Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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22. The Glances of a Prince

Prince Cian POV

When I pried on Valkyrie’s memories, it amazed me to find memories that didn’t belong to her. Did someone plant those themselves? Of course, but the only way possible was if a strong mage or sorcerer did it. Now I was more intrigued to know.

Looking at her motionless body in bed, it itches me to pry on her mind. I knew I would go against the king’s order, but did I care. He knew he couldn’t do anything to me. I was untouchable to him.

The more I look at her, the more I want to do it. My hand twitches in anticipation to explore the unknown on her mind. My powers were not something to take lightly. Being a hybrid wasn’t a thing to take as a joke, and being half dragon half sorcerers wasn’t either.

Looking at the golden double doors, I smirk. These chambers had a spell cast that didn’t allow the king to be in without permission. Michael had helped the king, but on the contrary, it was only making it worse. In the beginning, he could be inside for three hours, not only half. I was looking between Valkyrie and the doors. I chuckle.

“Screw it,” I mumble as I move and sit next to her.

Valkyrie was a beauty. Her pale porcelain face made you wonder how the rest of her body would look. She had fiery red hair just like fire, and her body was tempting. She had every proportion a man would like. Licking my lips, I smile. I had to admit I’m a serpent in disguise.

She may be my cousin, but who said it wasn’t allowed to have something with family? We are dragons, beasts, not humans.

Moving some hair strands away from her beautiful face, I flick my finger until the same hue is playing like fire.

“Let’s see what we can find,” I mumble as I close my eyes and put my finger on her left temple this time.

I concentrated as I went through her mind. Then, furrowing my eyebrows, I groan.

“What was that?” I groan as I open my eyes.

Something was blocking my entrance to certain areas. Those memories that don’t belong to Valkyrie were hard to see. They were hazy. I got a glimpse through a voice. A male, to be more specific, but who was it? Was he the mage, the person who put those memories on her?

Hearing footsteps outside the room. I quickly sat on the wooden chair. The double doors opened and in walked my brother Michael.

“How is she?” Michael asked as he looked at her.

“The same,” I said as I pretended nothing happened.

“May I check her?” Michael asked. Nodding, he sits and grabs her hand.

“Strange, isn’t it?” I said, picking Michael’s curiosity.

“What’s strange?” Michael asked as he stopped and looked at me.

“That the king hasn’t marked Valkyrie….” I said, making Michael frown.

It seems my guess was correct. When I met Valkyrie, and knew she was Dimitri’s so-called mate. It made me wonder why Valkyrie didn’t mark him. We couldn’t hold our desires in for too long as dragons, especially once we find our mates. The craving and wish to own her make her unbearable. So how is it King Dimitri is holding it?

“Is it because he is respecting her?” Michael said, making me laugh.

“Waiting? Waiting for what? The end of the world?” I said sarcastically, “Don’t you find it odd?”

Michael frowned and looked at Valkyrie.

“Maybe he… can’t?” Michael said, sounding stupid.

“No, brother,” I said, leaning to the front, “I have a feeling he hasn’t been able to find the mark.”

“You’re not implying….” Michael whispered as he looked towards the door, “Are you crazy?”

“Crazy? Maybe,” I said, crossing my arms and leaning against the chair, “But I’m not stupid. I know when someone might be wrong with their mate.” I said with thin lips.

I’ve been debating if I should ask King Dimitri about Valkyrie and the mark but respect his privacy.

“Look, Cian, you may be wrong. You shouldn’t even be mentioning this type of thing. You may get in trouble,” Michael hissed.

I scoffed his way. Sometimes I wonder how he survived.

“Hey Cian, I’ve been wondering. Are you telling the truth about looking for me and taking me back home?” Michael asked, changing the topic.

“Yes?” I said, confused.

“You know I said I would never go back, right?” Michael said with a sigh.

“And?” I asked, “So you can go, Michael. It’s not like we won’t welcome you,” I said, annoyed.

“But I won’t,” Michael suddenly said, making me snap my head his way, surprised.

“What do you mean?” I mumble.

“I mean, I don’t care if my mother or anyone else dies or something happens to them. I don’t care,” Michael reproached, “You all can die for what I care.”


Walking down the hallway towards the library, I keep recalling my last conversation with Michael. It was making me feel uncomfortable. What made Michael be like that?

Rubbing my chin, I stand right in front of the library door. After some minutes of thinking, I groan, frustrated.

“You might get white hair, Prince Cian, a voice said, making me turn to its source.

Raising my eyebrow, I see a woman with silver eyes leaning against the hallway pillars.

“Nice to meet you,” the woman said as she walked seductively towards me.

Putting her hand on my chest, she leans over and kisses my cheek, making me frown. Disgusting, I hated a woman who was like her.

