Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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21. The Dragon Tamer

Dimitri POV

Dragon tamers, bastards that have only one goal in mind; lure dragons and capture them. When I found out they were dragon tamers, my mission? Capture them and pull out important information. What I didn’t expect, Damian, getting hurt. Everything happened so quickly that no one had time to react. None of the other men had pulled weapons out till that bastard did.

All this was a plan, but was it King Gabriel’s men?

The men that King Gabriel had sent before had the kingdom’s insignia on their clothes. There was always something that identified them, but these four didn’t. Which was strange?

Cursing, I move to attack, but still, Damian could get hurt. Looking at my brother fighting with himself to stay awake, I decide to kill them all. They dared lay a hand to my family members; they didn’t know whom they were messing with.

Biting the bastard and eating him, I killed everyone, but I got distracted when I heard a shout. Looking at the source, I find Leo’s dragon hovering over us and on top of him Valkyrie.

What the hell was she doing here? This was dangerous.

Keeping my eye on the bastards, I continue attacking. I couldn’t let them see Valkyrie. Standing in front of Damian to block their view, I growled and tore them into pieces.

Snout full of blood, I turn. Valkyrie was with a worried face as her hands glowed. Was she trying to heal Damian?

Transforming back, I ran up to her.

“What are you doing?” I retorted as I grasped her arm, “Do you even know what you are doing?”

“Stop it, Dimitri!” Valkyrie yells at me.

Turning back to Damian, she continues healing him. Something was telling me that this wasn’t right.

“Stop it, Valkyrie!” I begged her. Her hands glowed intensely, making me close my eyes.

Calling her name once again, I open my eyes and find Valkyrie panting. Grabbing her in my arms, I check to see if she’s all right?

“Did I do it?” Valkyrie breathes as her eyes droop.

I glanced at Damian, who was asleep. I didn’t know if she helped him or not.

Feeling her body slouch against mine. I panic.

“Valkyrie?” I called as I pat her face softly. She looked pale and was sweating like crazy. “Valkyrie?” I called once again.

Now I was worried.

“Call Michael!” I order Leo as all the other men get what’s left of the men.

I looked down at Valkyrie. Her breathing was shallow, and it worried me. What did she do?

We brought everyone back to the palace. Michael had a conflicted look on his face that told me this was more serious than I expected.

“Let me look at her, and you go tend Damian,” Prince Cian said as he pushed Michael away.

“What are you doing?” I asked him. Prince Cian started undressing Valkyrie.

“I need to check her body. There’s something unusual,” Prince Cian explained, “Just let me do my job.”

So far, Valkyrie hasn’t opened her eyes. It was like she was asleep. Did using her powers excessively affect her? This was my first time seeing her use her powers like that. Especially healing.

Prince Cian started frowning. He was checking Valkyrie’s entire body. I wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but I hope he finds it whatever it was.

“Dimitri, I need to pry on her memories,” Prince Cian suddenly said as he looked at me under his lashes. “There’s something strange going on with her, so please allow me.”

“No,” I retorted. I couldn’t let him do that. What if something happens to her?

“I know what you are thinking. I won’t hurt Valkyrie. Can’t you have a little faith in me?” Prince Cian said with a sigh.

Pinching his nose, he flicks his finger a slight purple hue as fire plays on the tip.

“It will be quick. If we don’t find Dimitri, Valkyrie may not wake up,” Prince Cian said.

Fisting my hands, I groan.

“Fine!” I said worriedly, “But if you hurt her, you’re a dead man.”

Nodding with tight lips, Prince Cian sits down on the canopy bed and moves his hand to Valkyrie’s head. Frowning for a second, he looks over her face and stops. His finger moves slightly towards Valkyrie’s right temple.

I watch in awe as he closes his eyes, and silence fills the room. I didn’t dare to move. Just wait as he works with Valkyrie. Prince Cian started moving his hand until he stopped behind Valkyrie’s ear. At that exact moment, he opened his eyes and backed away. Stumbling, he inhales.

“Is something the matter?” I asked, confused at his reaction.

Prince Cian just shook his head as it confused him. Then, groaning, he massages his face and tells me to follow him.

