Slave of the Onyx Dragon

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24. A Mischievous Plan

Gabriel POV

Grunting, I thrust deeper into her. Her moans made me harder than I already was. Thrusting myself quicker, I felt her walls tighten around my shaft. Finally, I could feel my release close. Groping her breast and pinching her pink nipples, she convulses and releases her orgasm, followed by mine.

I moved away from her; we heard a small pop. It was still hard as a rock. I needed to fuck more to get this desire out. For the last three hours, I’ve been fucking this woman. She was a concubine I had. A beauty from the east. Her tan body glimmers with my sweat and cum. Panting, I watch her voluptuous breast rise and fall. She was tempting. I started stroking myself.

“Fuck,” I mumble.

“Still?” she murmurs, panting.

Without a word, I pull her from her legs, bringing her closer to the bed edge.

Opening her legs wide, I watch with desire as her pussy drips with my seed. If I continued, I was sure to get her pregnant. I already had four sons, three that were tamers and a useless one. I had a daughter but killed her for an exchange that needed to be done. Was I sorry? No, I can have more kids.

“Wait, my king,” the brunette whispered.

“I can’t wait,” I said, groaning as I thrust myself into her.

Fixing my robe, I stand to wash my face. After the long afternoon sex, I dozed off and woke up late. It was almost midnight, and I neglected my work. Drying my face, I hear a rustling sound. The brunette I fuck was groaning in pain as she sat up in bed. Ignoring her, I leave the room.

Walking down the same dark hallways, I head to the throne room. The guards standing guard open the double doors. Noticing me, the men who were inside stood up and bowed.

“At ease,” I said, bored.

“We thought you were resting, King Gabriel,” one of my councilmen said.

“I was,” I said shortly. “Where are my sons?” I wondered where those two were.

“One of the princes retired for the night. And Prince Seth is in the dungeons,” the councilmen explained.

Nodding, I asked a servant to bring me some wine. Drinking and chatting, the night passes by.

By the time I woke up, it was morning. I heard a knock, and I told the person to come in. It was my servants ready to help me prepare for the morning.

“Where is Seth?” I asked my head servant, who was helping me with my cape.

“Your majesty, Prince Seth is in the training grounds. He woke up in the early dawn to train with the men,” my head-servant explained.

Ordering for them to follow me, I head to the training grounds. I needed to have a word with Seth. Two days ago, I received word that Seth sent people to the dragon horde. It seems he wanted to retrieve the dragon’s heart. But at the same time, it seems that the fucking dragon king found out and killed them all. I needed more details about what happened. Seth went against my orders of not stepping foot on his territory. For that, I’ve been pissed. His stupidity sometimes makes me wonder how he is a good dragon tamer.

Looking down from the platform, I stood. I see Seth shirtless fighting his heart out with the men. His blonde hair stuck on his forehead as he brought his sword down.

He seethed in anger as two other men fought him at the same time. Swords clashed, the sound of the men yelling and groaning was quite the music to my ears.

Knocking the men down, Seth draws his sword back and kicks him on the stomach.

“Useless,” Seth hissed.

“Enough, Seth,” I said, making him look up. Then, beckoning him to come over, I turn around and take a seat.

Seth walked up the stairs. His sweaty body glistens.

“You called your father?” Seth asked as he dried his face.

“Seat,” I ordered him. Seth looked at me with a frown. Doing so, he seats without questioning me. “Care to explain what you did two days ago?”

“What did I do?” Seth asked, feigning innocence.

“Are you taking me for stupid?” I said, annoyed.

Laughing, Seth drinks some water. Then, ruffling his hair, he sighs.

“Yes, I sent some men,” Seth said smiling, “Is there a problem with that? Father?”

“Is there?” I retorted. “Do you have an idea what your stupidity could cause? I have my plans, Seth.”

“Oh, come on, father just wanted to see if they would be able to reach the palace. It was a short inspection,” Seth said with a wave of his hand.

“An inspection!” I said, slamming my hand on the table that was in front of me, “Dare to go against my orders one more time, and I will punish you, are we clear?” I said furiously.

Seth turned seriously into a glare that showed how angry he was.

“I’m asking you a question, Seth!” I said again.

“Yes, my king,” Seth said, gritting his teeth.

Without another word, he stood up, but I stopped him halfway.

“Don’t fucking make me lock you. Or you will be like your brother Zar,” I hissed, “Leave!”

Groaning, Seth leaves the platform. Then, taking a deep breath, I called my head-servant.

“Gather my general. I need to have a word with him,” I order him. Nodding, he excused himself. Then, turning my attention back to the men training, I scoff, “Idiot.”


“My king,” the general said with a bow.

“Please take a seat,” I order him.

Seating across the long table. I grab my goblet of wine and take a sip. The general just relaxed and waited for me to speak.

“General, I need spies on the dragon’s horde,” I said without looking, “Need two as soon as possible.”

“Two?” the general asked curiously. “May I ask what information they will gather for you?”

“Just the daily routine of the kings and find a way to attack them. Also, have them search the dragon’s hearts,” I said with a smirk, “I’m planning to get those back, no matter what.”

“Fine, your majesty, I should fulfill your order,” the general said, smiling and biting an apple, “Anything else?”

“Yes, let Zar out and keep an eye on him. Send someone, if possibly a woman. I don’t want him to find out we are keeping an eye on him. Any movement you inform me,” I order.

“Excellent,” the general said, standing and bowing, “Now, please excuse me.”

Nodding, I keep drinking and eating. My goal right now was to find anything that could make me get my hands back on those dragons’ hearts. If it weren’t for Zar, I would have those on my hands. But, of course, I also needed to find a way to get rid of Zar. Anything that would get him in trouble, but he needed to die.

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