Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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I saw his dark scales glimmer under the flames. The sword I held reflected his body under the night sky, determination in my eyes. I could see his respect for me with all his might. My body trembles, but the strength and will I had course through me like a dignified woman, a slave that could rise from the ashes like a lost warrior. My fiery red hair move as the wind passed by.

Standing tall and almighty, he looked down at me.

“Who are you?” the beast said in my mind, “Tell me your name.”

“My name? Valkyrie,” I said with confidence.

“I see chooser of the slain,” the beast said.

I saw flames come out of him, but somehow as his golden eyes pierced at me, I felt my heart pound but not in fear but anticipation. A feeling that made me want to lower my sword and run to his arms. A desire that made me want to be his all.

Was that hope?

“Come,” the beast whispered seductively.

I stand still, not moving a bit. A slight movement made me lower my gaze, but once I look up again, I saw him. The man with black hair as the night and golden eyes, broad back and chest that look rough, was standing close enough for me to touch. My eyes wander lower and saw the perfect V line form; once my eyes lower completely, I let go of the sword.

Gasping, I back away. He stood naked before me. How could a beast like him look like a god?

Strong arms suddenly wrap around my waist, taking me by surprise.

“Don’t look away, Valkyrie,” the beast whispers seductively near my face, “Just look at me and no one else.”

“Who are you?” I asked as I felt my face burn in embarrassment.

“Me? I’m the king of the dragons, and you are to be my one and only Slave. Meaning you will be my mate and queen,” The beast said with a smirk as he lifted my wrist to his lips and kiss lightly, “Welcome to your new home, Slave of the Onyx Dragon.”

Meet Valkyrie, a slave with a curse. She had lost hope for anyone to save her until she meets him, the beast, a dragon whose dark desires roam his heart since the moment he lays his eyes on her. The dragon king will give her hope to have a better life and recover what belongs to her since she was born. The man she will desire Dimitri.

Author’s Note:

Welcome to Slave of the Onyx Dragon!

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