We have left Valkyrie’s chambers and headed towards Damian’s chambers. Knocking, we walk in. Michael was with Mia. It seems Damian was fine by the looks everyone had.

“He is all right. I’m amazed by what Valkyrie did,” Michael said as he gave Mia a piece of cloth. “How’s Valkyrie?”

“We need to talk,” was all that Prince Cian said. He had this stressful face. It was making me impatient.

Asking us to go out, we all head towards the living room. It was more of a relaxing area with carpets and pillows with a chimney next to it.

“Can you please tell us what’s wrong?” Michael asked with a frown, “You’re all mysterious.”

Clearing his throat, Prince Cian takes a seat and asks us to do the same. I stayed standing near the window. Arms crossed, I look his way. He could see I was getting frustrated.

“Dimitri and Leo mentioned Valkyrie used her healing powers to save Damian, right?” Prince Cian said, making us nod. “Now Valkyrie is in a sort of deep slumber. Her body is not waking up, neither her mind. To make things harder, Valkyrie’s body had a reaction to the poison on the crystal plates.”

“Wait, what are you implying?” Michael asked, confused.

“Look,” Prince Cian said, sighing, “I just pried on Valkyrie’s memories.”

“YOU DID WHAT?” Michael snapped at him, “You fucking crazy? How could you?”

“Relax and listen, brother,” Prince Cian said, raising a hand to stop Michael. “I had to. King Dimitri allowed me.”

Michael looked at me and growled. He growls at me.

“So I did. But before I did that, I checked her body. There was no sign of anything, not even a mark or injury,” Prince Cian said, “Then I pry on her mind and….”

“And what?” I snapped angrily.

“I found some old memories inside Valkyrie. Those are not hers; they’re from someone else. But not only that,” Prince Cian said as he looked at me with concern, “It seems Valkyrie is a hybrid.”

“Whoa, hold on,” Michael said as he stood up and started pacing the place, “You’re not explaining clearly.”

“What part are you not understanding, Michael?” Prince Cian asked with annoyance, “I’m explaining. Valkyrie has memories that don’t belong to her, and she’s a hybrid, meaning she’s half sorceress and half dragon.”

Michael stopped walking. Snapping our heads, we look at Prince Cian with a shocked face. It stunned me. Did I listen to it wrongly?

“Did you just say Valkyrie isn’t human?” I asked, barely a whisper.

“Yes,” Prince Cian said as his lips fell on a thin line. “I found that Valkyrie is not human but carries our blood. She’s just like Michael and my hybrid. That’s why she has powers.”

“And the memories?” Mia asked.

“They seem to belong to someone else. I couldn’t see the person.” Prince Cian sighed, “So I will need to pry more. If you allow it.”

Cian stared at me. Shaking my head, I denied his request.

“But Dimitri!” Prince Cian argued.

“Stop it!” I order, “I’m telling you no, as the king. Not until she wakes up.”

“She won’t wake up unless we find a clue!” Prince Cian hissed, “Don’t you understand? Valkyrie just used her healing powers the wrong way. Instead of saving Damian, she transferred the poison to her! So we don’t know when she might wake up!”

Growling his way, I throw him a glare. I didn’t need to listen to him to understand what was happening. If Valkyrie had a blood dragon on her, it meant she could be in danger like us.

“I think Prince Cian is right, Dimitri,” Mia suddenly said as she looked at me sadly, “If we want… no, if you want the queen to wake up, you will need to let Prince Cian do his work.”

“I said no, Mia, and that’s final,” I snap angrily at her, “Without Valkyrie’s permission, you ain’t looking into her mind, are we clear?” I asked Cian.

Prince Cian stood up and, gripping his hand, looked at me with anger.

“I asked, are we clear?” I said this time louder.

Scoffing, Prince Cian turns his back at us and walks away. I turn my attention to Michael. Surprised, I look at him. He was shaking his head.

“For the first time, I agree with my brother King Dimitri. Suppose you want the queen to wake up. Let him do as he wants,” with those words, Michael left the place, making me growl.

It was frustrating, but was there no other choice?

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