Prince Cian, why are you intrigued in knowing who’s inside?” Dimitri finally asked.

Cian looked at Dimitri and then at me. His eyebrows furrowed deeper.

“King, may I see her?” Prince Cian asked, “Just a moment. I will explain later.”

Why was he persistent?

“Fine, but we are going with you,” Dimitri said.

Nodding, we head to Valkyrie’s chambers.

Opening the door, Dimitri offers Cian to go in first. I was following behind him. Cian looks towards the canopy bed where Valkyrie laid. We all waited for anything to happen. Then, mind linking me, Dimitri asks me to move to the other side, just if he does something.

Stopping at the end of the bed, he looks at Valkyrie. Then, stumbling back awkwardly, he mutters, “Valkyrie?”

“What?” Dimitri asked him.

“Why is Valkyrie here?” Prince Cian asked as he turned and looked at Dimitri, “Why is she here?”

The grip he had on Dimitri’s shirt was firm. He looked shocked.

“What are you talking about?” Michael asks him.

“What do you mean, what I’m talking about? Michael Valkyrie is our cousin!”

What did he just say? What was Prince Cian even talking about?

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