Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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16. The Offer

Valkyrie POV

We’ve been seated for the last hour of eating. All this was making me uncomfortable. After the slight incident earlier, Dimitri hasn’t left my side. I wondered what happened, and then everyone explained to me that I had amnesia. Honestly, I didn’t recall at all. But seeing their relieved faces, I knew they were honest. Now the issue was that Dimitri didn’t leave me alone.

Mia explained to me that he had been feeling guilty and worried. The small moment of amnesia was affecting him terribly. She told me how he stayed with me, taking care while the magic in the chambers put him under pressure.

Was he that worried for me?

If it was true, that made me happy. But at the same time, it causes me fear. Dimitri was the person who would switch personalities and, in one moment, be angry with you. So all my mind had was fear for him.

I didn’t wish to be punished for something trivial. Or make Dimitri angry because I wasn’t up to his expectations. Even though no one told me, I knew my role carried many expectations, not only as a queen but as someone who could be Dimitri’s support.

“You’re quiet,” Dimitri said as he drank some wine from his golden goblet.

“I’m not that hungry,” I mumble as I pick a small piece of meat.

“You need to eat more, Valkyrie. I need you healthier,” Dimitri said.

Nodding quietly, I eat.

“Valkyrie, there’s something I want to talk about with you,” Dimitri said as he looked at me.

Feeling his gaze, I put my fork down and started toying with my fingers.

“Yes?” I mumble slowly.

Dimitri stayed quiet, looking at me. I sat next to him, and even though the table was big, it felt like I was way too close to him. Gulping, I lift my gaze and see his golden eyes looking at me with sadness.

Averting my gaze quickly, I clear my throat.

“Need more wine?” I offered nervously as I tried to break the awkward silence.

Grabbing my hand, Dimitri stops me. His touch made my entire body tremble in fear.

“I’m sorry,” Dimitri suddenly said as I snapped my head to the side.

Frowning, I stare at him. Did I hear wrong?

Retracting my hand from his touch, I lower my head until my hair covers it entirely like a curtain.

“I said I’m sorry, Valkyrie,” Dimitri said again, but louder.

I was biting my lips. I nod like stupid. My mouth couldn’t form words because I wasn’t expecting Dimitri to apologize. But, for me, this was shocking.

“Say something, Valkyrie,” Dimitri mumbled as his voice broke at the end.

“It’s ok,” I breathed, “The king shouldn’t apologize to a slave. I should be the one apologizing.”

It was true; Dimitri didn’t need to apologize. Everything was my fault. I was the one who always made a mistake. So his getting angry was right. I was the one who should have stayed inside and not gone out without his permission.

“Valkyrie? Why do you say that? If it’s me who hurt you,” Dimitri said. His voice sounded conflicted, and it bothered me.

“It was just an accident, right?” I said, smiling, “No need to apologize. I’m the one who is sorry.”

With that, I set the table napkin down and stood up to leave. Holding the dress hem, I quickly try to flee.

“Do you see me as someone who wouldn’t be able to apologize,” Dimitri mumbled, making me stop as I was about to open the door, “Do you fear me that much?”

Dimitri’s voice broke, making my heartbeat.

“What do you take me for?” Dimitri asked me.

I didn’t know how to respond. So all I could tell him was what I thought at the moment.

“You are a king. So whatever you do is right. And I’m just a slave,” I said as I looked over my shoulder, “I don’t deserve an apology from someone like you.”

Opening the door, I walk away from him. I couldn’t be there any longer. It was suffocating.

Deciding to head to the library, I find Leo and Damian talking near the garden. I wanted to greet them but stopped once I heard their conversation.

“What will Dimitri do with those dragons’ hearts?” Leo asked Damian as he poked into a hole with a stick.

“I think he will put them in the treasure cellar,” Damian said, “Can’t believe Prince Zar came all the way here for mere scales.”

“True. Now tell me, have you seen Valkyrie?” Leo asked Damian.

Why was he mentioning me?

“No… I haven’t since she recovered her memory.” Damian sighed, “I feel bad for what happened. It was my fault.”

