Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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18. A Bitch Begging for a Beating

Valkyrie POV

My discussions with Dimitri haven’t been the best. Him apologizing wasn’t something I was comfortable with either. I knew he meant well, but I felt uncomfortable as he apologies. He didn’t need to. All this was my fault.

Having Prince Cian with me was a distraction. He offered me a helping hand. But I knew that if I agreed without Dimitri’s approval, this would get worse. And I had a hunch he wouldn’t agree either.

Deciding to take a stroll to clear my mind, I met Prince Cian again. He tagged along as he walked around. He didn’t ask me for my answer nor pressure me. But I could see the urge in his eyes. As we walked around, somehow we ended on the training ground. Several of the men that were training greeted me. I had made friends, and that made me happy. I’ve never had friends in my life.

Unexpectedly as I introduced Prince Cian, Lilly appeared. I knew she was out because Leo notified me to be careful of her. Deciding to take my leave to avoid her, she approaches me on time.

“Well, if it’s the queen,” Lilly said sarcastically. But, unfortunately, her glare was a deadly one.

I wouldn’t lie. She made me recoil in fear.

“Hi Lilly,” I said curtly as I walked with Prince Cian.

“Wait a minute,” Lilly called. “I would like to challenge you.”

Turning, I look at her. My eyebrows furrowed as she smiled at me.

“You’re asking for a challenge?” I asked.

“Don’t,” Prince Cian suddenly said as he steps in front of me. “Sorry, but the queen cannot accept your challenge.”

“Who are you?” Lilly said as she glared at Prince Cian.

“I’m Prince Cian for you,” He reproached, “Now I suggest you back away.”

With that, Prince Cian turned and pushed me away, ignoring her.

“You’re a coward,” Lilly suddenly spats, “A perfect coward. I don’t get what the fuck Dimitri sees on you.”

Hearing her say that made me angry. I would not let her step on me again. I recalled Dimitri’s words from last time. He called me useless, and I was tired of being called that. I heard it many times as a slave.

Stopping, I fist my hands and walk towards her. Standing with my head held high, I looked down at her, even though she was way taller.

“I accept!” I exclaimed so that everyone present could hear.

“You crazy Valkyrie?” Prince Cian hissed near my ear. “You’re not even healed.”

“You wouldn’t understand,” I said, shaking my head, “I’m doing this for me.”

Patting his chest, I move towards one platform.

“Are we doing this?” I bark at her.

Lilly smirked and got on the platform.

“We are doing a two out of two,” Lilly explained.

Several of the men present started gathering around. This fight was happening, and I was determined to go with all I had.

Leo has been teaching me, and I have learned several skills. So fighting with her wouldn’t be a problem.

“I’ll be taking the scores,” Prince Cian said as he got on the middle of the platform, “You know the rules, two out of two. The first two downs win. No killing.”

Yelling a yes, Prince Cian gives the signal, and the fight starts. Lilly didn’t wait long to attack. Noticing her hand moving towards my face, I put my arms up and blocked her hit. Her hit was so hard, I groaned. She was strong but was I strong enough to be at her level. She was a dragon, and I was just a human.

I was moving quickly all over the platform. I protect myself.

My defense positions, blocking every punch and kick Lilly gave. I needed to find an opening before she found one. But as I avert my eyes to find a space below her chest. Lilly kicks me on the legs, making me lose balance and fall on my knees. Immediately she kicks me in the face with her leg, causing me to tumble down the platform.

Groaning, I look at her. I was about to get up when I heard Damian’s angry voice.

“What the hell, Lilly!” Damian snarled as he grabbed Lilly from the arm and pushed her, “I think we were clear last time.”

“Damian,” I called, but he was ignoring me altogether.

Prince Cian got down and lifted my chin, checking my face.

“You’re bleeding, and your cheek is getting swollen,” Prince Cian said as he examined my face.

Damian turned and growled, kneeling next to me. Both of the guys turned their attention to Lilly.

“You are in big trouble!” Damian hissed as another voice I recognized overshadowed everyone else’s whispers.

Dimitri was furious as I turned and looked at him. First, he stood looking down at me and then Lilly.

“What did you do?” Dimitri asked her angrily.

“Nothing, just having fun, right?” Lilly said, laughing.

I rolled my eyes. I hated her.

Walking over, Dimitri looked at my face and asked me what had happened. Damian and Prince Cian were standing in front, blocking Lilly’s view from us.

“Let go!” I retorted. It annoyed me that Dimitri didn’t allow me to deal with my problems. He always had to get mad and look down at me. Didn’t he have a little faith in me?

Explaining to Dimitri what happened was useless. He snapped at me and angrily started arguing. I tried to explain what was happening. It was a misunderstanding, but he snapped at me and said he did it because he cared for me. My heart started beating fast. I could feel his words warming me.

