Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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23. The Search

Damian POV

Stretching out, I yawn. My body was better, and my strength was coming back. After Prince Cian and Michael could extract the poison, I felt better. Now the slight problem was Valkyrie. She wasn’t reacting at all. Michael and Cian were working on an antidote.

Walking out to the balcony, I stretch again. This time I crack my neck.

“Feeling better?” Leo said as he walked into the room.

“Hey!” I said, smiling his way.

“Yeah, you are better. It seems you couldn’t die,” Leo said, patting my shoulder.

“Bastard,” I said laughing, “So how are things going?”

“Not good. Especially your brother, he looks stressed out,” Leo said, sighing, “The king needs to do his duties.”

“But his queen is sick because of me,” I said, dejected.

I knew Valkyrie just tried to help me, but it was making me feel guilty. This was my fault. I got distracted and wasn’t careful. As dragons, we should know better than any human who may carry tamer weapons.

“It wasn’t your fault, and Valkyrie, as the queen did her role, you know,” Leo said smiling.

Frowning, I think about what he mentioned.

“You’re right,” I mumble. But, now that I see it from that view, he was right. Valkyrie, as the queen, did her role. Protect and help her own.

Even so, the idea that I hurt her bothers me.

“Why don’t we go and see her?” Leo said, making me nod.


Heading towards her chambers, we find Cian pacing the hallway with a conflicted look.

“Cian?” I called, but he didn’t hear me, “CIAN!” I snap louder this time; Prince Cian looks our way.

“Hi, what brings you here?” Prince Cian asked, still frowning.

“We came to see Valkyrie,” I said.

“Not right now,” Prince Cian said, cutting me halfway, “No visitors.”

“Huh? Why?” Leo asked, confused.

Prince Cian looked between us and sighed. Then, turning away, he told us again to go back. Confused, Leo signals me to follow him. Was something the matter with Cian?

“This is towards Dimitri’s chambers. Why are you heading there?” I asked, confused.

“Dimitri is in his room. Let’s go,” Leo said, not explaining anymore.

Knocking on his doors, we wait. Dimitri called from inside. Entering the room, we both greet him. Dimitri was on his bed drinking. The stench of alcohol was enough to make me feel sick, and usually, dragons were immune to alcohol smell. But by the looks, he’s been drinking for a while.

Dimitri laid with his back on some pillows. He just had some black trousers on, and his hair was a mess. His face looked flushed; a slight red blush spread across his nose.

“You’ve been drinking, Dimitri. What’s wrong with you?” I asked as I grabbed a jar of wine and put it near the chimney. “Say something!”

Dimitri just stared at us and laughed. He was drunk.

“Valkyrie,” Leo suddenly mumbled.

Dimitri stopped laughing and glared at Leo. It seemed like he was worried about her. Was he hiding because he didn’t want anyone to see him weak? This was my first time.

“Stop it, Dimitri,” I pleaded with him, “Valkyrie wouldn’t want you like this.”

“She wouldn’t tell me a shit,” Dimitri mumbled angrily. However, he sounded more annoyed than angry.

“Could you give us some privacy, Leo?” I asked. Nodding, Leo excuses himself. Once he was gone, I sat on a wooden chair and looked at Dimitri. His eyes drooped as he yawned.

“How long have you been drinking?” I asked him.

“Shouldn’t you be resting?” Dimitri said, changing the topic.

“I asked you something. How long?” I said, but this time with anger.

Scoffing, Dimitri sat up. He held his head.

“Seriously, brother, if this is how you will behave because Valkyrie is bedridden. Damn, poor her once she leaves you,” I said, making Dimitri growl softly. He could barely sit. “Go to sleep,” I ordered him.

Standing up, I help Dimitri go to sleep. He was groaning and grumbling as I tapped him on the forehead. He was stubborn right now.

Once I knew he had fallen asleep, I left his room. Then, deciding to head back to Valkyrie’s chambers, I tried to see if Cian was around. I don’t know if it was a hunch or intuition, but Cian was acting odd.

Looking from side to side, I notice no one around. Opening the door, I quietly walk in.

“Damian?” a voice whispered, making me jump.

“Fuck Mia!” I hissed her way.

Mia was holding some clothes. She was fixing Valkyrie’s clothes.

“Is Cian here?” I asked as I looked around the room, and my eyes landed on Valkyrie’s body.

“No,” Mia mumbled.

Nodding, I walk towards Valkyrie’s bed. She was sleeping so peacefully that it made you wonder if she was even breathing. Taking a seat on a wooden chair near her bed, I grab her hand. It was cold, unusual.

“Why are her hands cold?” I asked Mia.

She looked my way and then quickly averted her eyes.

“Mia?” I mumble.

“We don’t know. Prince Cian noticed it and has been having trouble since today in the morning,” Mia explained, “It’s like she’s slowly dying.”

Was this why Dimitri was drunk?

“Valkyrie’s body isn’t reacting to anything. Michael came by and attempted to heal her, but his healing powers just passed through her body. It shocked Michael that he attempted it until his powers were depleted.” Mia explained as he took a seat next to Valkyrie, “Damian, may I ask you something?”

“Yes,” I said, looking at her. Mia was biting her lip. “What is it?”

“Uh, just… Why does Valkyrie have no mating mark?” Mia asked shyly, “Isn’t she Dimitri’s mate?”