Hearing Damian says that made my chest hurt. Finally, unable to hide anymore, I come out from behind the pillar.

Damian and Leo stared at me.

“Valkyrie?” Damian whispers.

“Hi,” I mumble to them. “C-Can we talk, Damian?”

Leo looked at Damian with a concerned look. Then, with a sigh, Damian asked Leo to give us a moment.

“Here,” Damian said, offering his hand.

Grabbing it, we walk through the garden. We both silently walk, thinking about what to say. The night was chilly, and the moon glowed.

“I’m sorry for what happened?” Damian whispered.

Squeezing his hand slightly, I smiled up at him.

“No, Damian, it was my fault. Look, it may sound unfair, but it was my fault, everything. I should have stayed in the palace and waited for Dimitri to allow me,” I explained.

“But Dimitri gave you permission,” Damian said, getting me off guard.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not understanding.

“I said Dimitri gives permission. He saw the list of people going, and yours was the first. So he knew. Instead, he was the one who arrived without notice,” Damian said, frowning. Letting go of my hand, he ruffles his hair and groan, “Valkyrie, what happened has nothing to do with you. Dimitri misunderstood us. I know I was at fault, and you know it well. I cross the line.”

Damian looked frustrated but hurt. All I could do was fist my hands in anger.

“Dimitri had the right to get angry. You’re his mate, and as a beast, we have this instinct of protecting what’s ours,” Damian said as his red eyes looked at me warmly, “All he did was to protect his mate. Dimitri cares for you. You can’t see it because he’s a total jerk.” Damian said, smiling.

That had me giggling. It seems Damian cared for Dimitri a lot.

“Thanks,” I said, smiling brightly, “Thank you, Damian.”

Damian grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips.

“My pleasure, my queen,” Damian said, chuckling.

Walking me back to my chambers, Damian bids goodnight. I was feeling exhausted, and my body still ached as I closed the chamber’s doors. A hand slips in, stopping it from shutting completely. Surprised, I look at the stranger.

Earlier I saw that man with Michael. He had an ethereal feeling to him. But what I loved the most were his icy blue eyes.

“Do you need anything?” I asked.

“May I have a word with you, Queen Valkyrie?” The stranger said, “I think I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Prince Cian, Michael’s brother.”

Prince Cian? I didn’t even know Michael had a brother. So if he was his brother, it meant Michael was royalty?

“May I? I will be brief,” Prince Cian said as he pleaded with his eyes.

Nodding, I asked him to come in. I watch his back as he walks to a chair and sits down. His hair was in a loose ponytail, and he looked tired.

Taking a seat opposite of him, I smile shyly.

“I just want to ask you some questions,” Prince Cian said, “But before I do. There’s something I want to mention.’

“What might that be?” I asked curiously.

“Don’t get scared ok; listen carefully. Do you know who your mother was?” Prince Cian asked.

“My mother?” I was confused at his question, “Why do you ask?”

“I just need to know if you ever met her,” Prince Cian said, intrigued.

There was this strange feeling coming off him. He made me feel at ease, but it also made me fear him.

“I’m sorry, but I never got to meet my mother. She passed away after I was born,” I said honestly. I didn’t know why he asked me, but it made me intrigued.

“Valkyrie, I’m your family. Michael and I are your families. You’re not only my cousin but also a princess. Your royalty,” Prince Cian said, making me stand up surprised.

What was he even talking about? Family? Princess?

Hearing him saying all that made my stomach churn.

“You must be mistaken,” I stutter as I pant.

“No! I’m sure of it!” Prince Cian said as he got up and panics, “You are whom I said you were. You’re my aunt’s reflection, Valkyrie. You’re exactly like her. Breathtakingly beautiful.”

Panicking, I back away from him. What was he even saying?

Shaking, I tried to flee from the room.

“Stop!” Prince Cian begged, “Listen to me. I can help you. If you allow me.”

“How?” I asked, turning around.

“I can look into your memories and recover those you yearn for.”

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