Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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19. Revelation

Damian POV

Receiving word that someone injured two of our own had me on high alert. What had happened, so they got hurt?

It was already strange that Prince Zar, Gabriel’s son, came over in request of scales. Now, having two of us injured, it was weird. At the moment, I didn’t know where Dimitri was. After the little argument, he and Valkyrie had. I didn’t see him anymore.

Now I had no choice but to mind linking him. Dimitri sounded annoyed at first, but once I briefed him, he came running all the way. So while we investigate what happened, I order a few men and Leo to roam the mountains.

The two men that got injured were patrolling the borders. One of them said they were attacked but didn’t get to see who or what. Thankfully, another dragon that was flying by assisted them and brought them back.

Was it possible that tamers were near? Of course, but they know this is dangerous territory.

“Damian, how’s everything?” Dimitri asked as he stopped and looked out the cave.

“We have two injured. Still unknown what attacked them,” I explained, “It seems that possibly dragon tamers.”

“Where are they?” Dimitri asked.

“They’re with Michael,” I pointed out as Dimitri walked over to them.

Michael assisted both dragons. Thankfully, they only had minor injuries and nothing serious.

“Leo, how’s everything? Did you find anything?” I asked, mind linking Leo.

“No, it’s strange, but the entire forest is empty,” Leo said.

I sighed and moved closer to look. Using my dragon sight, I scan over the area near the palace. No one could indeed reach the palace because it was at the highest peak. Despite that, if they had weapons or dragons, they could get or hurt someone.

“Damian, we got four men. They’re near the border. Fleeing away,” Leo said, making me turn and call Dimitri.

“How many?” Dimitri asked.

“Four, they’re running away,” I said.

Giving orders out, Dimitri undresses quickly and transforms.

“Let’s go, Damian,” Dimitri ordered. Nodding, I do as he asks and follows him.

Growling loudly, Dimitri warns them to stop. We flew so fast to the border that I knew that everyone in the palace knew something was up.

“Let’s round them,” I said. Everyone agreed, and we surrounded them.

Dimitri landed on a thud as he approached them quickly. Grabbing the first with his snout, he chomps him, killing him instantly.

“We need one alive, so don’t kill them all,” Dimitri ordered.

I looked around, trying to find someone who might be helpful. We had three of them left. Screaming, the bastards ran. They were trying to find an escape. But as I move to put my paw on top of him, one of them pulls out a whip. Grabbing hold of my paw, I growl loudly. The weapon he had was a tamer’s one. It had spikes and crystal plates. The gun immediately makes me weak.

Dimitri noticed me struggling. Going head-on, he attacks the man.

“Dragon tamer!” Dimitri said through the mind link.

I needed to back away, but the effect of the crystals was blurring my eyes. My body started feeling heavy, and my mind was hazy. Swaying, I try to back away.

“Damian!” I heard Dimitri call. Shaking my head, I growl softly as I try to keep myself away.

By the looks, the spikes must have had the crystal plates making it go through my skin as he injured my leg.

Stumbling, I fall sideways. Then, using my front paws, I tried to steady myself.

“Get a grip, Damian!” Dimitri order.

Hearing more growls, I look up at the sky. Then, frowning, I notice a figure. Who was that?

“DAMIAN!” the voice called as I realized who was on Leo’s back.

“Valkyrie?” I mumble as my eyes droop. Then, resting my head on the ground, I grumble. I needed to fight the poison, or it would take a while for me to recover.

Hearing Valkyrie call my name, I finally close my eyes and let sleep take over. I could feel her hands on my skin as she slightly pushed me worriedly.

Feeling sick, I turn over and throw up. My body felt heavy, and my head was spinning. Groaning, I grip my stomach and throw up.

“It’s ok. Let it out,” Michael told me. Just hearing his voice was making me groan angrily. My senses were sensible, and it bothered me.

“What happened?” I asked, “How long have I been out asleep?”

“Truthfully, only two days,” Michael said, making me snap my head and look at him confused.

“Two days?” I asked, “How come?”

“Well…” Michael mutters as he looks to the side.

Frowning, I stare at him. My head still hurt.

“It was thanks to Valkyrie that your furry ass was saved,” Dimitri suddenly said as he walked into the room. He was wearing black pants and a fur coat. “Thanks to that, Valkyrie had to pay for the consequences.”

What was Dimitri talking about?

“Wait, what?” I stutter.

“Valkyrie saved you by healing you. But the method she used wasn’t the correct one,” Michael sighed, “Now she’s in deep slumber.”

“What? What are you talking about?” I asked, sitting up. “How’s she in deep slumber?”

“Valkyrie used her powers the wrong way. And that affected her. She’s been asleep for the last two days. Her body isn’t reacting,” Michael explained as he moved his hand and reached for my forehead. “It seems Valkyrie has dragon’s blood running on her.”

I looked between Michael and Dimitri.

“What nonsense are you saying?” I spat, shocked, “Valkyrie is human!”

“No,” Prince Cian said, standing next to Dimitri, “I pried on her memories. She is a hybrid. It seems Valkyrie is half Dragon, half mage. Just like Michael and me.”

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