Sighing, I look at Valkyrie. Softly, I caress her face. Her white skin looks paler than usual.

I won’t lie, I’ve been wondering the same. It was strange that Dimitri hadn’t been able to find her mark. As dragons, we share a mark with our mates. Once the mark appears, we confirm to everyone that the person is our mate. In this case, Dimitri said that Valkyrie was his mate the first time, but how could he be so sure?

I remember my father used to tell us the story of past ancestors on how the mark appeared. We didn’t need to bite our mate or complete it through sex. We just needed to kiss the zone on her body where we thought the mark would appear. But did Dimitri even try to find her mark?

“I shall ask Dimitri about this,” I mumble.

“Well, if you excuse me, I will go get some clean clothes,” Mia said, standing up, “Is it ok if you stay and watch over her?”

“Sure,” I said, smiling sadly.

Looking back at Valkyrie, I sighed.

“When will you wake up?” I mumble as I grab her hand and kiss it. “It’s my fault, and I’m sorry,” I mutter as I lean over and kiss her forehead.

Feeling a slight push, I open my eyes. Did I doze off?

“Hey, wake up,” a voice said.

Rubbing my eyes, I look at the person behind me.

“What the hell did you do?” Michael hissed my way.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Valkyrie!” Michael snapped.

Looking at the bed, I frown. Then, not believing my eyes, I stand up abruptly.

The chair fell as I stood up, scared.

“Where is she?” I mutter, confused.

“That’s what I fucking want to ask you, Damian. What did you do?” Michael asked angrily.

“Nothing!” I said, freaking out.

Valkyrie was nowhere. Did she wake up?

“Damn it!” Michael cursed.

Leaving the chambers, I followed behind Michael.

“Mia?” I called scared.

Mia turned and looked at me. She looked scared. What happened while I was asleep?

I heard a loud crash. We look towards the door.


Cursing, I ran towards the entrance. Leo had Dimitri in a corner as Prince Cian bled from his forehead.

“Fucking help me!” Leo’s mind links me.

“Calm down, Dimitri!” I said, standing between them, “getting mad won’t help.”

“SHUT UP!” Dimitri yelled, silencing me.

Dimitri’s face contorted as his beast side tried to take over. I couldn’t let Dimitri turn into a dragon. The place we were wasn’t that big. He could destroy the entire area if he transforms.

“Did you look for her everywhere?” I asked Leo.

“We have men scouting the entire mountain. We simply can’t find her. It’s like she disappears.” Leo reproached.

Growling loud, Dimitri pushes me away. He was aiming for Cian.

“Stop it!” I snarled, “I was with her. This is my fault!”

Snapping his head, Dimitri looked my way.

“Your fault?” Dimitri asked, confused.

“Yes, I was with Valkyrie earlier and then dozed off. If Michael didn’t wake me up, I wouldn’t have noticed that Valkyrie was no longer in bed. It was my fault, not Prince Cian’s.” I explained, making Dimitri grab my neck and slam me against the wall.

“How the fuck didn’t you notice anything?” Dimitri hissed angrily.

“I don’t know. I was there and somehow dozed off,” I explained to him, but Dimitri, instead of understanding me he punched me hard in the face.

“Fucker,” Dimitri spat as he walked away. “Gather everyone, NOW!’ he shouted towards Leo.

Helping me up, I slap Mia’s hand away. I needed to find Valkyrie.

“How did she disappear?” I asked, looking at Cian. His blue eyes looked deeply into mine.

“The question is, how did you doze off?” Prince Cian inquired.

“What are you implying?” I asked, growling.

“All I’m asking is how did you doze off and didn’t hear a sound?” Prince Cian said as he crossed his arms and leaned on the wall, “It’s strange. But, you know what, don’t answer.”

Turning around, he walks back to Valkyrie’s chambers.

“Didn’t you see anything, Mia?” I asked her.

Mia shakes her head. What did the hell happen?

I have roamed the entire palace and no signs of Valkyrie. It worried me that maybe someone had taken her away. Did we have spies?

Mind linking some men. I ask if anyone has seen anything. So far, no signs and Dimitri was about to kill someone. His anger boils as every ten minutes; he makes the whole place shake.

Passing by some human, I see a group of three girls whispering between them. Frowning, I listened to their conversation without being noticed.

“Should we say something?” a girl whispered to another.

“But she might kill us afterward,” another whispered nervously.

“You crazy? We have to, if you girls don’t want to, I will tell the king,” another one with long black curly hair said, annoyed.

Deciding to ask them, I watch as the girl with black curly hair walks away. Then, grasping her arm, she turns, surprised.

“You better start speaking,” I whispered to her.


I had gathered everyone in the throne room. Dimitri was fuming as he looked down at the human girl.

The human girl was toying nervously with her hands.

“Name,” Dimitri asked.

The girl looked at him and then averted her gaze.

“Sarah,” the girl mumbled. But then, we all noticed how nervous Dimitri was making her.

“Sarah, do you know what happened to the queen?” I asked.

She snapped her head and looked at me with wide eyes.

“I overheard you and your friends saying something about speaking with the king. I think this is the right time?” I scolded.

Yes,” Sarah said, sighing, “We took a glimpse of who took the queen.”

“Name,” Dimitri ordered.

The girl looked around. With thin lips, she raised her head and said, “Lilly.”

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