“Can you let go,” I said, grabbing her wrists and pushing her away?

She looked stunned by my action, but I didn’t care. Right now, I have more important issues to worry about.

Chuckling, she crosses her arms under her huge breast. I felt my lips twitch in disgust.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lilly,” the woman with silver eyes said as she smiled and bowed in respect.

“Lilly?” I mutter.

Why did her name sound familiar? Looking at her from head to toe, I realize who she is.

“Oh, you’re the bitch who was rude with the queen, wasn’t it?” I spat like venom.

Eyes wide, Lilly looks taken aback.

“Sorry, did you just call me a bitch?” Lilly asked, offended.

“Is there a problem if I did?” I said with a stern look.

“What did that slut do to you?” Lilly spat.

Getting pissed, I grab her by the neck and slam her against the wall.

“Be careful where your trail,” I hissed, leaning to her face, “That’s my cousin you’re speaking off.”

She growls my way and grabs my arm.

“Let go!” Lilly retorted.

Squeezing tighter, I decided to tease her just for fun. She started struggling as she felt my hand getting tighter around her fragile neck. I was in the mood to kill. But if I killed her, I might get in trouble. Annoyed, I let go. Lilly slid down the wall as fear made her entire body shake in fear.

“Scram!” I growl. Scrambling away hurriedly, I watch as Lilly turns and leaves.

“That was a nice move,” another voice said, but I recognized it immediately.

“You were watching Leo?” I said with a sigh.

“Yeah, I was, and I was enjoying the show. But, it was about time someone showed her a lesson,” Leo said, laughing.

Patting my shoulder, he beckons me to follow him. Opening the library doors, we walk in and take a seat.

“So tell me, how’s Valkyrie?” Leo asked as he served some wine.

“Same, she’s still asleep,” I explained briefly, “Damian, on the contrary, should wake up soon.”

“Is he?” Leo asked as he took a sip of his wine, “For me, that bastard can sleep all he wants.”

That made me laugh. It seems Damian and Leo were good friends.

“I was wondering, Prince Cian. Valkyrie, will she be all right?” Leo asked sadly.

“Don’t worry, my friend,” I said, drinking my wine in a whole gulp, “She will wake up. We don’t know when.”


It’s been two days since the incident. Unfortunately, neither Damian nor Valkyrie has woken up.

Michael seems stressed over this. I, on the contrary, was looking for a way to wake Valkyrie up.

Looking through some books, I heard a knock on the door. It was Dimitri.

“Damian is awake,” Dimitri said and turned to leave me alone again.

After we had our small talk two days ago, Dimitri has been avoiding me. It’s like I was some pest. But how long would he be able to ignore me?

These last days he has been coming over and staying with Valkyrie. He didn’t show it too much, but he was worried about her. So I would watch from afar. His face would give him away sometimes, even though he always looked unbothered.

Closing my book, I stand and head to Damian’s chambers.

When I arrived, Michael was tending and explaining to Damian what had happened. Dimitri intervened, and so did I.

Inspecting him, he looked fine. It was like he just slept it.

“You being serious right now?” Damian asked Dimitri.

Glancing sideways, I see Dimitri’s fist in his hand. The king was getting on edge, and he wouldn’t admit it. Moving closer to Damian, I grab his hand.

“What are you doing?” Michael asked.

“I need to check something,” I mumble. Quickly I scan his hand, arm, and entire naked body. Damian was naked as he was in his dragon form. That didn’t faze me. We were beasts, and being naked for us was a regular thing.

“Turn,” I requested him. And as he did, I stopped him.

“Found it,” I whispered.

“Found what?” Damian asked, worried.

Looking at Michael, I ask him to lend me a hand. Michael looked confused at my request.

“Put your hand here. Once I tell you to use your healing powers to remove this,” I said, pointing at a black bruise.

“Isn’t that poison?” Michael asked.

“Yes,” I mutter, “We need to extract that. To heal it, but extract it. I would need to check it. Now, Damian, this will hurt but bear with it.”

Damian nodded, and Michael looked at me worriedly.

“Stop being a coward. Nothing will happen. Just make sure you don’t spill it on me.” I said as I rolled my eyes.

Getting our hands to work, I use my powers, and so does Michael. Carefully we remove the poison left on Damian’s waist. He groaned as we worked our way with it. Making sure I secure it in a small bubble, I move my hand and pull it away from Damian. The black swirl moves inside. It even looked like it was alive.

Huffing, Damian holds his head.

“Lay down,” I ordered him.

Helping him, Michael gives him water.

“That’s the poison?” Dimitri asked from behind.

“Yes, this will help me wake Valkyrie up,” I said with a smile.

If I knew the content of the poison, I could wake her up. But what they didn’t realize was that I would force her to open those beautiful eyes.

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