Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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17. The Heart that Yearns Love

Dimitri POV

The meeting was taking longer than expected. So when I woke up today, I didn’t expect my day would start with a long and tedious meeting.

The elders have been talking about the visit of Prince Zar to our territory. Especially my grandfather. He looked pissed. This older man needed to chill down.

“And I repeat, they could take advantage of this!” one of the elders yelled.

My head rested on my hand as I just watched them argue back and forth. The small vein that passed near my eye twitched as I could feel the annoyance becoming apparent.

“It’s the king’s fault,” another elder said.

Damian and Leo sat opposites just watching the show. Taking a glance towards Damian, I notice he’s not even paying attention to what’s happening. He seems lost in his thoughts.

With a sigh, I just stare at the bunch of old dragons.

“Not only that, we have the queen!” my grandfather spat, making me glance his way. He was looking at me with a smirk.

“Is there a problem?” I asked him as I lifted my head and crossed my legs. “Speak if you have something to say, but heed my warning. If you dare cross the line, I won’t be merciful with you.”

My grandfather’s eyes went wide. He looked at me, surprised. He knows I’m not joking. I was getting fed up with the conversation about Valkyrie. I hadn’t even seen her because I was stuck here. And I desired to see her, at least from afar.

I was waiting for my grandfather to speak. Instead, I see Damian standing up and running out of the room.

“Is something the matter?” I mind link, Damian.

“Valkyrie,” was all Damian said as he cut the link.

Frowning and confused, I stand up and leave. Everyone looked at me confused as I threw both doors open and ran out.

Looking around, I ask two guards if they have seen Damian. They pointed towards the training grounds. Was Valkyrie doing training without my permission again? She had not even healed completely.

Noticing a group, I hear Damian’s voice overshadow everyone.

“How fucking dare you?” Damian hissed as I pushed through the group and stopped when I found Valkyrie on the ground and Damian next to her.

Prince Cian stood right on the other side, fisting his hands. And on the front stood Lilly, with a smirk.

“What happened?” I asked loudly, making everyone quiet.

Lilly just smiled at me and crossed her arms under her chest, making them stand higher.

“I asked what happened?” I asked again, this time looking at Valkyrie.

She was holding her left cheek. A swollen bump was forming into a bruise.

“What did you do?” I growl at Lilly.

“Nothing, we were just having some fun, right?” Lilly spat as she growled softly towards Valkyrie.

Helping her up, Damian and Prince Cian stand right in front of Valkyrie protectively.

I walked over and grabbed Valkyrie from her arm.

“What did she do to you?” I asked Valkyrie angrily.

“Let go!” Valkyrie spats annoyed, “She asked me for a duel, and I agreed. This is nothing.”

“Nothing?” I hissed, “She hurt you!”

“And it was fair and square!” Valkyrie barks back angrily, “This is a misunderstanding. Damian thought she hit me because she wanted to. But Prince Cian was with me and everyone else.”

“Still, who gave you permission to come and do some fighting? You’re still recovering!” I said, annoyed by her stubbornness.

Slapping my hand away from her arm, Valkyrie turns my way.

“Can you stop it?” Valkyrie snarled, “Why do you have to react like this every time?”

“BECAUSE I CARE FOR YOU!” I snapped at her.

I was wheezing in anger. My monster was making me restless.

Groaning, I ruffle my hair and turn to leave. Everyone looked at me like I had grown horns.

With long strides, I reach the palace stairs. Feeling my anger about to explode, I slam my fist against a pillar, making it shake.

Valkyrie’s stubbornness was making my patience run thin. She couldn’t understand that I was worried about her, that she made my heartbeat in fear, just thinking that maybe something terrible could happen to her.

Trying to calm down, I kneel and take some deep breaths.

“You ok?” Prince Cian asked as he approached me.

Scoffing, I stand up and walk up the stairs.

“Why are you here?” I asked, annoyed.

“Because you need to talk with someone. It’s not good to keep things in,” Prince Cian said, making me roll my eyes.

“Well, thank you, but I don’t need that,” I mumble.

I heard Prince Cian sigh.

“Both of you guys are stubborn, you know. You’re just made for each other.” Prince Cian whispered.

Glancing over my shoulder, I growl at him. Prince Cian just laughed and followed me.

“How long are you going to follow me?” I asked him after a while.