I tried to answer back. But when I lifted my eyes, Dimitri was leaving. He didn’t give me the chance to say something.

With a sigh, I gave up the fight because Damian was boiling. I didn’t need this to turn into a battle between beasts.

“Come,” Prince Cian said as he pulled me to a nearby tree, “Sit now!”

I did as he asked. Obediently, I wait for his next move. Prince Cian just sighed and touched my cheek. A cooling sensation spread across my face. His touch was making me feel comfortable. Even make my eyes droop.

“Both of you guys are stubborn, you know….” Prince Cian mumbled as he removed his hands, “Go back and get a bath.” With that, he stood up and left me alone.

I watched as he ran back inside. If my guess was correct, he was going to look for Dimitri.

“You look better now,” Damian said with a sigh, “What have I told you before?”

“To be careful and take care of myself?” I said as I looked at his red eyes.

“Yes, and are you doing that?” Damian asked with a frown.

“No?” I said, like a question as I looked down at my hands.

“So why the hell are you so stubborn, Valkyrie?” Damian retorted, making me flinch, “Can’t you do as we ask you? Don’t you see how Dimitri gets? If you don’t want him to get angry at you for everything, stop being stubborn and for once do as we ask.”

Feeling bad, I nod and stand up, excusing myself. I had once again caused problems. Feeling dejected, I head back to my chambers for a bath.

Entering the chambers, I see no one is around. It seems Mia was not here, and I was all alone. With a sigh, I head to the bathroom and start undressing. Then, taking a quick bath, I plan to head to the library.

The last few weeks, I’ve been reading some books they have. Damian explained that I could learn about their history if I looked for books in the library. As the so-called queen, I could roam the palace however I wished to except for four rooms. Those were the throne room, the treasure cells, the dungeons, and a room that belonged to Dimitri.

Damian told me never to dare to get near that room. I didn’t know what they had inside, and I didn’t indulge more.

Once feeling cleaned, I change into a white dress. Then, leaving my wet hair loose, I head to the library.

The library was on the second floor. The place was enormous enough to fit at least eighty people. Nevertheless, it was one of my favorite places.

It surprised Damian that I could read. As a slave, I shouldn’t be able how to, but I could, and that was thanks to my spare time locked in the cages. Sometimes I could get my hands on pieces of paper that contained some reading.

It was hard to learn, but I somehow could. Walking in with light steps, I head towards the back where the chimney was. It was a nice and comfy place.

Quickly, I go over to the shelf and grab the book about the queen’s duties. Then, smiling, I take a seat on the pillows and start reading. It was relaxing. I lost track for a moment.

Smiling as I read, I suddenly stop when I feel eyes on me. I stood up and looked around. I know someone was with me. Which was creepy in a way? Having a feeling of who it might be. I walked over to the shelf where a shadow was reflected.

Standing quietly with my hand to the front, I waited for the person to reveal himself, and to my surprise, I was right. It was Dimitri. I wanted to laugh when I saw his surprised face. Of course, he didn’t expect me to find him, but I did.

It was strange because I felt this tug towards him. Giving him a small invitation, I see him uncertain about what to do.

Pretending to be ok, I sat and continued reading. Dimitri did the same as he sat next to me. I smiled internally, wishing not to give myself away.

Dimitri’s gaze would linger on me occasionally. Ignoring him, I keep reading until I doze off without realizing it. Being next to Dimitri was making me feel sleepy. Was I missing being next to him?

Some time must have passed because when I opened my eyes, I found Dimitri next to me. He was lost in his thoughts when he noticed me. I smiled at him because he looked innocently adorable. His distinct faces were refreshing, and I found it quite alluring.

As his eyes deeply looked into mine. I felt this warmth spreading in my chest. It worried me because I didn’t know if this was something good.

Suddenly Dimitri whispered a sorry. I frowned at him but then looked at him curiously. Was he still apologizing for what happened?

Honestly, I wasn’t mad at him. I never blamed him. I blamed myself. He kept repeating and repeating that I just teased him until I decided that the best course was, to be honest.

Dimitri was pleading, begging. Finally, I couldn’t hold it and started laughing.

“I forgive you,” I mumble with a smile.

It was lovely seeing him troubled; I wanted to tease him more. His eyes were still in disbelief. I had forgiven him. But I said it more because earlier his words made me happy.

Dimitri’s eyes went wide, but he composed himself. Giggling, I smiled at him. Suddenly Dimitri lunges himself and kisses me. He was so happy that it was contagious. But, on the other side, it left me speechless. His lips felt so good that I leaned over and kissed him. That sensation of wanting more gave me an impulse.

My mind was blank; all I had right now were eyes for Dimitri. I wanted his touch, his kisses.

Dimitri still looked troubled. Skeptical about what was happening, and I understood. Asking for permission to kiss me made me feel the flutter. He looked like a different person. His behavior was a surprise for me.

