Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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20. King Gabriel

Gabriel POV

The halls of the castle felt empty and cold. I’ve been through these halls enough to know how lonesome they feel, but do I care? Maybe a bit.

Looking around the tall concrete walls, I wonder if I should make changes. A woman’s touch was missing on them. No color or whatsoever greeted me every time I passed by them.

The Castle of Trollar was as black as my heart. Eerily it was haunted but not by souls, but my memories of how much blood I have shed in them.

Echoes of my footsteps were the only sound you could hear. Not even the servants made a noise. And I liked it like that.

It gave me enough peace to think. Especially for what I was about to do.

Guards open the double doors as I step into the throne room. Standing from their seats, my council greets me. I nodded and took my seat.

Everyone waited for me to speak. I looked around and saw two of my sons seated without a care in the world.

“I think most of you know why I have called you, right?” I said loud enough for everyone to hear. “I think most of you are aware of what happened recently.”

Most of my council kept their eyes lowered. Yet, fear is visible on their bodies.

“Now, I think we shall call the one to be on the judge,” I said with a smirk.

As the doors open wide in, walk the guards with a man struggling. I scoff as I look at him. My son Prince Zar struggled against the guards as they dragged him in. Throwing him before me, I look down at him.

“Father, what’s the meaning of this?” Prince Zar asked as he looked around, confused.

“This?” I said as I waved my hand around. “This is your trial.”

Eyes wide, my son looks at me.

“T-trial?” Prince Zar stutters nervously.

“Yes,” I said smiling, “For being a thief.”

“Wait, you… you’re putting me on trial because of the stones?” Prince Zar asked as his body shook.

Standing up, I walk down the five grand stairs. Every step was louder and louder as I reached for the last one.

Standing before him, I look down at my son. He was chained and kneeled on the ground—a slight bruise on his face.

“Are you going to deny it?” I questioned him as I stood straight.

Prince Zar stayed quiet and lowered his head. Annoyed, I quickly put him on his stomach.

“I think I asked you a question!” I hissed angrily, grabbing his hair and pulling him, “Now, don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Yes, I took them!” Prince Zar retorted, “So what? I made an exchange for something that will be useful.”

“Useful?” I repeat as I taste the word in my mouth. It felt so odd that it left me confused. “If I wanted something useful, that would be the hearts, not some fucking scales.”

Everyone present didn’t whisper a word of discomfort.

“I think Prince Zar needs to be punished,” I said aloud so everyone could hear, “Right, Zar?”

My son’s eyes went wide with fear. He knew that I didn’t joke. I wasn’t the type to forgive, even if they were family.

“One hundred lashes and locked for a month in the dungeons,” a voice said.

Looking his way, I see my oldest son, Prince Eros, with a devilish smile.

“It’s just a suggestion,” Prince Eros said smiling, “You can do what you want, father.”

Raising my eyebrow, I scoff at him.

“Since when do you give suggestions?” I spat his way, “If you are saying this, it means you’re delivering the punishment?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Prince Eros said as his eyes glimmer. His green eyes gleam with excitement.

“It seems your brother wants to punish you,” I said, looking at Zar, “But I wonder if that would be enough?”

Prince Zar just glared at me. He was angry, but what could he do?

“Your majesty, if I may,” one of my councilmen said.

Looking up, I see it’s my general.

“Speak,” I said as I let go of Zar’s hair.

“How many heart stones did he give those dragons back?” the general asked.

Several of my councilmen started whispering between them.

“Silence!” I said, annoyed. “He gave enough for an army.”

Zar had made the massive mistake of robbing the dragon’s heart and taking them back to the dragon king. So not only was Zar useless but also stupid. His peace treaty has been a fucking threat to my reign. If it weren’t because he had back up, I would kill him.

“So, the right thing here is to punish him, father,” my other son Prince Seth said.

“Have any other choice?” I said sarcastically. “If anyone objects for Prince Zar to get punished, please stand up.”

Waiting for anyone to stand up and defy me, I look at every little face. No one looked my way.

“Good, meeting adjourned. Now leave us,” I order as everyone scurries away. The only lefts were my son’s.

Watching the closed doors shut, I look at Prince Zar. His head bowed.

“How I wished to kill you,” I said, gritting my teeth. My hand’s fist is on my back in anger. “The only thing you bring to me in trouble. Can’t you be like your other brothers?”

I had four sons, two from the same mother, my queen, and the rest from concubines. They all had unique eye colors. And where dragon’s tamers; except one Zar.

He always had a different opinion on what I did. He was the third-youngest son. A fucking useless bastard that only made me hate him more. If it weren’t because many the council and other kingdoms like his way of thinking and back him up. I would have killed him long ago.

“Father, don’t get mad at Zar. You know nothing good comes out of him. He is just a fucking bastard, isn’t he?” Prince Seth said with disgust as he looked at Zar, “Don’t take it as an offense. I’m just honest, brother.”

Zar spits Seth’s way. Angrily Seth stands up, but Eros stops him.

“Easy, brother. Don’t get your hands dirty. Let me,” Prince Eros said, standing up. “Bring me a whip and chain him against the floor,” Eros ordered the guard.

Turning, I walked back up to my throne and sat down. I was watching Eros grab the whips on his hands. Zar looks my way and says.

“Your day will come; hide my words, father!”

“My day?” I said, smiling, “Worry for yourself.” I said, laughing.

Hearing the chains scrape the black marble floor. I order a servant to bring me a goblet of wine. Eros smacks the whip in the air as he turns and licks his lips. He was getting excited about what he was about to do.

Tying him and making sure he cannot move, the guards rip his shirt. Bareback that held scars from past punishments looked my way.

“Let this be a lesson, Zar. Next time it won’t be just some whippings.” I warned him as I took a sip of the wine.

Rolling his sleeves, Eros grips the whip and lets it go. A smacking sound resonated as Eros started his torture punishment. Chuckling, I watch with amazement as Zar’s back drips in blood. His skin hangs as every time Eros smacks the whip down, they’re pulled.

Zar just groaned in pain. I heard no scream.

“HARDER!” I order Eros, “Make him scream.”

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