I came to the library to relax, but Prince Cian had been on my tail for a while. It was bothersome. Was there something he needed?

“Can’t I follow you?” Prince Cian asked as he yawned.

“Don’t you have something better to do?” I hissed back.

“You,” Prince Cian said, making me growl loud.

He started laughing hard as he looked at my annoyed face. Taking a seat, I throw him a book. Hitting on his face,

“If you’re going to be here, just shut up!” I said, opening the book about the dragon’s history.

“Fine,” Prince Cian grumbled.

Reading in silence was one thing I liked. It did not only make me forget my duties as a king but made me feel more myself. Carrying the duties of a king was a burden. But one that even though they were a lot, I still liked.

Prince Cian had dozed off. His head back with his mouth wide opened as he snores. Sighing, I keep reading.

Hearing the doors open, I looked up but saw no one from afar. The library was quite extensive, and several shelves covered the entrance. So, it was hard to see. Deciding to ignore it, I continue reading.

A peculiar scent caught my attention as I lifted my gaze from my book. It was coming from the shelves near the chimney. Standing up, my body moves on its own. Forgetting Prince Cian was asleep.

I followed the scent until a strand of red hair caught my eye. Was it Valkyrie?

Expecting to see if it was her, Instead, my heart started beating like crazy. I know she might be mad at me, but all I wished was to stay with her, even if she didn’t want to talk with me. Peeking around the corner of a shelf, I see Valkyrie taking a seat in front of the chimney. Her red hair was loose. Covering half of her face as she opens a book and starts reading.

Staying behind the shelf, I study her. Her thin hands move gracefully as she turns every page. She looked so delicate.

Moving my eyes up her arm, I stop as she grabs a hair strand and puts it behind her ear. Her lips slightly opened, and my mind started imagining how they must feel if she sucked my shaft.

Closing my eyes, I shake my head. Was I a pervert?

I continued watching her, putting my dirty thoughts behind me. Valkyrie moved, and that made me hide behind the shelf. Lost sight of what she was doing. Taking a peek again, I jump in, seeing Valkyrie standing on the other side of the rack.

“You look like a pervert,” Valkyrie said as she looked at me from head to toe, “Is something the matter?”

I stutter with my own words. Then, clearing my throat, I look at her again.

“Sorry, I smelled you and came to check on you,” I said honestly.

“Sure,” Valkyrie mumbled and turned around, putting her hands on her back.

Her body swayed side to side as she walked back to the pillows on the floor and took a seat.

“Are you going to stay there?” Valkyrie asked as she reopened her book.

Looking down, I walk towards her and sit next to her. I still had my book in hand. Opening it, I continue reading.

We both stayed quiet as the warmth from the fire enveloped both of our bodies.

After some time, I finished my book. I didn’t hear Valkyrie at all. So looking next to me, I find Valkyrie asleep. Her head over her left arm as she rested her body over the pillows. The book she was reading was upside down near her legs.

Grabbing the book to close it, I checked what she was reading. Valkyrie was reading the queen’s duties book. It shocked me knowing she was learning. Sighing, I set it to the side and plop myself down next to her. I watch her sleeping face as her chest heaves softly.

Smiling softly, I unconsciously move my hand and reach for her face. Caressing her softly, she stirs under my touch. Her face was smooth. Making me gulp, I was dying to touch her completely.

Taking a deep breath, I smile at Valkyrie. Was I tough on her?

I was looking at the fire playing with each other. I wonder if maybe I needed to change.

I closed my eyes to think about what would be the right thing to do. But then I opened them and found Valkyrie staring back at me. Her two different eyes looked deeply at me.

I don’t know what got into me when I blurted a sorry to her. Her eyes widened for a second, but then she looked away. Valkyrie didn’t move and stayed next to me.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated.

It may sound stupid, but I needed her to forgive me for what I did. Guilt was bothering me, and I just needed her forgiveness.

“Please, can you say something? Anything would be fine,” I pleaded.

I had never pleaded with someone, and this was my first doing so. It was hard for me to let go of my pride, especially for a human.

“Valkyrie…” I mutter, then stop as Valkyrie puts her finger on my lips and hushes me.

Holding her hand carefully, I squeeze it.

“Please don’t hush me,” I whispered at her.

Valkyrie started giggling.

“Enough, Dimitri,” Valkyrie mumble, “I forgave you already.”

“You what?” I said, sitting up.