Letting him know I agreed, Dimitri kisses me. His lips sync so perfectly that it felt like one. Not only were his kisses with passion, but with need. It made my vision hazy, and my body called his name.

Somehow he ended on top of me. His warm body made me shiver. He was so aggressive that I needed more.

There was no fear but desire, and it made me wonder what I was feeling. But ignoring those thoughts, I concentrate on his lips. His trail of kisses drove me crazy, and his erected shaft made me wet.

I wanted more. My body craved for more, and I would have given it if he didn’t stop.

Panting, I wait for him to explain what happened. He looked mad again. Not saying a word, I wait. Finally, after briefing me, he peeks at my lips and apologies as he takes his leave, leaving me wanting and hot.

Face flushed and sweaty; I head back to my chambers. It was already sunset, and I was getting hungry.

“Valkyrie?” Mia called as she turned the corner.

I looked back and stopped.

“Are you all right? Your face is red. Are you sick?” Mia bombards me with questions.

“NO!” I blurted, turning away from her prying eyes. “I’m just tired and hungry.”

My excuses seemed lame, and I knew Mia could see through my façade.

“Sure, I will call for some food,” Mia said as a servant passed by.

Opening the double doors, I quickly get in. I needed to cool my face. Stepping out for some fresh air, I heard Mia ask if I was going to bathe.

Did I need a bath?

“No, I took one earlier,” I called.

I was leaning against the rocky rail. I look upon the horizon. The sun was setting, and the beautiful sky looked mesmerizing.

I smiled as I looked at it. Strikes of orange, red, and light pink covered the sky. The view was amazing, and I was grateful for this room.

As I turn and look down at the trees, I see some dragons flying nearby. I frown, trying to distinguish them. And just one of them was familiar.

Leo’s brown dragonflies over the forest; it looked like they were looking for something, but what?

“Food is here, Valkyrie,” Mia said as I glanced one last time at the group of dragons.

“Coming,” I mumble.


After eating, I asked Mia to leave me. My body was tired, and I wanted to rest. It was kind of earlier, but I didn’t mind. Everything that had happened had my mind and body exhausted. And according to Michael, I was still healing, even though Prince Cian had helped me in healing.

Closing my eyes, I go back to Prince Cian’s offer. He said he could pry into my mind and look if I had some memories blocked or something like that. I was curious to know. Did I have something hidden?

Prince Cian also explained that he could figure out what my powers were. That intrigued me, and it was necessary, but I feared something could happen to him.

I showed him my powers, and he looked intrigued, just like his brother Michael. But if I wished to do this, I had to have a word with Dimitri, and that I knew would be a fight.

Dimitri would disagree easily, but it was my choice.

Deciding that it was best to talk with him tomorrow, I doze off. My eyes drooped as my entire body relaxed. I was about to fall asleep when a thunderous growl had me sitting up in fear. What was that?

Hearing another one, I stand up and run outside. Leaning over, I tried to see where it was coming from. Dimitri’s black dragon was growling over an area in the forest. He wasn’t alone. I could see Damian’s dragon.

Running out of the chambers, I head down. Quickly, I ran down the stairs. Careful not to trip and fall, but as I turn, someone yanks my hair, making me yelp and fall backward, bruising my arm.

“Where do you think you are going?” Lilly hissed.

Snapping my head, I look at her.

“What is your problem?” I snap angrily at her. She looked offended that I shouted at her. Ignoring her, I stand up and fix my dress.

“I asked you a question,” Lilly growled.

“And I am telling you to back off,” I said, pushing her to the side. I had no time to deal with her.

Getting angry, Lilly pulls my hair and makes me scream in pain. She was almost dragging me. Turning over, I grasp her arm, digging my nails. She hissed, and at that moment, I punched her in her gut.

I didn’t know if it was the right move, but I needed her to let go. Lilly gasps for air. Not stopping, I kick her again on the face.

“When I tell you to back off, you back off,” I roared at her, “That is a warning; are we clear?”

Lilly was crouching. She frowns at my remark.

“You little wench!” Lilly said, gritting her teeth.

“You little what?” I asked, throwing her a glance, “Say it, I dare you!”

The way I was acting was different. Maybe I was tired of her. I didn’t care at this moment what I did.

“You think this makes you a queen?” Lilly said, scoffing, “What a joke. You’re just a fucking wench that only serves for a good fuck.”

Having enough, I slap her. Lilly’s mouth hangs open as she stays in utter shock.

“I’m no fucking wench,” I bark back. “And you are not to disrespect me ever again! That’s a fucking order.”

Scoffing, I turn and leave Lilly on the ground. I was so angry that I felt a single slap wasn’t enough. I reach the last stair with long strides, and, taking a deep breath, I run to the cave’s entrance.

I didn’t know what was happening, but right now, I had a bad feeling.

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