She stayed on the pillows, moving slightly for me to see her entire face overshadowed by the flames.

“I said that I already forgave you, so no need to keep apologizing,” Valkyrie said, smiling this time.

“You forgive me?” I asked with fear. Was this a joke?

Nodding her head, Valkyrie smiled.

“You said earlier. You cared for me,” Valkyrie said, chuckling, “That was enough.”

Feeling happy, I lean over and peck Valkyrie’s lips. Then, I smiled at her like never.

Valkyrie looked surprised by my boldness, making me laugh.

“Sorry, I was happy,” I explained.

Abruptly Valkyrie sat up and leaned. Her soft and warm lips leave a moist sensation on mine. I looked down at her face. Even though shadows covered her face, a slight blush was still visible. Then, gulping, I bent and waited for her permission so I could kiss her. My mind went blank the moment she kissed me back.

All the desire I held down was coming back. Valkyrie just stared at me and nodded softly. I could see her hand gripping the pillows beneath her. She was nervous. So I put my hand over hers, making her relax. She quickly looks at our hands and then back at me.

“Your eyes…” Valkyrie muttered as she reached for my face. Her hand was icy.

“Valkyrie?” I mumble.

“Yes?” Valkyrie answered back as her eyes bore into my golden ones.

“May I kiss you?” I asked her.

Valkyrie inhales sharply. She was biting her bottom lip.

“Stop that…” I mumble to her as my hand squeezes hers, “You don’t have any idea what you’re doing to me.”

Her breath became erratic. Making mine feel the same.

“Answer me, Valkyrie,” I said, this time with a bit more pressure.

Nodding and not moving her eyes, Valkyrie gives me the permission I’ve been waiting for.

Throwing myself at her, my lips crash violently against hers. Her soft, plump lips synced perfectly with mine. She groans as I slightly push her back. Then, falling against the pillows, hovering over her, I open her legs and get myself between her. Her bent legs made her dress slide backward, revealing her thick thighs.

Valkyrie’s hand circled my neck as she pulled me towards her chest. I could feel the heat from her slim and voluptuous body. Reaching for her waist, I hold her firmly and pull her until her sex and y groin are together. Gasping, she looks at me. Her face was red, and her lips were wet from our kisses.

“D-Dimitri…” Valkyrie breathed as I pushed my body against her entrance. She could feel how hard I was for her.

“Valkyrie,” I called, making her moan against my lips.

Her hands gripped my arm and hair. She pulled lightly as my lips moved down her cheek and reached for her earlobe. Sucking, I hear her moan loudly. Then, surprised at her reaction, she covers her mouth.

“Let me hear you, Valkyrie….” I mutter as I leave a trail of kisses down her neck and her chest.

“W-Wait…” Valkyrie said as she pushed me with both her hands. “Dimitri!”

“What?” I asked her as I looked at her.

Her chest rises and falls. She was panting. Her eyes were half-closed, and she licked her lips.

“What is it, Valkyrie?” I asked her again.

“S-someone can hear us….” Valkyrie breathe.

Remembering that Prince Cian was nearby, I mind linking him. He didn’t answer back immediately, so I am proud again.

“WHAT!” Prince Cian snapped angrily through the mind link.

“Get the fuck out of here!” I ordered him.

“No need, I left a while ago after hearing you guys. I swear I was getting a boner,” Prince Cian said, making me laugh.

Valkyrie looked at me with wonder.

“Sorry, someone mind linked me,” I lied. I wasn’t planning on letting her know Cian was here. “So, were where we?” I said seductively, “We are all alone.”

“We are?” Valkyrie asked curiously.

“Yes…” I mumble as I lean and kiss her.

“But what if someone comes in?” Valkyrie asked as she looked around us.

“No one would dare,” I said, chuckling, “Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone see you like this.”

She looked at me, surprised.

“What? It’s true. This face and body are only for me to see,” I honestly told her.

But as I leaned to kiss her, Damian’s mind linked me, interrupting my moment.

“What?” I growl internally.

“Dimitri, two dragons returned injured. You need to come,” Damian said, making me groan in anger.

Seating up. I fix my hair and look down at Valkyrie.

“Sorry, but I have to go,” I said, kissing her on the lips, “It’s urgent.”

Standing up, I leave Valkyrie. It pissed me that Damian interrupted me.

“I hope this is urgent!” I told Damian through the mind link.

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